LED high bay light fixtures

Now enter the LED high bay light fixtures. Just a few years ago LED technology could not produce a reliable LED configuration to compete with T5 or 400 watt Metal Halide output. Those days are gone!James has a new LED high bay light fixtures offering that boasts some very impressive numbers when it comes to lumen output.

metal halide high bay VS LED high bay lighting

A typical 400 watt high bay lighting produces 20,000 lumens with a brand new lamp. However, that number quickly decreases due to the poor life of metal halide. so lets assume the lamp is running at 70% output(most places I have been are far wore than that). That takes us down to 14,000 lumens, all while consuming 456W of electricity.

The LED high bay light fixtures produces 18,000 Lumens while consuming a paltry 213W….thats a 54% reduction in operating costs!!! Not to mention that the LED high bay light fixtures maintains 92% of it’s output at 60,000 hrs. and has a rated life of 100,000 hrs!

At 125 lumens per Watt, James’s new ultra-efficient industrial LED high bay light fixtures revolutionizes the world of LED lighting and is by far the most innovative LED high bay light fixtures available today.

led high bay lamp lights

With a market-leading 10 year full performance warranty, the new 26,500 lumen high bay utilizes cutting-edge optical and electrical design to provide for significantly reduced glare and superior light distribution.

Heat is a significant factor in the performance of LED high bay light fixtures, and can have negative effects on light output, color and life.Heat sink design is critical as maintaining LED temperatures within operating limits is a key determining factor of LED longevity.

James’s Phase Change Liquid Cooling systems remove more heat than competitive technologies which allows James LED light products to burn brighter, last longer, and cost less. Typical competitive LED systems are comprised of silver and copper conductivity and phase change liquid cooling construction, and an external heat sink. LED high bay light fixtures lamp holders.

The emitter houses the LED die, optics, and a heat sink slug used to draw heat away from the die. The conductor is made of silver and copper, which is mechanically attached to the heat sink .James takes a more efficient approach to reducing operating temperature by phase change cooling system, which is thermally resistant and actually insulates the LED high bay light fixtures package from the heat sink.