High pressure sodium standard ballasts

High pressure sodium bulb, also called HPS lamp, a gas discharge light source. It has the advantages of high light efficiency, long life and good shockproof performance; but there are also color discrimination rate is low, supply voltage decreased by 5% there will be self extinguishing and closed for 5 to 10 minutes in the bulb mercury vapor pressure drop to re ignite and other shortcomings.

High pressure sodium standard ballasts

High pressure sodium standard ballasts (hps ballasts) are devices required for the operation of gas lamps (including fluorescent lamps, metal halide lamps, and high pressure sodium lamps). standard ballasts provide the initial starting voltage to a gas lamp.

The initial starting voltage provided by the High pressure sodium standard ballasts creates an electrical arc that excites the gases in the lamp, thus producing light. In the cases of pre-heat and rapid start circuits, ballasts heat the electrodes in the lamp allowing for arc discharge.

After the ballasts provide the initial starting voltage the High pressure sodium standard ballasts regulate voltage at an optimal level for lamp operation. High pressure sodium standard ballasts compensate for voltage fluctuations during lamp operation.

High pressure sodium standard ballasts kits contain the proper capacitor, ignitor (where required), mounting bracket and hardware and installations instructions all packed in one convenient shipping carton.

high pressure sodium ballasts wire diagram

This eliminates the hassle of loose components and has the added advantage of some of the components being pre-wired. These kits are available with the popular Quadri-volt (120/208/240/277V), Single voltage 480V, or the 5-TAP (120/208/240/277/480V) series of ballasts.

When using high pressure mercury ballast, should pay attention to the following matters:
High pressure mercury lamp power in 125w and the following should be matched with the porcelain E27 lamp holder; power in 175W and above should equipped with E40 porcelain lamp holder.

Here you can find lighting control gears to professional lighting sector. In our product range, you can find High pressure sodium standard ballasts for many kinds of lamps. We have Fluorescent light ballast from the smallest 4W lamp to high output 80W lamp. Included are also ballasts for Discharge (HID) from smallest 35W to 2000W Metal Halide lamp.

High pressure sodium standard ballasts can be divided into two types: magnetic and electronic ballasts. The ballasts are selected depending on the lamp type: fluorescent tube, compact fluorescent lamps or high-intensity discharge (HID) lamps.
All the High pressure sodium standard ballasts can be found directly from our stock. Special voltage and for example 60 Hz versions are available upon request.high frequency electronic ballasts offer enhanced lighting performance and energy savings.

The Electric Power Research Institute estimates that lighting consumes 20-25% of all electric power and that lighting energy accounts for 40% of the average commercial electric bill. The retrofit of existing facilities with modern lighting systems increases productivity and can save over one-half the energy of the original system.

The economics of lighting retrofits have never been better. Investment payback is often accelerated by “Demand Side Management” programs from electric utilities that offer incentives in the form of rebates for energy efficient measures. Consult with your local energy provider for available programs in your area.

led fluorescent tube replacement wholesale

led fluorescent tube replacement, the appearance of the structure is the same as with traditional fluorescent tubes, fluorescent tube within the tube selected semiconductor solid-state light-emitting devices — LED light-emitting diode.

LED tube lighting

Bright lights, Ambilight, like a dolphin bright artificial sun, according to white nights such as day, extend the activity time of the people live and work. At the same time, the potential of mercury pollution quietly to the people’s side. The electric light source containing mercury fluorescent lamp, high-pressure mercury lamp, neon lights, etc..

One of the most common is the fluorescent lamp. First, the purchase of new lamps and lanterns,The so-called bend, is a compact fluorescent lamp; the so-called fine, refers to the small diameter fluorescent lamp. Is said, should choose the low mercury content or mercury free products. The former, such as the compact type fluorescent light fixtures, tube diameter fluorescent lamps,

fluorescent lamps of solid mercury amalgam or mercury pills; the latter as solid light source white light-emitting diodes, white led fluorescent tube replacement. According to reports, the atmospheric mercury diffusion only use liquid mercury 1/5-1/10 fluorescent lamp with amalgam after crushing.lamp holders for fluorescent lamp.

The two is when the fluorescent lamp is the use of scrap, do not arbitrarily break. Try to properly and sent them to the recycling or disposal unit. Three is in the fluorescent lamp appear accidentally broken, open the door and window ventilation, and quickly left the room. When necessary, can be in accordance with the emergency disposal of the emergency disposal method when the leakage of mercury.

18W led tube lighting packing
1), environmental lighting, protection of the earth traditional fluorescent lamp contains a lot of mercury vapor, broken mercury vapor will evaporate into the atmosphere. LED fluorescent do not use mercury, and LED products do not contain lead, play a protective effect on the environment. The LED fluorescent recognized green lighting in the twenty-first century.
2), efficient conversion will produce a lot of heat, reduce the heat of traditional lamps, LED lamps all the energy is converted to light energy, will not cause energy waste. And file clothing does not produce a fading phenomenon.
3), quiet and comfortable, no noise LED lighting does not produce noise, a good choice for the use of sophisticated electronic equipment occasions. Suitable for the occasion of the library, office and the like.
4), soft light, protect the eyes of traditional fluorescent lamp use AC power, so will have 100-120 times per second strobe. LED lamps directly convert AC to DC, no flicker, protect your eyes.
5), no UV, no mosquito LED lamps will not produce ultraviolet light, it will not like traditional lamps, there are a lot of mosquitoes around the light source side. The interior will become more clean and sanitary and clean.
6), the voltage adjustable 80V-245V traditional fluorescent lamp to light through the high voltage rectifier release, you can not light when the voltage is reduced. LED lamps can be lit within a certain range of voltage, also adjust the brightness.
7), energy saving, longer life LED fluorescent lamp power consumption is less than one-third of the traditional fluorescent lamp life is 10 times that of the traditional fluorescent, long-term use without having to replace, reduce labor costs. More suitable for the occasion difficult to replace.
8), robust, secure, long-term use LED lamp itself is epoxy resin instead of conventional glass, more robust, secure, and even hit the floor LED is not easily damaged, can safely use.
The company produces LED energy-saving lamps have the following characteristics:
1), the choice of import source, single LED up to 5.5LM dedicated, professional design, fully in line with the general production of the national standard (GB50034-92) 100-200 lux illumination (Lux) requirements.
2) This product uses the latest semiconductor light source technology, energy saving up to 80?? or more. (10 months to save electricity and maintenance and repair costs than enough to buy the inputs of the lamp).
3), in line with the stringent requirements of the plant station on the color rendering index, a variety of raw materials, components and products true and accurate colors appear favorable product quality control, to reduce the chance of error.
4), lamp thermostatically controlled, never heat the glass envelope, transmittance, no aging. Green semiconductor light source, light and soft, pure spectrum, in favor of workers eyesight and physical health. 6000K cold light source gives visual feeling of cool, plus the difference in illumination design work and non-work interval, helps to concentrate and improve efficiency.
5), the lamp life for more than 10 times the ordinary lamp is virtually maintenance free, there should always replace the lamp, ballast, starter problems.
6), voltage range: AC80V-127V, 165V-245V; LED tube lighting without starter and fluorescent ballast, quick start, low power, no flash, not easy to cause eye fatigue. Widely used in garment factory, electronics factory assembly line.

SMD power LED tube lighting package,Including high power led fluorescent tube replacement, aluminum PCB board, radiator, power supply, lamp head and lamp holder, the power LED on the aluminum PCB board soldering pads on the PCB board fixed to the aluminum radiator, Grease coated board is provided between the drive power is fixed to both ends of the heat sink, the heat sink of the lamp with a hollow cylindrical form, the lamp head is connected to the closed end portion of the heat sink of the hollow cylinder body.

The radiator for the long curved body, the excavation of a rectangular plane with a groove, and its surface extension of certain heat sink. The lamp is a hollow cylinder having an axial opening, to the inner wall surface of sawtooth, the inner wall surface of the opening portion has two symmetrical recesses. The flat sides of the radiator fins inserted into the chimney recess openings connected to form a hollow cylinder moves. The LED tube lighting is used for indoor lighting and cabinet products.

led fluorescent tube replacement led tube lighting

led tube lighting installation is comparatively straightforward, it is actually divided into two varieties of power supply and external energy, the power from the built-in led tube lighting installation, the authentic fluorescent lamp to replace the led tube lighting, plus the magnetic ballast as well as the lamp will likely be removed, to ensure the exchange of electrical power right to the LED 220V.

home led tube lighting

Power outdoors the led tube lighting are generally equipped that has a particular lamp holder, the replacement of your unique could be used.led tube lighting energy saving as much as 80% or additional, lifestyle is more than ten times the ordinary lamp, nearly maintenance free of charge, there may be no have to have to commonly replace the lamp, magnetic ballast, starter, about half a 12 months down the cost financial savings is usually in exchange for the cost. LED lamp holder for led tube lighting.

Green environmental protection kind of semiconductor light source, light, pure, is conducive to your protection of employees and health, 6000K cold light supply to interesting the visual expertise, assist to emphasis, boost efficiency led tube lighting with high excellent, long lasting, power conserving as the main traits, the projection angle adjustment selection, 15W brightness is equivalent to ordinary 40W fluorescent lamp, high temperature, waterproof, waterproof, anti leakage. Using voltage: 110V, 220V optional, optional cover glass or Computer material. The lamp holders and fluorescent lamp.

led tube lighting accessories diagram

LED 10W tube is brighter compared to the traditional 40W fluorescent lamp, LED 16W tube is in excess of the common 64W fluorescent lamp, led fluorescent tube replacement, specifically the brightness of the additional soft and even more to ensure that men and women can quickly accept.

Daily life in over 50000 hrs, power supply voltage is – 260V (AC), without the need of starter and lamp ballast, start out speedy, modest electrical power, no stroboscopic, not simple to visual fatigue. It is actually not only super robust vitality saving additional environmentally friendly. It really is among essentially the most important goods of national green energy conserving lighting undertaking, that’s the most ideal product or service to replace the standard fluorescent lamp.

FQA: Fluorescent tube with magnetic ballast and starter, remove the starter, led fluorescent tube replacement will be bright, I would like to confirm the magnetic ballasts whether it will affect the LED lamp?

Answer: Suggest you remove the magnetic ballast,the reasons as below:1, while retaining magnetic ballasts, led fluorescent tube replacement can still lit, but every time you switch the high voltage generated across the magnetic ballasts surge channeling flow to the LED circuit unpredictable damage. Have an adverse effect on the led fluorescent tube replacement life and light fades. 2 extra power consumption, this magnetic ballasts considerable pressure drop, around 20 percent of the increase in unnecessary energy consumption.

Removed fuorescent ballast do recycling. To know that the traditional inductance transformer high copper content, the recovery benefits sufficient to cover the demolition of wages. Prior owners, waste recovery and clean-up by the construction unit.

Outdoor led flood lights application

Outdoor led flood lights is a point light source of an exposure evenly in all directions, the irradiated area can be adjusted in the scene in the performance of a regular octahedron icon.The Outdoor led flood lights is the most widely used in the renderings, a light source, the scene with LED floodlights coordinating role, to the birth of the good results.

Outdoor led flood lights China
Characteristics of the Outdoor led flood lights:
LED Floodlights can be placed anywhere in the scene. For example, it can be placed outside the camera range, or within the objects.

Outdoor led flood lights can be dark projection and mixed on the model. Floodlights illuminated area is relatively large, so the irradiation effect of the floodlights is very easy to predict, and this light there are many secondary uses, such as led floodlights placed in position near the surface is the surface on to produce a bright light.

LED flood lights manufacturer

It should be noted is that the floodlights can not be built too much, otherwise the effect map will be very flat and expressionless.E27 Lamp holder and E40 lamp holder.

Outdoor led flood lights is one of the most widely used light source in daily life, because it is a point light source, which can be used in all directions, and it can be adjusted in any direction, and it can be used to display the shape of a positive eight surface. So the light source can illuminate the whole scene.

The scene can be more than a wide range of light, so that can produce better results. So in the scene can be used to coordinate the role of multi light, to the birth of a better effect. From a special point to the direction of the object to the uniform irradiation of objects, using it to analogy light bulbs and candles, but the best.

The James light can be placed anywhere in the scene. For example, it can be placed outside the range of the camera, or inside the object. It is common to use a wide range of different colors in the scene. These extensive light can be projected and mixed in the model.

In sports venues using high power Outdoor led flood lights in the workplace can be more uniform and soft and is cold light source will not give to the stuffiness, excellent color reduction is conducive to the spread of television and the press photos and other lamps and lanterns can be issued certain wavelengths of light to promote the excitement of the athletes to make better sense to create good results.

At the same time, energy saving and environmental protection products using long life, maintenance free. It also gives the sports management department bring economic and convenient maintenance.

12V Halogen lamp Sockets

12V Halogen lamp Sockets, G4/G5.3 Base MR16 Lamp 12V : Use this wire connector socket to fit any MR16 or MR11 bulb into a hard wire system. It allows you to plug in your LED, CFL or halogen bulbs and attach it to normal lighting wires.

Ceramic Halogen Lamp Holder supplier
(12v) 2-pin halogen lamps. Each pin contact in the 12V Halogen lamp Sockets consists of 2 C-shaped halves that are spring-loaded to hold the pin.
G4 lamp holder with cable leads
Suitable for G4 type ceiling light, halogen lamp, LED bulbs, low voltage lamp and more
Size: Approx. 0.3 inch diameter, 0.6 inch high
Cable Length: Approx. 7 inch
Voltage: 12V
Power: 10-50W
Material: Ceramic
Color: White.

Halogen bulbs work by passing electricity through a tungsten filament. The filament is inside a tube containing halogen gas. A chemical reaction takes place which detaches the tungsten from the wall and deposits it on the filament; this will increase the life of the bulb, making it an ideal economic solution. halogen bulbs manufacturers

For the chemical reaction to take place in a halogen bulb, the filament needs to be hotter that what is needed in other types of bulbs such as incandescent bulbs. This can be a real advantage as the hotter the filament, the more powerful and brighter white light is then produced. However the hotter the filament, the more the tungsten in the bulb is evaporating. In most cases, a denser and more expensive gas called krypton may be used, this will help slow down the evaporation.

When handling these types of bulbs, you will have to bear in mind the sensitivity of the bulb when touching it. The oils from your fingers will weaken the glass and eventually shorten the bulbs life. This is an issue in most cases, as can cause the bulb to burst when the filament burns out. James Lighting, Magnetic ballast manufacturers.


Halogen is more efficient than other bulbs.
Has a longer life than incandescent bulbs.
Small in size.
Halogen bulbs are dimmable adding that extra feature.


Halogen bulbs are more expensive.
Burn at a much higher temperature.

Ceramic Halogen Lamp Holder

GU10 Halogen Lamp Holder,12V Halogen lamp Sockets,
Material: Ceramic, white or ivory color
Wire: Silicone, Teflon cable, 0.5mm2 or 0.75mm2, length as your requests
Rating: 250V, 100W/2A
Certificate: CE, VDE, RoHS
MOQ: 1000PCS
Delivery: 10-20 days after receive deposit
Other specifications available: GU10, GZ10, G4, G5.3, G6.35, G9, G12, R7S etc.
Please feel free to contact us for more information.
Why over 25 country client Choose us?
1. Professional manufacturer of lamp holder with our own factory;
2. We have excellent quality products with strict quality control process.
3. Products are produced by ourselves, which ensures high quality and lead time
4. Factory Manufacturing Enterprise Provide with you Competitive Price and superior quality
5. A wide range of low and high voltage insulators
Any questions or your detailed drawings from you are welcome and will be replied in 24 hours.

We are professional in halogen lamp holder, 12V Halogen lamp Sockets, ceramic lampholder, porcelain lamp holder, lamp base E10, E12, E17, E26, E27, E39, E40, B22, halogen lampbase,G4/G5.3/G6.35/G9/GZ10/GU10 etc, OEM order are Welcome!

How does LED high bay light heat dissipation

The LED high bay light, includes a lamp housing and mounted on the lamp housing in the lamp chamber, characterized in that it further includes a circuit board mounted on the circuit board and one or more white light emitting diodes, each of said white light emitting diode is mounted in front of a Fresnel lens.

500 watt led high bay lights for Industrial lighting

The utility model miner low temperature below 70%, intrinsically safe; small power consumption, voltage 3.3 ~ 3.6V, the total current in the 0.2 ~ 0.4A, only about half of the original, so it reduces the battery size and weight , convenient to carry; life of up to 5 to 10 million hours, which is the original incandescent bulbs 100 to 500 times.

LED high bay light reliability (life) largely depends on the heat level, so the level of progress in cooling is one of the key technologies. Mainly to the disposal of chips to produce excess heat through the heat sink, cooling the body passed in, this is a very complex technical problems. Following respectively narrative:

The power LED high bay light, which LED needs to think the heat issues, the power LED cooling needs. Power LED is a light-emitting diode operating current more than 100mA. Line marked in China with reference to the League of the United States ASSIST defined, according to two kinds of LED forward voltage of typical 2.1V and 3.3V, the input power are more than 210mw, and 330mW LED power LED, needs to think the device heat dissipation problem, some people may have a different insight, but the theory proved to progress the power LED reliability (life), it is necessary to think about the power LED thermal problems. high bay lighting lamp holders

Heat related parameters and LED heat dissipation on the main parameters of thermal resistance, junction moderate temperature rise.

aluminium LED high bay lights

Thermal resistance refers to the steady-state power dissipation of the quotient of the effective temperature of the device and external rules, the reference point temperature difference divided by the device. It is said the most important parameters of the device cooling. Heat better power LED thermal resistance is less than10 Celsius / W to reports, the best thermal resistance is less than 5 Celsius/ W thermal resistance abroad up to less than 3 Celsius / W, to achieve this level ensures that the power LED life .high bay light fixture lamp holders.

The LED high bay lights. Just a few years ago LED technology could not produce a reliable LED configuration to compete with T5 or 400 watt Metal Halide output. Those days are gone!

James Lighting has a new LED highbay offering that boasts some very impressive numbers when it comes to lumen output.

aluminium LED high bay lights fixtures

Utilising the latest in LED technology, the LED high bay lights offers superb energy efficiency combined with lumen outputs that allow effective replacement of 400W metal halide luminaires. The LED Highbay also utilises lens control providing accurate distribution of light ensuring minimal wastage and energy consumption.

The LED high bay lights is also offered with a range of sensor controls to further enhance your energy saving giving both daylight regulation and presence detection and also offering ground level remote programming for ease of commissioning.  Integral sensors allow these luminaires to be installed on a one for one basis with no need to install additional BUS wiring therefore minimising your installation costs.

To this end the SSL planning progress heat purposes. The heat resistance of the chip and the phosphor is still high, had arrived in the chip junction temperature of 150 Celsius, the phosphor at 130 Celsius, the basic life of the device will not have any effect. Description of the chip, phosphor heat resistance, the higher the cooling begged the lower

With the commencement of LED lighting products, there are two kinds of new technology: First, in order to increase the luminous flux of a single tube, inject greater current density, as in the following referred to, resulting in chips generate more heat and cooling demand. Second, the package structure, as the LED light source power increases, the demand for more power LED chip collection package together.

LED high bay light fixtures

Now enter the LED high bay light fixtures. Just a few years ago LED technology could not produce a reliable LED configuration to compete with T5 or 400 watt Metal Halide output. Those days are gone!James has a new LED high bay light fixtures offering that boasts some very impressive numbers when it comes to lumen output.

metal halide high bay VS LED high bay lighting

A typical 400 watt high bay lighting produces 20,000 lumens with a brand new lamp. However, that number quickly decreases due to the poor life of metal halide. so lets assume the lamp is running at 70% output(most places I have been are far wore than that). That takes us down to 14,000 lumens, all while consuming 456W of electricity.

The LED high bay light fixtures produces 18,000 Lumens while consuming a paltry 213W….thats a 54% reduction in operating costs!!! Not to mention that the LED high bay light fixtures maintains 92% of it’s output at 60,000 hrs. and has a rated life of 100,000 hrs!

At 125 lumens per Watt, James’s new ultra-efficient industrial LED high bay light fixtures revolutionizes the world of LED lighting and is by far the most innovative LED high bay light fixtures available today.

led high bay lamp lights

With a market-leading 10 year full performance warranty, the new 26,500 lumen high bay utilizes cutting-edge optical and electrical design to provide for significantly reduced glare and superior light distribution.

Heat is a significant factor in the performance of LED high bay light fixtures, and can have negative effects on light output, color and life.Heat sink design is critical as maintaining LED temperatures within operating limits is a key determining factor of LED longevity.

James’s Phase Change Liquid Cooling systems remove more heat than competitive technologies which allows James LED light products to burn brighter, last longer, and cost less. Typical competitive LED systems are comprised of silver and copper conductivity and phase change liquid cooling construction, and an external heat sink. LED high bay light fixtures lamp holders.

The emitter houses the LED die, optics, and a heat sink slug used to draw heat away from the die. The conductor is made of silver and copper, which is mechanically attached to the heat sink .James takes a more efficient approach to reducing operating temperature by phase change cooling system, which is thermally resistant and actually insulates the LED high bay light fixtures package from the heat sink.

How to choose the LED high bay lights

16″ or 22″ LED high bay lights Aluminum: Indoor LED high bay lights for use above 25′. 16″ units for 250 watt Metal Halide. 22″ units for 400 watt Metal Halide. Die cast aluminum housing and wiring box and semi-specular anodized aluminum refractor. Lighting Ballast and lamp supplied.

aluminium LED high bay lights

LED high bay lights with anodized aluminum high bay reflector. Use in areas that require high efficiencies and horizontal illumination with mounting heights of 20 feet and higher. Ideal for use in light manufacturing areas, storage areas and ware-house aisles.

A metal halide type of light, also referred to as HID lighting (High Intensity Discharge) gives off a nice brilliant color of white light. In contrast, high pressure sodium gives off a yellow/orange color of light.Metal halide high bay and very low bay lighting is often noticed in gymnasiums, arenas, grocery outlets, and so forth. because it presents a real white color that resembles daylight.Gymnasium lighting needs a light that provides off a sizable volume of light and involves incredibly very little servicing.

Because of this, we propose our 400 watt metal halide high bay lights with aluminum reflector.These lights are relatively inexpsive and are really durable. We stock wire guards (offered individually) to go over the bottom of your light fixtures, as this is often crucial for secure the bulb when employing for gymnasium lighting functions,A normal dimension gymnasium normally involves 10-12 of these lights, depending on many circumstances.


An advantage of employing metal halide high bay lights is definitely the lifestyle on the ballast and bulb. While each are dependent upon the atmosphere and volume of use, the existence in the bulbs and magnetic ballasts exceeds most other types of lighting.James high bay and minimal bay metal halide light fixtures include a bulb that’s rated for 20,000 hours. However, this won’t suggest you might basically get twenty,000 hrs of daily life from them, this can be merely a gauge to measure it can be existence expectancy by. But you may even now expect 15,000 hrs or so before the bulb will should be replaced.

metal halide high bay lights and reduced metal halid light fixtures come total with a multi-tap ballast. We guarantee this ballast for 1 yr but we fully assume to suit your needs to acquire 5-10 years of daily life out of the lamp ballast. Once again, this life span might be affected from the surroundings and quantity of use.
high bay lighting Construction
Durable die-cast aluminum housing in a compact design with smooth contours and electro-statically applied white polyester powder paint. Ballast and electrical
components are fully contained and heat-sinked within the housing.
Steel hook with spring steel latch on removable pendant splice box is standard. Convenient side knockout entries in splice box allow for easy wiring. Hook is easily
removed for conduit pendant mounting.

high bay led lighting
Anodized spun aluminum 15″ reflectors feature an exclusive contour design for superior uniformity and high efficiency. Self-cleaning top with ventilated design carries
contaminants out the top of reflector.
Lamp holders: Vertically oriented mogul base protected exclusionary “PINK” lamp holder with copper alloy, nickel-plated screw shell and center contact. For use with O-rated,
protected metal halide lamps only.
eg:high intensity discharge HID lighting fixture, high bay ballast, 400 watt, 15 inch outside diameter, applied with metal halide lamps.

The reflector of the LED high bay lights, which is a hollow oval cover body with an internal, outwardly curved lower end with a micro-arc symmetrical reflective surface, the upper dielectric, a lower reflective surface micro-arc into a parabolic micro-arc side reflective surface of the reflective surface micro-arc side there by the majority of the small side of longitudinal parallel reflective surface composition and micro-arc side of the reflective surface in the center there is a sleeve extending rearward, available light bulb assembly, in order to achieve the lamp can produce light condenser and enhanced brightness for optimal effect. Advantages: simple structure, with a set of optical function, can effectively increase the light projection illumination, and practical.

LED high bay lights for industrial lighting

LED high bay lights are an energy saving, easy to install light. A wide spread makes it possible to use less fixtures creating good crossover illumination.

30 watt led high bay lights

Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain a gas that produces ultraviolet light when electricity passes into the bulb from an electronic ballast at the base of the bulb. This light isn’t visible to the human eye until it interacts with a special coating on the inside of the bulb, which converts the ultraviolet light into the visible light spectrum. This is a more efficient use of electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs.

LED high bay lights include lamp, body, bulb holders, reflector, drop lens and malleable hook. Hook can be removed and fixture can be direct thread mounted to 3/4″ conduit.The high bay lighting fixture includes a 16 inch acrylic prismatic reflector with 16 inch acrylic drop lens.

This receptacle, plug and LED high bay lights hook suspends HID, fluorescent and incandescent fixtures while permitting quick disconnect and removal of fixtures for maintenance.

500 watt led high bay lighting for Industrial lighting

LED high bay lights Features:This 3/4″ hook will thread into the top of our LED high bay lights fixtures and low bay lights and allow the light to be suspendended from a chain or latched onto some other type of accessory. Makes for easy installation.

Whether you are looking for a basic hook and loop, ball or cushion, James has a fixture hanger to suit your requirements. We offer models that mount directly to an outlet box, include an integral outlet box, and enclosed and gasketed versions that provide an effective seal against the entry of dirt and moisture. All are designed for easy installation and reliable, long lasting service.

high bay lighting often use in factory warehouse.Sometimes is used in high-ceiling areas to light surfaces more than 15 feet away. Common high-bay applications include industrial manufacturing, gymnasiums, warehouses, and warehouse-type retailers.

LED outdoor flood lights

James’s qualified Small LED outdoor flood lights and are offered in 15-, 25- and 45-watt styles that are replacements for 100-watt quartz halogen through 175-watt metal halide fixture. These DesignLights Consortium-qualified LED outdoor flood lights feature a self-contained driver and can mount in almost any angle with a yoke-style arm and an additional half inch national pipe thread (NPT) strain relief, which provides protection for the wire. led outdoor flood lights E27 lamp holder.

10W Outdoor LED flood lights

Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is generally gaining popularity as the lighting technology of choice for most homes and businesses. This is because LED outdoor flood lights is much safer, cheaper, and more energy efficient than other lighting sources. Most common LED lighting fixtures include LED outdoor flood lights, LED garden lighting, LED wall washers, LED rope lighting, and LED office lighting.

The upgraded Small LED outdoor flood lights create bright, shadow-free security and general lighting when illuminating facades, landscapes, parking areas and displays in hospitality, public places, office buildings, shopping plazas, apartment complexes, schools, healthcare facilities and other commercial properties.

1.Pretty appearance as quality
2. 70%-80% energy-saving
3. Long lifespan(50, 000H)
4. Fashion design and different types
5. Easy to install and use
6.RoHS, and CE approved
7.No risk of mercury emission, environmental protection.

LED floodlight specifications

LED Flood lights Feature:
1.High light efficiency imported LED chip, with patent technology integration encapsulation, light source with high efficiency.
2. The floodlight use Lithium battery driver and it can be chargeable.
3. It can be used in outdoor activities lighting (white).
4. It need to turn off the light when the battery’s voltage is lower than setting voltage,or it will damage the battery.
5. It can work when using the DC12V input without connecting battery. It has two ways for the lighting.
6.Lithium battery charging indication: when it is charging and the indicator is red, it is green color when full, no charge, indicator is not shine.

In sports venues using high power LED outdoor flood lights in the workplace can be more uniform and soft and is cold light source will not give to the stuffiness, excellent color reduction is conducive to the spread of television and the press photos and other lamps and lanterns can be issued certain wavelengths of light to promote the excitement of the athletes to he Shujin Huoxue to make better sense to create good results.