Porcelain lamp holder with pull chain

Porcelain lamp holder with pull chain, Lights are often inserted in Lights are often inserted in Porcelain lamp holder with pull chain which offer electrical connections to the lamp and help it inside the lighting fixture. The usage of lamp holders allows lights to become safely and conveniently replaced (re-lamping) in the end of life, or to transform power, color, lighting technology or and so on.

Porcelain lamp holder with pull chain

Some miniature lights have wire leads suitable for direct connection to wires; some reflector equipment and lighting have screw terminals for wire connections. allows lights to become safely and conveniently replaced (re-lamping) in the end of life, or to transform power, color, lighting technology or and so on. There are plenty of different standards for these lamp bases, created by de facto and by many standards bodies. A basic coding system is a letter or abbreviation followed by a number.Some miniature lights have wire leads suitable for direct connection to wires; some reflector equipment and lighting have screw terminals for wire connections.

All our products – Electrical Porcelain lamp holder with pull chain: B-22, B-15, ES-14, E27 lamp holder & ES-40 Lighting Industries, Metal Pressing Components and Electrical Brass Parts – have the distinct advantage of top-level research and technical support. Committed to excellent Quality and full- fill customer”s satisfaction, we boast of a strict management system, advanced production and testing equipment and strong research capabilities in order to meet the demands of the clients. Utilizing advanced technologies developed both domestically and overseas, we are now supplying diverse range of mechanical products.

Porcelain lamp holder with pull chain supplier

Lamp holder B22: B representatives socket, a lamp light source lamp equipped for B22 lamp light source interfaces, letters, numbers represent the interface
Diameter 22MM lamp has two bumps card shoots for the card into the B22 lamps interface. Is the most common kind of lamp interface.

Lamp holder E14: E on behalf of the screw, with a lamp light source lamp for E14 lamp light source interface, the letters after the numbers represent then
Diameter port size (cm) E 14 is a 14mm screw lamp, lamp Lo Wen for screw-in E14 lamp interface. E14’s more than the number of decorative lighting, such as: chandeliers, crystal lamps.

The astounding success that we have achieved is largely due to the stringent and meticulous focus on quality. We make every effort to make all our products world class. We have streamlined our production process and use only the latest technology. We follow a comprehensive system of quality control to ensure that each product is thoroughly checked before being finally sent to the Porcelain lamp holder with pull chain market.

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What’s the keyless lamp holder?

Keyless lamp holder offer electrical connections to the lamp and help it inside the flood light fixtures,the usage of keyless lamp holder allows lights to become safely and conveniently replaced (re-lamp)in the end of life, or to transform power, color, lighting technology and so on, there are plenty of different standards for these keyless lamp holder, created by many standards bodies, some miniature lights have wire leads suitable for direct connection to wires, some reflector equipment and lighting have screw terminals for wire connections.

keyless lamp holder

The keyless lamp holder in national standard for screw cap or bayonet lamp. Cap quality relates to energy-saving lamps of interchangeability and protection against electric shock and other security requirements, cap the size of unqualified easily lead to broke off from the lamp holder, lamp and electric shock risk.

Lamp holders types:

E27 lamp holders : E on behalf of the Screw figures after the letters representing the interface diameter size (cm). E27 is 2.7cm screw lamp is generally used in our life is E27 and B27, of course, E40, E40 majorityfor special lighting, general power
Lamp withE40, such as a 1000W metal halide lamp, etc.
There are also some rather special lamp, such as: G24 lamp, G24 are Horizontal Plug caps.

E14,E27, E12, E26, usually beginning with E: screw lampholders
GU10 GU beginning for our day-to-day with a bayonet, GU: G lamp types is a plug-in, U lamp part of a U-shaped, followed by numbers indicate light foot hole center distance (mm “MM” refers to) .

MR16, MR11 common this lamp holder to the MR the beginning of the line small local lighting spotlights, usually the small spotlights two pins easy to install.
MR16, GU10 everyone lampholders, PAR30, 38 different diameter, a standard called, are light cup are called spotlights, each suitable for different ceiling lamp

keyless lamp holder

MR16 lamp holder refers to the maximum outer diameter of 2 inches with a multi-faceted reflector lamps in the lighting industry, the MP11 is than lamps MR16 smaller,.
MRMR: Multiface Reflect, multi-faceted reflector (lamp cup), followed by numbers indicate the the lamp cup diameter (the unit is 1/8 of an inch), MR16 diameter = 16 ×
1/8 = 2-inch ≈ 50mm
PAR lamps are generally PAR30 PAR36 PAR46 PAR56, the volume of long or short, also called downlights, irradiation beam used to illuminate the stage, dynamic color
changing common stage lighting, because power consumption is relatively large, and grilled feeling, now gradually replaced by LED PAR lamp.
AR111/AR70 aluminum cold reflector halogen spotlights
E27, E14 refers to ordinary screw base lamp size, the E27 we usually use incandescent lamp, E14 than smaller, than the E27 as well as E40.
G12 is a single end of the tubular metal halide lamp.

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lamp socket replacement tips

Lamp socket replacement tips: Porcelain lamp socket are made out of an electrical insulating material that can withstand high temperatures. Electrical insulators such as porcelain prevent heat and electricity from transferring from one metallic device to another. lamp socket replacement are corrosion resistant and can come with a moisture gasket that makes it suitable for outside use. lamp socket replacement are found in antique lamps, vintage lamps and lamps that use halogen light bulbs or heat bulbs.

lamp socket replacement

Traffic lamps can be replaced, by porcelain lamp holders, lamp shades, light board, light-emitting diodes, power cord and power plug, the mounting holes in the lamp holder, lamp shades and lamp holder tight-fitting, light board fixed lamp holders uniform light-emitting diodesdistribution of fixed light board with light-emitting diodes connected to the power cord is connected through the power plug and the main control board interface. Overall production replacement in accordance with the above-mentioned technical features traffic lamps, traffic lights malfunction or damage, maintenance personnel can quickly in its entirety to remove and replace another traffic lamps can be replaced as a whole, the replacement process is simple and convenient. fast and safe.

Ensuring that electrical appliances are in good condition is important. And, repairing a frayed appliance cord is a good way of doing your share to ensure home safety. On the other hand, when it comes to working on electrical appliances, there can be dangers especially if you aren’t careful. For example: If you replace a lamp cord with undersized wire, overheating can occur and a fire can result.

Doing these kinds of repairs are important, but you should be acutely aware of the importance of being extremely careful when working with electric appliances. It’s easy to prevent an electrical repair from backfiring once you realize what things can go wrong. So, read on and learn another trick or two. With a lamp there are two parts that are known to wear out occasionally and which must occasionally be replaced: the cord and the light bulb socket.
E27 lamp socket replacement and switch is easy. Don’t try to repair just the switch. You won’t save any money, and it may even cost more. Also, it doesn’t make any difference which style switch you select. There are three basic types to choose from: pull chain, push-push, and twist. Keep in mind that a switch is a switch is a switch and when it comes to “which type,” we suggest that you be the judge. There is, however, another consideration when selecting a switch.

lamp socket replacement tips

A E26 light socket, also known as the Edison screw fitting, is a threaded screw base used to hold and connect a light bulb to a power source. Invented by Thomas Edison and marketed in 1909, these sockets typically have right-hand threads, which allow the light bulb to be screwed in clockwise and removed counterclockwise. To deter theft in public places, the threads are sometimes reversed to prevent installation in common light fixtures.

Most standing lamps consist of a body, a base where the cord enters, a harp to support the shade, and a socket, which receives the cord at one end and the lightbulb at the other. The cord usually runs through a hollow threaded rod from the base to the E40 light socket.

When a lamp won’t work and you know the bulb is OK, check the cord for damage. If the insulation is worn and cracked, replace the entire cord (see Rewiring Lamps, Related Projects). If the cord is OK, the problem is most likely in the light socket.

Most lamps have felt light socket that must be removed before repairing the lamps. Remove the felt by paring it off with a utility knife. After the repair, reapply the felt with white glue.

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Halogen light socket

Porcelain keyless lamp holder

Porcelain keyless lamp holder is made out of an electrical insulating material that can withstand high temperatures. Electrical insulators such as Porcelain prevent heat and electricity from transferring from one metallic device to another. Replacement Porcelain keyless lamp holder is corrosion resistant and can come with a moisture gasket that makes it suitable for outside use. Porcelain light sockets are found in antique lamps, vintage lamps and lamps that use halogen light bulbs or heat bulbs.

Porcelain keyless lamp holder wholesale

Lamp holder Fire and flame testing:
Insulating parts retaining live parts and the external shock of the insulating parts, should be able to withstand the GB / T 5169.10 glow-wire test requirements:
Sample is finished lamp. In order to test the lamp can be removed from the independent part, but must ensure that the test conditions and practical conditions are basically the same.
The specimen is mounted on the bracket, 1N force applied to the top of the pressure in the glow-wire, filament Preferably, the distance from the test piece 15 mm in the upper part or larger than 15 mm, while in the center of the test surface. Glow-wire penetration depth of the specimen is limited to use mechanical methods 7 mm.

Glow wire temperature at the top of 650 ℃. 30 s after the specimen from the glow wire 696.
Before starting the test, the glow-wire temperature and heating current should be constant 1 min. But to ensure that heat radiation during this period shall not affect the sample. Sheathed thermocouple wire using highly sensitive measuring glow wire temperature at the top, the structure of the thermocouple calibration should meet the GB / T 5169.10 requirements.
Move away from the glow wire specimen, the specimen should be on any combustion flame extinguished in the 30s, and the whereabouts of any burning substance should not be lit in the sample below horizontal distance of 200 mm ± 25 mm of tissue.
E27 Porcelain lamp holder is not subjected to this test.

Porcelain keyless lamp holder: Mogul Construction: One-Piece Lamp Type: HPS up to 400W Circuit: Single Circuit
Access: Back Wired Wattage Rating: 1500W Voltage: 600 Volt Termination: 12-Inch 14GA SEW-2 200C
Feature: 4KV-Pulse Rated Mounting: 2 8-32 Lock Nuts Screw Shell Material: Nickel-Plated Copper Alloy
hell Material: Glazed Porcelain Contact Material: Nickel-Plated Copper-Alloy Color: White
tandards and Certifications: UL/CSA Warranty: 1 Year Limited Availability: Distribution.

Porcelain keyless lamp holder

Mogul Porcelain keyless lamp holder Features:
Lamp holder type: Mogul
Construction: One-Piece
Lamp Type: HPS up to 400W
Circuit: Single Circuit
Access: Back Wired
Wattage Rating: 1500W
Voltage: 600 Volt
Termination: 12-Inch 14GA SEW-2 200C Leads
Feature: 4KV-Pulse Rated
Mounting Type: 2 8-32 Lock Nuts
Screw Shell Material: Nickel-Plated Copper Alloy
Shell Material: Glazed Porcelain
Contact Material: Nickel-Plated Copper-Alloy
Color: White
Standards and Certifications: UL/CSA
Warranty: 1 Year Limited
Available quantities:
Package of 25
Package of 50
Package of 100
Leviton Mogul porcelain Lamp holder for High-Pressure Sodium Lamps Up To 400 Watts.

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What’s the lamp bulb holder?

What’s the lamp bulb holder? there are a lot of lamp bulb holder types. The bayonet and screw the lamp bulb holder belong to the building the field of electrical equipment from the cavity cylindrical insulating housing with insulating spacers threaded on the packages in the separator side of the housing within the U-shaped metal tube, fitted on the spacerlong metal contact plate, installed in one side of the bottom of the threaded tube of the metal short-contact piece, the installation of two metal post on the other side of the spacer as the main component.

lamp bulb holder

At both ends of the lamp bulb holder threaded pipe diameter from the tube the rim wall down to open two symmetrical L-shaped bulb hanging slot open U-shaped notch on the bottom of the threaded pipe, the gap at the outcrop partition, partition coat has long contact piece, long, short contact piece is connected with the metal terminal on the other side of the spacer, respectively, and two terminal respectively connected with one pole of the power supply. The generic lamp bulb holder can be convenient comfortable tipping bayonet, screw incandescent bulbs or fluorescent energy-saving lamp.

Technically, A series of lights made of aluminium and blown glass devoloped around the formal and functional definition of the E27 lamp holder, the real technical and conceptual barycentre of the project. Its volume highlights and includes various functions: it is at one and the same time the support for the light bulb, the support for the diffuser, connection – through the stem – to the supporting lamp base and it houses the button to switch on or regulate the intensity of the light. The cylindrical form solves the assembly and disassembly of these components in an elementary way by means of a series of threaded ferrules.

porcelain lamp bulb holder

Advantages of porcelain lamp holder replace aluminum alloy lamp bulb holder.
1,A cooling effect, reduce the light fades
2,High dielectric strength, high safety factor
3,Resistant, high temperature, corrosion-resistant, long life
4,Ceramic insulation; superior thermal performance; appearance of high-end, consistency and stability; safety factor, easy installation, wide range of applications.

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What’s the light bulb holder?

What’s the light bulb holder? there are a lot of light bulb holder types, E27 lamp holders refers to the common spiral interfaces. B22 lamp holder is the interface of the bayonet. E14 light bulb holder is the small spiral interface.

light bulb holder

Structure improved the light bulb holder Solve convenient assembly, adjustment problems. Structure improved porcelain lamp holders, comprising a lampshade, connector, lamp holder, the switch housing and the sleeve, wherein: the lampshade side through a connecting hole; the hollow shell of the connector by two symmetrical positioning column and positioning hole card aggregate joint front end was a cylinder, the rear end of the housing set pivot hole, another housing rear end with wire perforation, and the joints are equipped with a bulb seat chamber, the upper and lower side of the bulb holders containers have card block on The side of a switch perforation, the outside of the front end of a ring groove; used for lighting.

Alumina porcelain lamp holders production process:
The alumina ceramic currently divided into two kinds of high purity ordinary. A ceramic material of high purity alumina ceramic Al2O3 content of more than 99.9%, due to its sintering temperature of up to 1650-1990 ° C, the transmission wavelength of 1 ~ 6μm, generally made of the molten glass to replace platinum crucible: the use of its translucency and alkali metal corrosion as a sodium lamp tube; in the electronics industry can be used as the integrated circuit substrate and the high-frequency insulating material. Al2O3 contents divided into common type alumina ceramic Department 99 porcelain, 95 porcelain, 90 porcelain, 85 porcelain and other varieties, sometimes Al2O3 content in the 80% or 75%, are also classified as ordinary alumina ceramic series.

light bulb holder

99 alumina ceramic material is used to produce high temperature crucible resistance furnace tubes and special wear-resistant materials such as ceramic bearings, ceramic seals and valve films and so on; 95 alumina ceramic is mainly used as a corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant parts; 85 porcelain because often mixed with some talc to improve the electrical properties and mechanical strength, sealing with molybdenum, niobium, tantalum, and other metals, some used as an electrical vacuum devices.

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Lamp Base Adapter

Porcelain lamp holder installation

Porcelain lamp holder installation:  The power left some margin with the length of the maintenance penetrate the wire wooden desk or plastic stage, fixed with screws or self-tapping screws, wood or plastic table on the embedded parts, wood, brick or lamp box, available nylon bulge or plastic bulge fixed. Stripped wire leather, wire wear seat lamp, the distinction between the phase line and the zero line, screw porcelain lamp holder reed should be connected to the phase line not to be confused with screw mounts lamp holder, the wires connected to the terminal screws on the get rid of excess wire, safety lamp casing, shade placement of shade, and the placement of the light bulb.

Porcelain lamp holder installation

Generally used in the installation of street lighting, stadium lighting, home chandeliers. 36V, 24V and 12V line light transformer work lights, most of them with screw caps. The screw E27 lamp holder is not installed properly, they often result in personal electric shock accident. Install the screw lights should pay attention to the following several aspects (1) Porcelain lamp holder type, diameter size, operating voltage and operating current with the lamp specifications, match the capacity; (2) The Porcelain lamp holder must comply with the conditions of the environment; (3) the appearance of the lampholder should be clean, complete, no mildew, bubbles, cracks and other defects detrimental to insulation; (4) of the insulation resistance of the Porcelain lamp holder should not be less than 2MΩ; (5) tighten the lamp, the staff should not contact live parts of the lamp or Porcelain lamp holder installation; (6) wiring must distinguish between phase and neutral line to ensure the line is connected to the neutral line copper wiring connected to the sheet metal.

Although there are so many different types of lamp holders,eg,such as porcelain lamp holder and halogen lamp holder,there are many different install way.some flood light lamp holders E40 slide and snap into place,some are held in by screws,that”s a simple type,put the new one ,take the old one out.concerning wire attachment,generally,there is a slot near the holes in which you insert a the small flat object.

Halogen Porcelain lamp holder installation

Halogen porcelain lamp holder installation:

(1) Install the halogen bulb, turn the power off, and use the plastic sleeve to protect the lamp glass shell clean, do not touch, such as accidentally touch with alcohol,Wipe clean.

(2). Halogen bulbs use high-temperature quartz glass, Made, such as your hands or oil, quartz glass will lose their luster and become whitish color and reduce the brightness, shortened lifespan, and even glass shell rupture.

(3). Halogen bulb lighting, sealing at temperatures above 350 degrees, otherwise it will shorten the life of halogen bulbs, the halogen lamp ventilation must be good.

(4). Halogen bulb lighting, avoid air blowing directly bulbs.

(5). Halogen bulb lighting, avoiding shock or vibration.

(6). Halogen bulb lighting, or just turn off the lights, because the bulb temperature is still high, absolutely not hand to touch.

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What’s the light socket extender?

What’s the light socket extender? The metal and heat resistant PBT plastic (polybutylene terephthalate, (C12H12O4)n, melting point 223°C, plasticity at 125 °C). Some items utilise ceramics for certain parts. All items below meet European electrical regulations and have CE certification.

E14 to E27 light socket extender

Please note when ordering the male refers to the part that will be inserted into your lamp/luminaire light socket extender and the female is referring to the part that will take the light bulb whether it be incandescent, low energy halogen, CFL compact fluorescent lights, or the latest LED/SMD bulb replacements.

e.g. B22 Male to E27 Female light socket extender, is to allow an Edison screw light bulb to be used in the bayonet lamp holder of your lamp/luminaire. ADAPTOR E40 TO E27,well designed lamp socket adaptor to allow the use of ES & E27 Large Screw lamps in antique lamps fitted with with the very large E40 or GES type porcelain lamp holders.

light socket extender

This product enables you to use a wide range of the standard Edison Screw lamps which are much more readily available than the specialist GES lamps. Will work with all voltages from 110 to 240.

This light socket extender (Bayonet to screw) works well as long as you do not have older light fittings/connections. The depth between the bayonets is not long enough when compared to a bayonet bulb for example, it is only a couple of millimetres but it makes it impossible to fit when: The light shade has a thicker than a couple of millimetre holder, or the plastic screw in fittings/connectors on the light are of the longer type.

B15, b22, e12, e14, e27, e40, g24, g9, gu10, mr16. B22 to E40 – 80mm high by 48mm. B15 to GU10 – 54mm high by 35mm wide. B22 to B15 – 44mm high by 27mm wide. B15 to E14 – 32mm high by 17mm wide.

For example,E14 to E27 light socket extender.
Change your E14 screw to E27 screw fitting
Suitable for all voltage
Dimensions: 1.69 in x 1.1 in x 1.1 in (4.3 cm x 2.8 cm x 2.8 cm)
Weight: 0.67 oz (19 g)

A great solution for sympathetic restoration of Benjamin and other lamps, also very useful for replacing sodium and metal halide lamps and grow lamps, all those kind of situations!

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What’s the light bulb adapter?

Light bulb adapter purpose is to solve the existing screw and light bulb holders not generic characteristics of the utility model: a screw lamp with a light bulb holders connection constitutes a screw change light bulb holders points; a jack lamp with the the a light bulb holders join constitutes screw jack becomes sub lampholders. the utility model particularly suitable for home use. simply when existing lamps and lamp interface discrepancies the porcelain light socket screwed one of the interface converter lampholder existing lights can be fitted using.

E14 to GU10 light bulb adapter

A light bulb adapter is any part or device that is used to either convert a lamp from one type of power source to another or that enables parts from one or more lamps or machines to be used on a lamp for which they were not originally designed. They are essential for transforming antique gas or oil lamps into appliances that can run on electricity. Adapters that physically connect parts that have been manufactured separately are also used when assembling an entirely new or otherwise homebuilt lamp. Both power source and physical light bulb adapters are therefore crucial to any hobbyist, artist, or decorator who intends to create an entirely unique piece or that desires to add an historical, yet functional, touch to their home or office.

light bulb adapter specification:
Body material: Flame retardant PBT
Cotact materila: Copper
Weight: 17.3G
Packing: 600PCS/CTN
Meas.: 460*250*235mm
CE certificated.

Light bulb adapter

James Electronics is the most professional manufacturer of light bulb adapter &  light bulb holder in China. light bulb adapter in a variety of configurations for different light bulb adapter, electrical outlets, and pull chains.such as follows:
1,E27 to B22 light bulb adapter
2,E27 to GU10 light bulb adapter
3,E27 to MR16 light bulb adapter
4,E27 to E14 light bulb adapter
5,B22 to E27 light bulb adapter
6,B22 to GU10 light bulb adapter
7,B22 to E14 light bulb adapter
8,B22 to MR16 light bulb adapter
9,GU10 to MR16 light bulb adapter
10,GU10 to E27 light bulb adapter
11,GU10 to B22 light bulb adapter
12,MR16 to E27 Lampholder adaptor
13,MR16 to B22 Lampholder adaptor
14,MR16 to E14 Lampholder adaptor
15,MR16 to GU10 Lampholder adaptor
16,E14 to E27 Lampholder adaptor
17,E14 to B22 Lampholder adaptor
18,E14 to GU10 Lampholder adaptor
19,E14 to MR16 Lampholder adaptor.

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LED Light bulb socket adapter

LED Light bulb socket adapter enable light bulbs to be fitted to lamps or other light fixtures that are built with bulb holders of varying sizes. These LED Light bulb socket adapter essentially work as interim Light bulb socket that, once screwed into a fixture’s own light bulb socket, allow for such fixtures to use either larger or smaller light bulbs than what they have been built to hold.

LED Light bulb socket adapter
After the specific lamp has been selected, the next step is to check the lamp’s mounting base. The lamps most commonly used in the hobby are single-ended, with a screw-type mounting base. The size of the LED Light bulb socket adapter and the threads is also described by a code, although names are more commonly used.

For example, Base – E39 is commonly called a mogul light bulb socket. European lamps also have a mogul base, but it is slightly different from the E-39 and is called E40 light bulb socket. The differences are small enough that the E40 base lamps will work fine in the typical E39 mogul light bulb socket used in the U.S. Double-ended 150-watt lamps use the RSC (RX7s) base, while the 250-watt double-ended lamps use the Fc2 base. shows the various shapes and configurations of lamps and bases, along with the restrictions on their various operating positions.
Light bulbs have become common place in everyone’s home since Edison invented the first one in xxx. Unfortunately until more recent developments in LED technology, the traditional light bulb has been little more than an energy hungry, light emitting heat unit. Consuming 40-100 watts of energy every time you flick the switch.

LED Light bulb socket adapters

E14 european LED Light bulb socket adapter are made from porcelain and work for any number of fixtures that use E14 light bulb socket. Although halogen would be the common use, there are many places where these can be used. There are many creative ways to incorporate these into fixtures or new lighting design.
– 120 Volt.
– Ceramic body.
– Made for use with E14 base lamps.

European Base to Candelabra Base reducer. Use this light bulb socket adapter to change your current E14 European LED Light bulb socket adapter to an E12 candelabra base bulb socket. Utilize this new socket option to install candelabra fluorescent light bulbs!
The candelabra Light bulb socket adapter is constructed with brass and is rated 75 watts maximum and 120 volt and is 7/8″ MOL . Eagle 314 equivalent.

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