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The LED street lighting has a substantial part throughout preserving the ordinary activity inside inhabited states and is very important to reducing accidents and block felonies; in addition, street lights are used for beauty and discount reasons. Independent of the energy consumption, LED street lighting might produce secondary problems that must be considered like blinding effect, holiday accommodation reflex, brightness pollution plus maintenance problems.

LED street lighting solutions

The best method for LED street lighting should give you a comprehensive answer to each of those elements.Electric Lighting can be frequently divided into three basic areas: incandescent light lighting unit, gas launch lamps (fluorescent lamps, final flashes and so forth) and semiconductor lights ( like Encouraged; light-emitting diode).

Every single light-weight is analyzed by it has the efficiency, operation and price in order to establish the ideal illumination regarding diverse areas. What is perfect for residential property doesn’t invariably match any factory, a parking area or maybe a freeway.

Open-air locations such as playgrounds and roads call for intensive illumination. Avenue lights are given to illuminate big outdoor locations for the sake of hikers and cars and trucks. When attempting to find, which lighting form is actually optimal intended for street-lights or airport parking lots or any other use, a couple of variables that may affect the direct result should be considered.

New white LED street lighting, lighting equipment belonging to the technical field of the LED light source aimed at resolving existing LED street lighting life caused by poor heat dissipation, low light decay and long-term use of low light efficiency has also caused problems.

It is lined with street lamps and light anti-connected to form a cover glass main street, street lamp holder is made with concave seat body cavity, are installed in the street lamp even have a concave cavity to several blocks white LED surface light source module and the surface around the white LED light source module connected with the outer periphery mounted reflector, the reflector cup covered with the outer rim relative to the cover glass of the bead against light, the white light LED light source module on the back surface connect with radiator, radiator system several pieces conjoined aluminum radiator cooling fins and is connected to LED street lighting, white LED surface light source module wires installed in the street lamp power controller. The structure is novel, energy efficient and environmentally friendly, suitable for a variety of roads, squares, gardens, parks, plant lighting.
100 watt COB LED Street Light

Light-weight absorption, course of light, life-span, shade, energy consumption, glasshouse gas exhaust, level of luminosity plus physical robustness are all portion of the checklist .Right now, several sorts of incandescent and photogrrne light table lamps are the most regularly used lumination sources world wide. The major reasons behind that are the bottom price and also the human interest to stick while using the familiar.

Incandescent lighting lamps build light through warming up some sort of filament wire employing an electric current. A glass bulb is have an inert fuel, which will not react with this filament and guards it through oxidation.

This specific aspect is important as soon as planning street-light methods, where continuous replacements generate high priced as well as slow preservation works.

Future development trend of LED street lighting design:

1, production is less than the 90lm/W light effect of LED for road lighting means a huge investment risk and a long payback period.
2, the conventional design of below 150W LED street lamp for more than two-way four lane urban road lighting is also very difficult to achieve the Chinese standard of urban road lighting in the rigid target, the heat dissipation problem will always be troubled skill LED street lamp core, in the short term than the secondary optical design will be more difficult to solve, small and medium-sized enterprises into much energy developed will have to pay a high price. led street lights lamp holders wholesale China manufacturer.
3, street lamp design must play the advantages of LED, such as the direction of good, small size, stepless dimming easy to achieve intelligent, etc.
4, LED street lighting is not easy in the short term to promote the use of large area, not only the cost is too high, LED street lamp first is to meet the needs of the function of road lighting, secondly must satisfy the requirements of urban road lighting the overall landscape planning, any one-sided development will is failed.

LED street lighting outlook and Countermeasures.

With in street professional design agencies, such as the original park design, using the rich street design experience, functional requirements and landscape requirements of integrated LED lights and reasonable to reduce the investment risk, differences in product design, can meet the needs of different markets in the outdoor lighting design, LED street light and not investment only choice! http://www.streetlightingled.com/

1, the construction of the light, in addition to wash wall lamp, there are a lot of new products worth developing investment.

2, in urgent need of LED street lighting solutions market led street lights will be able to greatly play led the advantage, to replace a large number of non standard garden lights, to make up for the deficiency of HID light source; original park customers will have n models of new products, LED street lighting market shock, is still in the dark groping peer reference test.

3, city leisure square, cross street is in urgent need of LED street lighting solutions, led garden lamp can meet make where need light to illuminate to where the lighting design, and eliminate the annoying glare and win more attractive profits.

It’s not necessarily affected by size or style; size of Directed may be very simple and other eye components is usually added to generate a distinct emission pattern. The actual expectancy associated with LED street lighting solutions varies between 60,000-100,000 time, although is often extended while handled through smart lights techniques.


Electronic Ballast vs Conventional Ballast

Conventional Ballast is magnetic,A magnetic ballast uses coiled wire and creates magnetic fields to transform voltage. A magnetic ballast does not change the frequency of the power to the lamp,it remains the same as the input power, in the United States 60 Hz.

Electronic Ballast vs Conventional Ballast

Future ballast is electronic,An electronic ballast uses solid state components to transform voltage. It also changes the frequency of the power from 60 Hz to 20,000 Hz, or higher, depending on the ballast. Because the electronic ballast doesn??t use coils and electromagnetic fields, it can function more efficiently and cooler than magnetic. The frequency change also greatly reduces any flicker in the lamp due to burn in or improper power.

Conventional Ballast use a large spool of wire wrapped around a set of steel sheets to generate the high voltage and wattage required by HID lamps. Most Conventional Ballast use a metal or plastic canister known as a capacitor as part of the regulating system. These ballasts are heavy, rugged and built to last for many years in harsh weather conditions. magnetic ballast are certified by UL and CSA for electrical safety and fire protection standards.

magnetic ballast hid packing package

They are designed to meet lamp operating standards set by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI). These standards insure the lamp and ballast will operate correctly together. Metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps typically require their own separate ballasts for operation. There are switchable magnetic ballast that can operate both types of lamps requiring the user to flip a switch prior to operation.

Switchable ballasts are a compromise because they typically operate the HPS lamp to specification, but operate the metal halide lamp out of specification.A ballast is an electrical component used with a fluorescent bulb (or mercury vapor lamp or arc lamp) to conduct electricity at each end of the tube. It supplies the initial electricity to the bulb that creates light, and then it regulates the amount of electricity flowing through the bulb so that it emits the right amount of light.

High Pressure Sodium Conventional Ballast are replacements for solid-state electronic circuitry. They provide long lasting durability, low power losses and low noise levels. These high pressure sodium parts hae a pulse ignitor starting method. Available in voltages ranging from 120V- 480V. High pressure sodium lamp holders.

electronic ballast use semiconductors and microchips to provide the high voltage and wattage required by HID lamps. The inside of an electronic ballast looks very similar to the inside of a computer.

One or more circuit boards house mini capacitors and mini wire wound magnetic transformers. The use of these circuit boards allows for a light weight and produces less heat than a ANSI standard magnetic ballast. High wattage electronic ballast (anything above 250 watts) are not manufactured to meet lamp operating standards set by ANSI.

Standards have not yet been written by ANSI for electronic ballast compatibility with HID lamps. Because there is no ANSI standard all electronic ballast are made differently. This has resulted in inconsistent lamp performance on electronic ballast. Many electronic ballast are not properly ETL or UL listed for fire and electrical safety.
In addition to not flickering and being quieter than Conventional Ballast, electronic ballasts are preferred because it has many other advantages. They are smaller in size and weigh less. They are also great for the environment and your bank account because they are energy efficient and therefore lower your monthly energy bill.

You can also reduce the cost of hiring an electrician to wire and save on the installation costs with electronic ballasts since they can be used as a single ballast in 3 and 4-lamp luminaries.

Another advantage is that electronic ballast can be used in lamps that are in parallel and series mode. If one of the lamps goes out, this will not affect the other lamps even though all the lamps are using the same ballast.

Also, if you want to replace your Conventional Ballast with an electronic ballast, this is cheap and relatively easy to do.

Difference Between Electronic and Magnetic Ballast

Traditional ballast is magnetic,A magnetic ballast uses coiled wire and creates magnetic fields to transform voltage. A magnetic ballast does not change the frequency of the power to the lamp,it remains the same as the input power, in the United States 60 Hz.

Future ballast is electronic,An electronic ballast uses solid state components to transform voltage. It also changes the frequency of the power from 60 Hz to 20,000 Hz, or higher, depending on the ballast. Because the electronic ballast doesn??t use coils and electromagnetic fields, it can function more efficiently and cooler than magnetic. The frequency change also greatly reduces any flicker in the lamp due to burn in or improper power.

magnetic ballast

Compare Magnetic ballast to electronic ballast

1, energy efficient:

The magnetic ballast operating frequency is 50HZ,

Electronic ballast operating frequency of 20 ~ 50KHZ, lamp luminous efficiency at high frequencies than the frequency increased by 10%, so that the electronic ballast lighting brightness increase than the inductance ballast; another electronic ballasts less power consumption under the same brightness, the use of electronic ballasts than the inductance ballast saving of about 20 to 30%; increase the indoor temperature rise inductance ballast summer air conditioners, electricity is not counted.

The hospital general lighting accounts for about 70% of high-performance electronic ballasts electricity bill savings of 2 to 3 months than the quality inductance ballasts years, recycling lamps cost can gradually reduce property operating costs.

175W-300x225 American magnetic ballast

2, and comfortable:

The Magnetic Ballast will produce stroboscopic phenomenon, to work in this environment, the study of the visual fatigue. Easy to produce the illusion of high-speed rotating object, there is potential accidents. Inductance ballast issue 50HZ the low-frequency noise, easy to make people irritable. ENT listening room with fluorescent lighting, electronic ballasts should be used to prevent misdiagnosis; ward, waiting hall in the use of fluorescent lamps, should not use magnetic ballasts, mainly consider stroboscopic and noise will cause the patient discomfort.

Electronic ballasts eliminate flicker, protect eyesight, marketing students Eye is an electronic ballast with trichromatic lamp design and production. High performance electronic ballasts no flicker, no noise, eye protection, protecting the brain, with the use of three-color lamp matching, color is good, vivid colors; high light efficiency; small light decline; comfortable; purification work, study and living environment ; improve work efficiency, favorable patient rehabilitation; especially applies to the ward, examination room lighting requirements place high color rendering.

fluorescent electronic ballast
3, Security:

Magnetic Ballast due to their power consumption, power consumption is converted into heat, the surface temperature rise, especially in the higher grid voltage fluctuations, temperature up to 120 to 130 % and become a fire hazard, such incidents have occurred.

The Magnetic Ballast to start the normal work of more than +10 % lower than -5 ° C difficulty in starting; grid voltage below 180V difficult normal starter; repeatedly start can not start easily damaged lamp cathode shorten lamp life.

Magnetic Ballast power factor is low, about 0.4 to about 0.6, resulting in a large number of reactive power increases the the lighting line current transformer capacity, thereby greatly increasing the line and transformer losses, increased energy losses, reducing the quality of lighting, while grid running threat.

Compensation capacitor is installed, significantly increase the harmonic current, and thus interfere with the power grid and other equipment in the network and hazards. High performance electronic ballast power factor  0.97, only about 3% of the reactive power loss, the reactive power can save more than 45%; small harmonic content of the input current waveform distortion, almost no pollution on the grid; and can be reduced for power equipment Compatibilization. Electronic ballasts to adapt to a wide voltage range -10% ~ +50% environment can work properly, safe and highly reliable.

The protective effect of high-performance electronic ballast lamp, lamp switching frequency of up to more than million times, no obvious black lamp can extend its life, in addition to guarantee the achievement of the nominal life of the lamp, 1.3 to 1.5 times.

4, environmental protection:

Magnetic ballast due to the use of mechanical starter, will produce a momentary high voltage pulse interference, appliances and other electrical equipment. Inductance ballast, the voltage is too high, too low will shorten lamp life, abandoned unfavorable lamp recycling will cause mercury leaked to bring secondary pollution. The high-performance electronic ballasts to extend the life of the lamp, frequent lamp replacement costs and labor savings, economical and environmentally friendly.bulb holders manufacturer export the goods to Eu.
1) The 400W Metal Halide Electronic Ballast, its power consumption is about 28W, according to the above formula, a three-year run electricity to 0.7 RMB × (10H x 340D x 3Y × 0.428KW,) = $ 3055.92.
400W Metal Halide Electronic Ballast average price of $ 260, 400W metal halide electronic ballasts early failure rate of about 2%, equivalent to the average price of each electronic ballast 260 × 1.02 = 265.2
400W metal halide electronic ballast lighting system for three years running cost of 3055.92 RMB +265.2 = 3321.12 RMB.
2) Energy-efficient European standard 400W Metal Halide Ballast own power consumption of about 28W, according to the same formula electricity to run for three years was 0.7 × (10H x 340D x 3Y 0.428KW) = 3055.92, energy-saving the European standard 400W metal halide magnetic ballasts an average price of 145 RMB, early failure rate of 0.01%, equivalent to 400W each European standard magnetic ballast average price of 145 × 1.0001 = 145.02 RMB.
Magnetic ballasts have a useful life of more than 10 years, three years running depreciation expenses. From the cost analysis of the three-year run, 400W Metal Halide run systems, energy-efficient European standard metal halide lighting system operating costs have been significantly lower than the operating costs of the metal halide ballasts and American standard metal halide ballast, The lights running costs of the system slightly higher than the electronic ballast operating system.

Fluorescent Lights Ballast Replacement Chart

A Fluorescent Lights Ballast “Control” fluorescent tubes, called one by three,on the basis of existing Fluorescent Lights Ballast, two additional winding, with the fluorescent tube clever connection, a Fluorescent Lights Ballast to ignite three fluorescent tubes, and the cost of basic unchanged, and thus actually reduce power consumption and improve the power factor of magnetic ballast, the positive effect of saving, saving raw materials.

Fluorescent Lights Ballast Replacement chart

For fluorescent bulbs, your replacement Fluorescent Lights Ballast will be found in our product catalog by first selecting the type of light bulb using the Fluorescent Lights Ballast. We”ve got complete selections for your Circline bulbs, for your T5 Pentron bulbs, as well as the more common T8 Octron or T12 Slimline light bulbs.

While most problems with fluorescent lighting is fixed by changing the bulb, another problem can be lurking that requires a little more knowledge and skill to repair. If the fixture fails to light after all of the bulbs have been replaced, the culprit most likely will turn out to be the fluorescent ballast.

Ballast replacement presents the possibility of exposure to potentially hazardous voltages and should be performed only by qualified personnel. All installation,inspection and maintenance should be performed only with the entire circuit power to fixture or equipment turned off. Installation shall be in accordance with National Electric Code.

how to choose a  fluorescent light ballast
Before you spend time replacing the ballast on your fluorescent light, make sure that the light bulb is not about to die. The lights will give this away by flickering. A dying bulb also may display black bands on the ends. If a new bulb still flickers, glows at the end or hums, you have to replace the Fluorescent Lights Ballast. This part of the bulb regulates the electrical current to the light.

Start the job by removing the old ballast.To access the ballast, start by removing the cover to light fixture.

After the cover is removed, you should be able to see the ballast.You will need to remove the plugs from the fixture before removing the ballast.Lay out the ballast and plugs on a counter or table top that has some work space.You will notice that there are three sets of two wires with each pair being the same color.Move the old ballast out of the way and lay the new one in its place.Install thehigh pressure sodium ballast back inside your fixture.Fold the excess wiring into the middle of the fixture. flood lights fixtures E27 lamp holder suppplier.

175 Watt Mercury Vapor Ballast Kit

Make sure you select a ballast that matches the number of bulbs your previous model was designed for. You would not want to try to use a 4 bulb ballast in a two bulb system, as this would most likely cause premature burnout of both bulb and ballast alike. Also, make sure the model you select matches the voltage of your previous model. In fact, this is being mad easier for you since today”s ballast manufacturers are making universal voltage ballasts that cover all standard voltages in the US and Canada in one magnetic ballast.

Fluorescent Lights Ballast have two effects: (1) start, the starter power ballast instantly induced a high voltage breakdown gas lamps start fluorescent lamp. After the start of the (2) Fluorescent Lights Ballast current limited size.

Magnetic Ballast to Electronic Ballast

The magnetic ballast method creates a huge amount of inductive reactive power, significantly exceeding the magnitude of active power, but this reactive power can easily and cheaply be compensated without risk of any interferences, if done adequately.

electronic ballast and lamps bulbs types

The electronic ballast does not – or should not – produce substantial amounts of fundamental reactive power (displacement power factor DPF or cosφ). It need not but may be designed to operate on different mains frequencies, including DC, and different voltages, thereby also compensating any input voltage variances.

The decisive argument put forward for its use is, however, the energy saving achieved, not so much by lower internal losses in the ballast itself, but rather by an efficiency improvement of the lamp when operated at the high frequency supplied
from the output terminals of such electronic ballast.

For this reason they feed less power into the lamp than a magnetic ballast does. However, electronic ballasts are several times more expensive than the plain passive magnetic models and much more susceptible to certain disturbances and are likely to become themselves a source of disturbances.lighting fixture E27 lamp holder manufacturer.
magnetic ballast limit the flow of current to the light but do not change the frequency of the input power. The lamp then illuminates on each half-cycle of the power source. This is why many fluorescent and neon lights visibly flicker. Since the light illuminates on half-cycles, the rate of flicker is twice the frequency of the power source, meaning the light will flicker at 100Hz or 120Hz.

A lead-lag electronic lighting ballast can minimize flicker when connected to two lamps by alternating the flow of current to them: one leading the frequency of the input power and the other lagging behind it.

A more modern type of lighting ballast is electronic instead of magnetic ballast. An electronic lighting ballast uses solid state circuitry to transform voltage, but unlike magnetic ballast, can also alter the frequency of power. This means that an electronic lighting ballast can greatly reduce or eliminate any flicker in the lamps. Because it uses solid-state circuitry instead of magnetic coils, it is also more efficient and therefore runs cooler.

FD128 CLASS B2 Standard Ballasts

Because of their greater efficiency and ability to reduce flicker, electronic ballasts are more popular than magnetic ballast, and are often used to replace them. A few applications, however, require an magnetic ballast, such as ballasts that must preheat or ballasts for extremely high output lamps.

Magnetic Ballast to Electronic Ballast, The two timetables that govern the phased withdrawal of ballasts from the market that do not meet the new BEF standards are shown ,It”s important to note that both rules exempt American standard ballasts that are designed for:

Pulse Start MH50W-1000W American ballasts
Magnetic Ballast to Electronic Ballast, Dimming to 50% or less of maximum light output,
Use with two F96T12HO lamps at ambient temperatures of -20°F and marked for use in outdoor signs, and Labeled for use only in residential applications and operating with a power factor of less than 0.90.

Replacement magnetic ballast. These ballasts will feature output leads shorter than the length of the lamp they operate, may be shipped in packages limited to 10 or fewer units, and will be marked.

Mercury lamp and high pressure sodium lamp for HID street lighting

Metal vapor arc discharge lamp application in matters to the attention of the mercury and sodium is different discharge material, so high pressure mercury lamp and high pressure sodium lamp the special performance.

Mercury lamp and high pressure sodium lamp for HID street lighting

HID street lighting charges customers a lot for electricity, and need maintenance or replacement for the cables and other configuration uninterruptedly for ages, maintenance costs increased year after year. power consumption is quite low, electric power conversion efficiency is about 100percent.Its expendable energy is less than 0.1W, will save over 80percent power as traditional light source.HID street lighting bulb holders manufacturer.

HID street lighting is bad at persistence and easily influenced by the environment, thus influences the lighting effect. HID street lighting is not DC operation, it will cause high frequency color break-up.

HID street lighting has light distribution problem, it caused inefficient uniformity of illuminance, the light can”t reach road lighting standard. But LED street light have none above problems.Big color attenuation

The light distribution of HID street lighting is by reflex, it loses most light and the degree of homogeneity is bad. Traditional light use constant-voltage source, it makes light”s temperature increased and causes more color attenuation.

HID Street lighting projects

City street lights source notes are as follows:

A, light bulbs must be used with the same specifications of the light ballast, otherwise the bulb will not be able to start or shorten the life span.

B, in the use of the light bulb to go out, if the power supply voltage fluctuations are not big, ballast damage to other aspects of the normal, re start pilot, if it is still burning, the bulb can not continue to use, should be replaced by a new light bulb.

C, power supply voltage should be relatively stable, transient changes should not be too large. If the power supply voltage suddenly drops 10%, high pressure mercury lamp will extinguish; high pressure sodium lamp power shortage due to exhibit of lanterns, light output reduction. When the voltage is too high, it will shorten the service life of the lamp.

D, the lamp can be lit at any position, however, the level of high pressure mercury lamp ignition, luminous flux output will be reduced by 7%, and the light bulb to self extinguishing. The high-pressure sodium lamp photoelectric parameters unchanged.

E, the internal space can not be too small, should have good heat dissipation conditions, in order to affect the lamp life. High pressure sodium lamp is not easy to use single parabolic and reflection type lamp, the lamp will most of the light reflection to the lamp tube, lamp voltage rise, increase the lamp power, shorten the lamp life.

F, high pressure mercury lamp outside broken should be handled in time, the replacement of the new global, so a lot of ultraviolet radiation burns and eye skin.

G, restart time. In the application of high pressure mercury lamp quickly ignited, can be installed so that the electronic ignitor, instant start.

How to choose the HID Street light?

Light at night lights commonly used light source,HID Street light like the sun brought the light to the people.

On the nature of light, James lighting proposed the theory of electromagnetic waves in the history. In the electromagnetic wave, the electromagnetic wave with wavelength of 380 ~ 780nm can be generated by people’s eyes, and this part of the electromagnetic wave is visible light.

LED Street Light,HID Street light

Wavelength from 380nm to 780nm increased, the color of the light purple, blue, green, yellow, red sequence. Light color and color table including two color display. Color table is the color of light source, that is, from the appearance of the color of light; color rendering is refers to the light source lighting, a variety of color in the visual distortion level, usually with color rendering index. When the light source is the same as the reference light source, the color value is 100, the color difference is smaller.

With the growing improvement of road lighting, HID Street light majority of high-power light source, but in some places after 23:00, the traffic and pedestrians have been very scarce, so appropriate to reduce the output power of the lamp, in order to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

80 watt LED Street lamps

Metal vapor arc discharge lamp road light application in issues to the attention from the mercury and sodium is distinct discharge materials, so high pressure mercury lamp and high pressure sodium lamp the exclusive effectiveness. Street light source notes are as follows:

A, light bulbs should be made use of using the similar specifications from the magnetic ballast, otherwise the bulb is not going to be able to start or shorten the life span.

B, from the utilization of the light bulb to go out, when the energy supply voltage fluctuations aren’t significant, ballast harm to other facets of the typical, re get started pilot, if it truly is nonetheless burning, the bulb can’t carry on to work with, really should be replaced by a new light bulb.HID Street light bulb holders for road lamps.

C, energy supply voltage needs to be comparatively secure, transient adjustments shouldn’t be too big. In the event the energy provide voltage all of a sudden drops 10%, high pressure mercury lamp will extinguish; high pressure sodium lamp energy shortage as a consequence of exhibit of lanterns, light output reduction. Once the voltage is as well substantial, it’s going to shorten the services daily life of your lamp.

Energy saving lamp streetlight

D, the lamp might be lit at any position, on the other hand, the degree of high pressure mercury lamp ignition, luminous flux output might be lowered by 7%, along with the light bulb to self extinguishing. The high-pressure sodium lamp photoelectric parameters unchanged.
The James Lighting production of energy-efficient high-pressure sodium lamps, HPS ballasts, pre-set time, change the ballast impedance, reducing the current to the light source to run at about 50-60% of the rated power. Then, just under 50% of the road illumination, and fully meet the requirements of the road lighting (traffic safety). http://www.streetlightingled.com/
Change Price power conversion Usually 4,5,6 hours, can also be based on user requirements and design, the system is in the power conversion at the same time, the power factor of the line is also automatically adjusted to the best condition, to reduce the loss of the line, so the price of hps ballasts has high energy-saving (saving 30% -50%), low power consumption, low temperature, long life, low price

When the HID Street light use high-pressure mercury lamp illumination, if viewed from afar, people will feel its light is bright white. But it is to see the irradiation face, like a face with a layer of graphite, and feel not satisfied. Because the line is missing in the blue and green lamp. Especially red. So it looks uncomfortable.American mercury ballast for HID Street light.

This shows that the high pressure mercury lamp color table is good, light white and bright, but the color is not good. The incandescent lamp light source and the mercury light source opposite. It looks like the lamp is not good, but the color of the object is very little distortion. Good color for incandescent lamp. Sodium lamp light color is yellow, when put in a blue cloth in sodium light blue cloth into the cloth.

Description of the sodium lamp color and color are not good. From these examples, we can see that the color table of the light source is different from that of color.

Street lighting led replace the Street lighting HID

HID street lights only carried out in a small range of dimming,Street lighting led can be completed within the range from the 0%~100% dimming control, can be based on the environment and traffic conditions sensitive light output, in order to ensure the lighting needs of the situation to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

100 watt COB Street Lighting LED

Thus, about for a total lighting electricity consumption is about 15% to 20% of the road lighting, large-scale implementation of Street lighting led, on carbon reduction and energy conservation has important significance of street life directly affects the road lighting maintenance costs.

The high-pressure sodium lamp life is usually about 2 million hours, the road lighting with the use of high pressure sodium lamp life expectancy only about 5000 hours, and high power LED life often 5-7 million hours of high-pressure sodium lamp and led uniform his definition is not the same. High pressure sodium lamp uniform life definition for “will a group of subjects source sample points to 50% damage to the number of times”, and led uniform life is refers to “the number of tested sample to decay to 70% of the 50% of the number of times”, Street lighting parts include lamp holders, magnetic ballast.

if according to his definition of high pressure sodium lamp to measure led, life expectancy is 50000 hours led up to 1 00000 hours; if according to the definition of life led to measure high voltage sodium lamp reached for 2 million hours of high pressure sodium lamp only about 1 million hours of course, led long life is not the LED street lamp life. Street lighting led is by LED light source life and driving circuit of life with resolution and led and its driving circuit of life lies in lamp heat dissipation ability, circuit topology structure and electronic equipment to select a variety of elements. From the current level of skill, LED lamp life can go beyond the high-pressure sodium street lamp.

street lighting led China supplier

Because there is no consistent Street lighting led skills specification, not the same as the product of the general poor, maintenance is not easy to show the reasons for many of these problems, both the elements of the skills level, but also the impact of the concept of the fact that the LED street lamp is a system engineering. Because the LED light source and high pressure sodium lamp are essentially different, in describing the way LED lights with the traditional street is completely different.

The main characteristics of the light source of the street lamp are the light source of the city street lamp, which should have good lighting performance and reasonable energy saving effect. Requirements of street lamp electric light source is, therefore, a long life, high light efficiency, good color and consistency, in maintenance lighting has the interchangeability.

At present, urban street lamps using high efficiency of metal vapor arc discharge lamp, such as high pressure mercury lamp, high pressure sodium lamp as the light source. They have high luminous efficiency and good color of, long life advantages. The main purpose of the main characteristics of the light source is to improve the economic benefit and practical value of the street lamp.

The luminous efficiency of high pressure sodium lamp is a high pressure mercury lamp 2 to 3 times, the average life expectancy is 4 times of the high pressure mercury lamp. And high-pressure sodium lamp color rendering index and power factor was significantly lower than that of the high pressure mercury lamp; starting calibration time and stroboscopic effect two characteristics are almost the same.

Advantage of Street lighting led.
1.Life span: 50,000 hours

2.Unique Secondary optical design, coverage required lighting is to further improve the illumination efficiency and save the energy

3.Excellent quality: all circuit and power supply adopted high-end component. Each led have solo over current protection.

4.LED street light feature: unipolarity, no diffussion, high luminous efficiency.

5.Convenient installation: Don”t need to install optical fiber additionally, don”t need rectifier. Lights can suit the original devices.

6.Color attenuation with LED street lights,LM wane??3??/year, can achieve the standard of road illumination after used 10years;but high voltage sodium lamp,30/year. So, LED street lamp??s power design is lower than high voltage sodium lamp.

7.LED street lamp have automatic control energy-saving system, can satisfy different time period illumination requirements while utmost reduce power and save electricity.

8.High Luminous Efficacy: chip??100 LM, can save energy for over 75?? compared with traditional HPS.

9.LED is low voltage devices, driving voltage for each led is safe voltage. Single led power is 1W, so it is a safe power supply than high-tension power supply, widely used in public place(such as Street lighting, Factories and mines lighting, Automobile lighting, Civil lighting, etc.

gu10 lamp holder wickes

ITEM:gu10 lamp holder wickes
RATED:250V 2A T250℃

gu10 lamp holder with junction box
A standard gu10 lamp holder wickes with 21cm tails. This product is suitable for use with fire rated downlights.New Regulation GU10 240v Mains Holder, Holder has Build in wire fixer to stop the holder’s wire coming out and heat cover stops the wires burning out by the heat, Holder has 200mm fly lead with Ceramic Lamp Holder with Protected cover backing and heat cover Fitting for standard GU10 bulb cover Fitting for standard GU10 bulb, CE.

gu10 lamp holder wickes
Material: Ceramic, white or ivory color
Wire: Silicone, Teflon cable, 0.5mm2 or 0.75mm2, length as your requests
Rating: 250V, 100W/2A
Certificate: CE, VDE, RoHS
MOQ: 1000PCS
Delivery: 10-20 days after receive deposit
Other specifications available: GU10, GZ10, G4, G5.3, G6.35, G9, G12, R7S etc.
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GU10 lamp holder diagram

The GZ10 lamp holder is a universal lamp holder and takes both the GZ10 lamp and the GU10 lamp. This lamp holder is used in all fittings where the heat distributed by the dichroic reflector of the GZ10 lamp will not damage the fitting. Dichroic (sometimes called cool beam) coatings are designed to push heat back and light forward.

ITEM:gu10 lamp holder wickes
MATERIAL:CERAMIC BODY + PLASTICS CAP,Ceramic, white or ivory color
Wire: Silicone, Teflon cable, 0.5mm2 or 0.75mm2, length as your requests
Rating: 250V, 100W/2A
Certificate: CE, VDE, RoHS
MOQ: 1000PCS
Delivery: 10-20 days after receive deposit

In some fittings the heat distribution of the dichroic reflector will cause damage to the fitting and so for these fittings, a PAR16 lamp with an aluminium reflector must be used.

To make sure that the wrong lamp was not used for this fitting, the PAR16 with the aluminium reflector only comes with a gu10 lamp holder wickes. It was the lamp manufacturer’s original intention that the lamp with the dichroic reflector would not be available with a GZ10 lamp holder.

These are just the thing for converting low voltage MR16 fittings to mains voltage GU10/GZ10 fittings.  Converting your fittings will give you a much wider choice of LED and low energy lamps than are typically available for MR16 12V fittings.
No more worries about transformer compatibility!
No need to buy LED drivers!
No need to purchase whole new fittings!
Just replace existing transformers + low voltage lamp holders and choose your GU10 lamps.

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bc to gu10 lamp holder adaptor

bc to gu10 lamp holder adaptor,G or Bi-pin light bulb base and sockets, The “G” base type of lamp and light bulb is used to designate a “pinned” base. This can include several pin types and different numbers of pins.

Designation is by letter(s)-numbers-optional letter: The first letters include “G” followed by an optional U, X, Y or Z. Next is a number that designates the number of millimeters between the center of each pin.

GU10 lamp holder adapter manufacturer

Finally the optional final letter designates the number of pins, no letter implies 2 pins as does a d for double. Pin number designations include: s : Single, d : Double, t : Triple for 3 pins and q : Quadruple for 4 pins.
Examples include: bc to gu10 lamp holder adaptor
Suitable for LED, CFL and Halogen
Use this to fit any GU10 bulb into a hard wire system.
It allows you to plug in your LED, CFL or Halogen bulb, and attach it to the normal lighting wire.
Length of the Leads:About 8.5cm), G24q base type, or for T8 tubes G13 bi-pin.

bc to gu10 lamp holder adaptor, This adapter turns a bi pin GU10 lamp holder into a standard screw in E27 lamp holder. Allows you to install a GU10 light bulb into a medium screw in socket and adds 3 4 inch in length to the overall length of the original bulb. When you insert a GU10 based bulb into this adapter extender you lengthen the bulb by 3 4 inch and convert the base to a standard Edison medium screw in base.

Product Description: E27 to bc to gu10 lamp holder adaptor
1.250V,GU10 base lamp, E27 base holder
2.Material: PBT,Copper,Ceramic,Steady
3.Lamp Holder Adapter E27 to GU10
-Other type:
E27 to e27, e27 to e40, e27 to GU10, GU10 to e27, e14 to GU10, e40 to e27 etc.
-Certificate: CE
-MOQ: 500PCS
Body material: PBT, anti fired
Screw shell: Aluminium, Copper, Copper plated nickel.

bc to gu10 lamp holder adaptor

Aging bc to gu10 lamp holder adaptor New Regulation Bulb Connector 240v
Material: high temperature resistant ceramic
Certification: CCC certification, CE, VDE, UL certification, etc
Use all the LED lamps and lanterns of aging using GU10 interface
Ceramic lamp holder fitting for standard GU10 lamp
Use this to fit any GU10 bulb into a hard wire system
Item can use for with our LED or halogen lamps.
Socket diameter: 27mm
Wire Length: 9.5cm/3.7”(approx)

E27/GU10 bc to gu10 lamp holder adaptor

Screw type E27 to GU10 bc to gu10 lamp holder adaptor is made by the flame retardant PBT and copper material.
Can help to use original E27 lamp holder fixture by GU10 base lamp.
Vvery easily replace.
Adapter under CE standard quality.
PBT is resistant to solvents, shrinks very little during forming, is mechanically strong, heat-resistant up to 150 °C and add in the flame retardants to make it noncombustible.