LED high bay lights for industrial lighting

LED high bay lights are an energy saving, easy to install light. A wide spread makes it possible to use less fixtures creating good crossover illumination.

30 watt led high bay lights

Compact fluorescent light bulbs contain a gas that produces ultraviolet light when electricity passes into the bulb from an electronic ballast at the base of the bulb. This light isn’t visible to the human eye until it interacts with a special coating on the inside of the bulb, which converts the ultraviolet light into the visible light spectrum. This is a more efficient use of electricity than traditional incandescent bulbs.

LED high bay lights include lamp, body, bulb holders, reflector, drop lens and malleable hook. Hook can be removed and fixture can be direct thread mounted to 3/4″ conduit.The high bay lighting fixture includes a 16 inch acrylic prismatic reflector with 16 inch acrylic drop lens.

This receptacle, plug and LED high bay lights hook suspends HID, fluorescent and incandescent fixtures while permitting quick disconnect and removal of fixtures for maintenance.

500 watt led high bay lighting for Industrial lighting

LED high bay lights Features:This 3/4″ hook will thread into the top of our LED high bay lights fixtures and low bay lights and allow the light to be suspendended from a chain or latched onto some other type of accessory. Makes for easy installation.

Whether you are looking for a basic hook and loop, ball or cushion, James has a fixture hanger to suit your requirements. We offer models that mount directly to an outlet box, include an integral outlet box, and enclosed and gasketed versions that provide an effective seal against the entry of dirt and moisture. All are designed for easy installation and reliable, long lasting service.

high bay lighting often use in factory warehouse.Sometimes is used in high-ceiling areas to light surfaces more than 15 feet away. Common high-bay applications include industrial manufacturing, gymnasiums, warehouses, and warehouse-type retailers.

LED outdoor flood lights

James’s qualified Small LED outdoor flood lights and are offered in 15-, 25- and 45-watt styles that are replacements for 100-watt quartz halogen through 175-watt metal halide fixture. These DesignLights Consortium-qualified LED outdoor flood lights feature a self-contained driver and can mount in almost any angle with a yoke-style arm and an additional half inch national pipe thread (NPT) strain relief, which provides protection for the wire. led outdoor flood lights E27 lamp holder.

10W Outdoor LED flood lights

Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is generally gaining popularity as the lighting technology of choice for most homes and businesses. This is because LED outdoor flood lights is much safer, cheaper, and more energy efficient than other lighting sources. Most common LED lighting fixtures include LED outdoor flood lights, LED garden lighting, LED wall washers, LED rope lighting, and LED office lighting.

The upgraded Small LED outdoor flood lights create bright, shadow-free security and general lighting when illuminating facades, landscapes, parking areas and displays in hospitality, public places, office buildings, shopping plazas, apartment complexes, schools, healthcare facilities and other commercial properties.

1.Pretty appearance as quality
2. 70%-80% energy-saving
3. Long lifespan(50, 000H)
4. Fashion design and different types
5. Easy to install and use
6.RoHS, and CE approved
7.No risk of mercury emission, environmental protection.

LED floodlight specifications

LED Flood lights Feature:
1.High light efficiency imported LED chip, with patent technology integration encapsulation, light source with high efficiency.
2. The floodlight use Lithium battery driver and it can be chargeable.
3. It can be used in outdoor activities lighting (white).
4. It need to turn off the light when the battery’s voltage is lower than setting voltage,or it will damage the battery.
5. It can work when using the DC12V input without connecting battery. It has two ways for the lighting.
6.Lithium battery charging indication: when it is charging and the indicator is red, it is green color when full, no charge, indicator is not shine.

In sports venues using high power LED outdoor flood lights in the workplace can be more uniform and soft and is cold light source will not give to the stuffiness, excellent color reduction is conducive to the spread of television and the press photos and other lamps and lanterns can be issued certain wavelengths of light to promote the excitement of the athletes to he Shujin Huoxue to make better sense to create good results.

1000 watt high pressure sodium ballast for flood lights

1000 watt high pressure sodium flood lights lends itself perfectly to illuminating large areas in the industrial and commercial sectors, large public areas and building facades.This 1KW floodlight requires a premium 15,000 hour lamp (which is not included) and the E40 lamp holder.

The 1000W high pressure sodium flood lights body is made from stern aluminium with a lightly black semi-gloss finish on the face and a matt grey textured powder coated finish for the body.

CWA HPS American ballasts  600W-1000W

It is weatherproof to an IP65 rating. The asymmetric reflector is made from polished aluminium with a dimpled finish, ensuring an even spread of light.This is our most powerful floodlight available for 230 volt use a multi use. A 1000 watt high pressure sodium flood lights.The lamp produces a massive 130,000 lumens output.Ideal for area lighting and feature lighting. The Asymmetrical reflector projects the light with a controlled and even distribution.

1000 Watt High Pressure Sodium Ballast Kit:
Ballast Operating Voltage: 120V/208V/240V/277V/480V 60Hz (5-Tap )
Ballast ANSI: S52 (high pressure sodium)
Ballast Type: HID Magnetic High Pressure Sodium
Ballast Power Factor: 0.94
Ballast Shipping Weight: 25.5 lbs
Full Factory Warranty: 2 Years
Ballast Starter Included
Ballast Capacitor Included: 26.0/525
Mounting Hardware Included

Additional 1000W high pressure sodium ballast Info:
The 1000W high pressure sodium ballast kit requires a capacitor and ballast starter to operate. We recommend all ballast servicing to be done by a certified electrician. Improper wiring is unsafe and can certainly damage the lamp and/or 1000W high pressure sodium ballast kit.

1000W Sodium ballast data

The most commonly used 1000W high pressure sodium ballast are the core and coil type, which basically consists of a transformer (core and coil) and a capacitor. Core-coil ballasts are sold as kits, which include the transformer, capacitor (and ignitor, if needed) and mounting rails. These ballasts are the cheapest kind because they are mass-produced for commercial HPS lighting purposes.

Unfortunately, they are designed to fit into the standard housing of commercial lighting fixtures, meaning that a box will have to be found or fabricated to house the American standard ballasts. This is the American standard ballasts configuration typically found inside the commercially sold ballast boxes in the aquarium industry. Running these American standard ballasts exposed is extremely dangerous and is therefore not a good idea.

Cross Reference may not be exact, please check details before ordering.
Hight pressure sodium American standard ballasts.
Ballast Operating Voltage: 120V/208V/240V/277V/480V 60Hz (5-Tap )
1000 Watt High Pressure Sodium Ballast Replacement Kit

This unit is manufactured from die cast aluminium with a ribbed body to aid heat dissipation and a black finish.1000 watt high pressure sodium floodlight Features & Specifications

10,000 hour rated lamp included
130,000 lumens output lamp
E40 (GES) cap fitting
Integral control Gear
Adjustable wall mount bracket supplied
240V/50Hz (UK Mains)
IP65 weatherproof
Weight 26.5kg

The 1000W high pressure sodium flood lights are fully wired internally and comes with bracket mounted terminal housing/igniter, remote gear box, steel security glass clips and anti-rust stainless steel screws.

Metal halide lamp kits for MH floodlight fixtures

Metal halide (MH) lamp arc tubes are made of either quartz or ceramic. MH lamp for Metal halide floodlight fixtures,Ceramic arc tubes allow higher arc tube temperatures, which manufacturers claim results in better efficacy, color rendering, and color stability. In 2013, when this report was originally written, lamps with ceramic arc tubes were available mainly in wattages below 150 watts (W). Mid-wattage ceramic MH lamps were only beginning to make their way onto the market. Only one manufacturer offered a mid-wattage ceramic MH product, which was also a pulse-start technology. Metal halide lamp e27 lamp holder.

Metal Halide Ballast Kit Wiring Diagram

metal halide lamp not match with Metal halide ballast.it will appear the following questions:
1, easy to burn out bulbs:
Because the United States has triggered the inner tube beacon light pole, when the lights point to normal after power high-brightness and then re-transmission, because light bulbs can not immediately start the ignitor pressure generated by high-pressure lamp will ignitor electrode and the main electrode lead burned.

2, start difficulties, severe shorten lamp life
Due to start lamp lighting circuit does not meet the requirements, so there is some light bulbs at the beginning or during the life of the lamp does not start, showing the inner two lights glow discharge between the electrodes is always, or a few minutes to ten minutes to start, like this lamp life only a few days to a few weeks, the situation in light of the batch start-up performance slightly worse, or in the case of low grid voltage is more common.

high pressure sodium bulb VS metal halide lamp

Metal halide floodlight fixtures are used in a variety of general building lighting applications. For security, parking areas or just general lighting for any number of large spaces, these white lights are a good choice because of energy efficiency and the ability to differentiate colors. For security, they work well with camera systems, making them one of the best choices in each HID lighting.Metal Halide Ballast Kit including starter, capacitor, core & mounting hardware,American standard ballast supplier.

The Metal halide floodlight fixtures give you the optical control you need for any number of areas in your commercial building. Of course, these can also be used in home lighting situation or agricultural, farm areas. Call us if you have any questions about these Metal halide floodlight fixtures on how to apply them.

What’s the American standard ballasts?

JAMES carried out the American standard ballasts verification and authorized the verification mark that will be affixed to the American standard ballasts,High Pressure Sodium and Pulse-Start Metal Halide Lamps High pressure sodium and modern metal halide lamps which include existing lamps, 150W and less, as well as the new generation of pulse-start metal halide lamps, 150W and greater, have no starting electrodes.

American standard ballast kits

In addition to an OCV of approximately two times the lamp voltage, these lamps utilize an “ignitor”to provide a high voltage starting pulse directly across the main electrodes. Once the lamp’s arc is established,the ignitor automatically stops delivering pulses, and the lamp comes up to full brightness on its own.

High pressure mercury bulb, also called high pressure mercury lamp, a gas discharge light source. It has the advantages of high light efficiency, long life and good shockproof performance; but there are also color discrimination rate is low,supply voltage decreased by 5% there will be self extinguishing and closed for 5 to 10 minutes in the bulb mercury vapor pressure drop to re ignite and other shortcomings.

American standard ballasts kits

When using high pressure mercury ballast, should pay attention to the following matters:
High pressure mercury lamp power in 125w and the following should be matched with the porcelain E27 lamp holder; power in 175W and above should equipped with E40 porcelain lamp holder.
with which type of HID lamp the product is designed to operate;
number of HID lamps the American standard ballasts is designed to operate;
for which of the following ballast input voltages the product is designed:
120 volts;
277 volts;
347 volts.
480 volts

High-intensity discharge American standard ballasts (HID) for metal halide lamps are now offered for many lamps up to 150 watts. Magnetic ballasts should strengthen lamp efficiency and present a restricted variety to achieve some energy savings, A light fixture is actually a unit consisting of 1 or much more on the following elements:
bulbs and light bulb socket
high-intensity discharge ballasts
reflective material
lenses, refractors, louvers, blades, or other shielding.

An efficient luminaire optimizes the program efficiency of every of its components. There are a few forms of luminaires that provide possibilities for power conservation in a lighting system design. Many of those supply indirect light to brighten the ceiling or are developed to brighten walls or process surfaces. Most of them are fluorescent and are conveniently controlled for further power savings.

American Mercury Vapor Ballasts

American Mercury Vapor Ballasts Section: Mercury Vapor ballasts have now been discreased,and are generally no longer big quantity.Some Metal Halide ballasts will also operate the equal,Mercury Vapor lamp – 175w, 250w, 400w and 1000w.
The mercury vapor lamp is a high intensity discharge lamp. It uses an arc through vaporized mercury in a high pressure tube to create very bright light directly from it’s own arc. This is different from fluorescents which use the mercury vapor arc to create a weaker light that mainly creates UV light to excite the phosphors.

American magnetic ballast

American Mercury Vapor Ballasts provides one of the industry’s most comprehensive range of efficient electronic ballasts for commercial and residential lighting applications. With a commitment to quality and customer service, we offer a five-year warranty on ballast sold and maintain worldwide warehousing and service support centers. American Ballast is a global company with worldwide manufacturing capability produce lighting products for the North American market. Count on us to continually explore improvements in our design and manufacturing processes, product differentiation, testing, zero defect quality assurance, and reductions in material costs.

The poor quality of the high pressure sodium ballast will cause the lighting used during the super load operation, work or not stability Na-T1-In metal halide lamp from European manufacturing technology, the excellent performance of the lamp start, equipped with general inductance type American Mercury Vapor Ballasts circuit, only need to trigger in the power supply voltage (220V), with lower peak voltage (less than or equal to 750V) can start the work lamp.

The photoelectric performance parameters of a stable light, with a long life (average life 20000h), the characteristics of high luminous maintenance rate. After the performance improvement of Na-Tl-In type metal halide lamp, can be equipped with the same power type ballast for high pressure mercury lamp and high pressure sodium lamp ballast, and the average life of the metal halide lamp can still reach the required 20000h.

So the metal halide lamp without changing the electrical appliances in the original lighting device can be conveniently replaced the original high pressure mercury lamp or high pressure sodium lamp, it is better than the former improves the light efficiency and improve the light color, also than the latter greatly improved chromogenic properties.

America Standard Ballast Technical parameter

Main parameters of the changes see table 2Sc-Na metal halide lamp from the manufacturing technique of the United States, the discharge tube structure similar to high pressure mercury lamp, working lamp the trigger and by means of the ballast for high open circuit voltage and lamp starting electrode effect, the lamp start working. If the Sc-Na type metal halide lamp using the Na-T1-h metal halide lamp circuit, not only will enable early lamps increase failure (initiation trigger fragile lamp electrode), shorten the lamp life expectancy, and increase the lamp light attenuation.

Using different metal halide lamp “magnetic ballast and starter circuit of the decay curves on the one hand improve discharge tube structure, the abolition of the starting electrode, as shown in Figure 10B and improved chemical formula and manufacturing process, to improve the starting performance of the lamp, thus comprehensively improved the performance of the lamp.

American Mercury Vapor Ballasts designs and manufactures energy efficient fluorescent and HID ballasts that meet ENERGY STAR and other industry standards
Generally you can use a lower wattage metal halide lamp ballast to replace mercury vapor. Metal Halide is about 25% brighter than mercury Vapor. Because the lower wattage Metal Halide Ballasts are Pulse-Start, they cannot be used with Mercury Vapor lamps.

Fluorescent grow lights lamps for Plants

Take into account fluorescent grow lights lamps to your herbs. Fluorescent tubes definitely are a minimal intensity lighting alternative terrific for herbs. Fluorescent grow lights lamps offers 60 to 80 lumens per watt, that’s two to 3 instances considerably more light than incandescent bulbs. At a distance of six inches (15.two cm) far from the bulbs, fluorescents supply 700 foot (213.4m) candles; at a distance of 12 inches (thirty.five cm) away, they give 450 foot (137.2m) candles. Fluorescent grow lights lamps lamp holders.

fluorescent light fixture grow lamp

Pick out full-spectrum fluorescent grow lights lamps that most closely mimics regular light. The light colour is created by a phosphor coating on the inside of your bulb. If full-spectrum purely organic light tubes are not accessible, use a mixture of regular warm- and cool-white tubes.

The fluorescent grow lights lamps is mainly composed of the lamp, fluorescent light ballast and starter. The two ends of the lamp tube have a filament, and the tube is filled with argon and micro mercury vapor, which is coated with a fluorescent powder. The working principle of the lamp and incandescent lamp is different, the gas between the two filament in the conduction time mainly emits ultraviolet ray, the fluorescent powder by the ultraviolet radiation to emit visible light.

Different types of luorescent grow lights lamps powder, the color is not the same as the color of the gas has a characteristic: only when the voltage at both ends of the tube to reach a certain value of the gas in the lamp tube to maintain a certain size of the current, the required voltage is much lower. Therefore, if the voltage of the 220V is added to the two ends of the tube, it can not be ignited. The ballast and starter can solve the problem of ballast is wound on the iron core coil, inductance. Starter by sealing static in the glass bubble contact piece and a U-shaped moving contact piece composition, glass bulbs filled with neon. Two contact pieces with a certain voltage, neon light, electricity, heating.

Location herbs shut towards the fluorescent lighting fixture supply, preferably no far more than eight inches (twenty.three cm) in the tube, to accommodate for that lower intensity lighting.Choose fluorescent lighting due to the fact the least high-priced solution for indoor gardening.

fluorescent lighting fixture grow lamps

Take into consideration high-intensity discharge (HID) lights. Most small business herb producers make use of HID lamps to grow herbs indoors. They usually produce two occasions much more light than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs. HID lighting supplies 120 to 130 lumens per watt, and is accessible in 150-watt to 1,000-watt bulbs. At a distance of three feet (.9 m) away from the bulbs, 400-watt HID lights give 1,000 foot (304.8m) candles and may well illuminate about 25 square feet (seven.six square meters).

The biological result of light on plants is wholly distinct in the visual effect in the human eye. The standard light supply is applied for plant lighting energy efficiency is very very low, which causes large power consumption and higher cost of electricity. Rapid growth of factory manufacturing, the quick maximize in vitality consumption, but in addition straight lead to a powerful demand for energy-saving light supply merchandise.

As a result, the development and industrialization projects of CCFL intelligent dimming program for plant growth and improvement, is conducive to expanding the application domain and also the consumption industry of CCFL dimming luorescent grow lights lamps. It truly is helpful to cut back the consumption of plants and agricultural manufacturing. It has the characteristics of high efficiency, vitality saving, security, environmental protection and so forth. Therefore, this project is adapted towards the desires of our country’s financial development, and it is closely related for the vitality bottleneck complications, energy conserving, consumption reduction and emission reduction.

3 Ways to Indoor grow lights

Three Methods:Determine What Herbs to Indoor grow lights.

Herbs are plants used for culinary and medicinal purposes. Most herbs grow as annuals and perennials outdoors during the spring and summer months, but many herbs can be grown indoors as well. Traditionally, herbs were placed on sunny windowsills indoors to promote growth. However, sustained herb growth indoors requires long periods of intense light. To accommodate for the lighting requirements of herbs, many indoor gardeners now use Indoor grow lights to produce larger, healthier plants yielding year-round harvests of herbs. Use these tips to grow herbs indoors under lights. E27 lamp holder for Indoor grow lights.

Indoor grow lights

Evaluate what herbs will thrive indoors. Not all herbs grow well indoors. Short-lived annuals like coriander, dill and garden cress, do not produce continuous crops and are not well suited for indoor growth.Bring in existing potted herbs for continued winter growth. Many potted perennial herbs will provide continual harvests throughout the winter when provided with the right growing conditions. Consider bringing in perennial herbs like rosemary, sage and tarragon to grow indoors.

Consider Indoor grow lights for your herbs. Fluorescent light tubes are a low intensity lighting option ideal for herbs. Fluorescent lighting provides 60 to 80 lumens per watt, which is 2 to 3 times more light than incandescent bulbs. At a distance of 6 inches (15.2 cm) away from the bulbs, fluorescents provide 700 foot (213.4m) candles; at a distance of 12 inches (30.5 cm) away, they provide 450 foot (137.2m) candles.Choose full-spectrum fluorescent lighting that most closely mimics natural light. The light color is created by a phosphor coating on the inside of the bulb. If full-spectrum natural light tubes are not available, use a combination of standard warm- and cool-white tubes.

Choose HID lights for energy-efficient lighting.

400 watt MH Indoor grow lights

Select a location to grow herbs indoors. When using indoor lights, you can grow herbs in almost any location in your home. The most important factor is temperature. Herbs grow best in temperatures below 70 degrees F (21.1 degrees C). Do not locate the herbs near a heat source, such as a heat vent or radiator.Consider the humidity. Herbs require ample humidity to promote growth. If the air in your home is dry, place the herb containers in a tray lined with small stones. Fill the tray with enough water to reach the bottom of each container. The water will provide a humid environment ideal for growing herbs.

Provide adequate lighting. The intensity of your light source will determine how much light is required for your herbs each day. In general, most herbs need 10 to 16 hours of supplemental light.Maintain proper distance between the herbs and the light source. The distance will vary depending on the type of light source you utilize. To determine if the light source is too close, place your hand where the light hits the herb plant. If you feel warmth from the light, it is too close.

When it comes to grow light solutions, it seems as if there are as many choices as there are varieties of plants for your garden. The two main grow lights, Metal Halide (MH) and High Pressure Sodium (HPS) are High Intensity Discharge (HID) lights used in hydroponic gardening. HPS lights are used during a plant’s fruiting/blooming phase. There are two sub-types of HPS lighting: one is enhanced for the blue spectrum, which is better for fruiting, and the other is red spectrum enhanced, which specific benefits flowering. In addition, there are mercury-vapor lamps, which are similar to modern streetlights, and fluorescent grow lights.

All indoor grow lights make use of what is known as a magnetic ballast system. With MH and HPS lights, these are remote, meaning that an external box is required in order to house an electronic pre-heating system, which in turn runs the lamp itself. Historically, all types of HID grow lights have a useful life of approximately 1 – 1-1/2 years. Although they will usually operate beyond this time, their luminescence is compromised – meaning that they will produce substantially less light, yet continue to consume the same amount of electricity. With the advent of Indoor grow lights, are HPS and MH lights obsolete?

LED stands for “Light-Emitting Diode.” LED lights have actually been around for a long time – some people who built models of spacecraft from popular science fiction may recall the old “grain-o-wheat” bulbs used to illuminate them. LED lights have also been used in calculators, digital displays and movement sensors (your new cordless optical mouse probably has a motion-sensing LED device). Unlike most traditional types of glow lights – each of which have its own specific application – LED grow lights can be tuned to specific wavelengths according to the needs of the particular plant. LED grow lights are also much more efficient, using only a fraction of the energy required even by fluorescent lights while providing much greater luminescence.

The best part of Best LED grow lights is their durability. Unlike MH or HPS lights which usually must be replaced after 18 months, LED lamps are built to function for up to 100,000 hours – nearly twelve years with normal usage averaging 18 hours per day. Another feature of LED grow lights that make them superior to other types is the substantially lower amount of hear produced. Unlike other types of grow lights, LEDs are cool burning. This means that less heat is produced to affect the plant, nor will an elaborate ventilation system be required in order to carry away excess heat. The drawback of LED grow lights is their relative expense; they require a greater initial investment than most other types of grow lights. However, because of their efficiency and durability, they quickly pay for themselves in terms of long-term energy savings.

What’s the Outdoor flood light fixtures

Outdoor flood light fixtures are used in a variety of general building lighting applications. For security, parking areas or just general lighting for any number of large spaces, these white lights are a good choice because of energy efficiency and the ability to differentiate colors. For security, they work well with camera systems, making them one of the best choices in each HID lighting. These metal halide Outdoor flood light fixtures give you the optical control you need for any number of areas in your commercial building.

led outdoor flood lights

Outdoor flood light fixtures is ideal for simple wall flood applications or for bridge underpass where no maintenance is required. This luminaire features an advanced LED optical system that provides improved lighting control versus a standard HID general flood to optimize distribution to meet photometric requirements. This fixture offers convenient mounting options for both vertical wall surfaces and horizontal ceilings to cover any mounting application required. Outdoor flood light fixtures E27 lamp holder.

Outdoor flood light fixtures is one of the most widely used light source in daily life, because it is a point light source, which can be used in all directions, and it can be adjusted in any direction, and it can be used to display the shape of a positive eight surface. So the light source can illuminate the whole scene.

The scene can be more than a wide range of light, so that can produce better results. So in the scene can be used to coordinate the role of multi light, to the birth of a better effect. From a special point to the direction of the object to the uniform irradiation of objects, using it to analogy light bulbs and candles, but the best. The universal light can be placed anywhere in the scene. For example, it can be placed outside the range of the camera, or inside the object. It is common to use a wide range of different colors in the scene. These extensive light can be projected and mixed in the model.

Outdoor flood light fixtures directly with the shell closely connected to the through the shell of the wing and the air convection heat, lamp adopts aluminum alloy die-casting molding, can effective heat dissipation, and ensure the service life of the light source. Ceramic lamp holder, 5mm tempered glass with high strength light body perfect combination and the lamp can be used in high humidity; Outdoor flood light fixtures pollution-free green environmental protection: the design of the cold light source, no heat radiation, to the eyes and skin without any damage. Do not contain lead, mercury and other pollution elements, in the life to achieve a real sense of the green environmental protection and energy saving lighting

How does the LED high bay lighting heat dissipation

LED high bay lighting reliability (life) largely depends on the heat level, so the level of progress in cooling is one of the key technologies. Mainly to the disposal of chips to produce excess heat through the heat sink, cooling the body passed in, this is a very complex technical problems. Following respectively narrative:

The power LED high bay lighting, which LED needs to think the heat issues, the power LED cooling needs. Power LED is a light-emitting diode operating current more than 100mA. Line marked in China with reference to the League of the United States ASSIST defined, according to two kinds of LED forward voltage of typical 2.1V and 3.3V, the input power are more than 210mw, and 330mW LED power LED, needs to think the device heat dissipation problem, some people may have a different insight, but the theory proved to progress the power LED high bay lighting reliability (life), it is necessary to think about the power LED thermal problems.

LED high bay lighting heat dissipation

The LED high bay lighting. Just a few years ago LED technology could not produce a reliable LED configuration to compete with T5 or 400 watt Metal Halide output. Those days are gone!

James Lighting has a new LED high bay lighting offering that boasts some very impressive numbers when it comes to lumen output.

Utilising the latest in LED technology, the LED high bay lighting offers superb energy efficiency combined with lumen outputs that allow effective replacement of 400W metal halide luminaires. The LED high bay lighting also utilises lens control providing accurate distribution of light ensuring minimal wastage and energy consumption.

The LED high bay lighting is also offered with a range of sensor controls to further enhance your energy saving giving both daylight regulation and presence detection and also offering ground level remote programming for ease of commissioning.  Integral sensors allow these luminaires to be installed on a one for one basis with no need to install additional BUS wiring therefore minimising your installation costs.

A typical 400 watt highbay produces 20,000 lumens with a brand new lamp. However, that number quickly decreases due to the poor life of metal halide. so lets assume the lamp is running at 70% output(most places I have been are far wore than that). That takes us down to 14,000 lumens, all while consuming 456W of electricity.

The LED fixture produces 18,000 Lumens while consuming a paltry 213W….thats a 54% reduction in operating costs!!! Not to mention that the LED high bay lighting maintains 92% of it’s output at 60,000 hrs. and has a rated life of 100,000 hrs!

By the way, you can also do motion sensors on LED.

Heat related parameters and LED high bay lighting heat dissipation on the main parameters of thermal resistance, junction moderate temperature rise. Thermal resistance refers to the steady-state power dissipation of the quotient of the effective temperature of the device and external rules, the reference point temperature difference divided by the device. It is said the most important parameters of the device cooling. Heat better power LED thermal resistance is less than10 Celsius / W to reports, the best thermal resistance is less than 5 Celsius/ W thermal resistance abroad up to less than 3 Celsius / W, to achieve this level ensures that the power LED life .

Junction temperature of LED high bay lighting in the main heating part of the semiconductor junction temperature. It is the performance of LED devices in the operating conditions, can withstand temperature. To this end the SSL planning progress heat purposes. The heat resistance of the chip and the phosphor is still high, had arrived in the chip junction temperature of 150 Celsius, the phosphor at 130 Celsius, the basic life of the device will not have any effect. Description of the chip, phosphor heat resistance, the higher the cooling begged the lower

Temperature rise of several different temperature rise, we are discussing here is: shell and tube – Environmental temperature. It refers to the LED device shell and tube (LED lamps can be measured to the hottest) temperature and the environment (in the luminaire plane 0.5 m from the lamps) temperature difference. It is a direct measurement of temperature and direct degree of peripheral thermal performance of LED devices, the theory has been proved in the ambient temperature is 30 Celsius, it is assumed that the measured LED tube shell of 60 Celsius temperature rise should be 30Celsius at this time is basically to ensure that Heat LED lamps. With the commencement of LED lighting products, there are two kinds of new technology: First, in order to increase the luminous flux of a single tube, inject greater current density, as in the following referred to, resulting in chips generate more heat and cooling demand. Second, the package structure, as the LED light source power increases, the demand for more power LED high bay lighting chip collection package together, such as the COB structure, modular lamps and so on, will generate more heat, the demand for more effective heat dissipation structure and measures, which gave heat a new topic, otherwise it will greatly affect the performance and life of the LED lamps,Lamp holders manufacturer,