What is an e27 lamp holder

What is an e27 lamp holder? E27 lamp holder is a light source lamp for E27 lamp light source interface with diameter 27MM lamp Lo Wen for screwed E27 lamps interface. Is the most common kind of lamps interface. E27 lamp holder: lamp holders spiral code letter E Edison threaded screw base, “E” after the number indicates lampholders thread diameter integer value .. screw base lamp with thread, should be in accordance with GB1005-67 “cap and socket thread”.

What is an e27 lamp holder

High quality Pendant Edison Screw (ES) e27 lamp holder for ceramic heaters, emitters, metal halide, heat lamps, reflector lamps, spot lamps, incandescent and discharge lamps (HID). Suitable for use with high powered lamps of up to 1,000 watts. M10 (10mm) cable entry. Made to withstand the high temperatures generated by heat basking / discharge lamps. Many applications including aquariums and vivariums.

The Edison screw fitting is a system of screw mounts used for light bulbs, developed by Thomas Edison and licensed starting in 1909 under the Mazda trademark. The bulb has a threaded metal base which screws into a matching socket.

What is an e27 lamp holder size

What is an e27 lamp holder?The Edison screw e27 lamp holder became popular and eventually displaced competing standards for lamp bases for general lighting purposes in several places, especially in North America and continental Europe. In Britain and countries with a historical connection to Britain, the bayonet cap (BC) is the usual mount. In the early days of electrification, the Edison screw-base socket was the only standardized connector, and even non-lighting appliances sometimes connected to power via a light socket fitting. Today Edison screw lamp bases and fittings are made to dimensions prescribed by international standards and are used for general and specialty lamps.

Wire termination is from the base of the E27 Bulb Base using screw in terminal blocks for wires of 0.5-2.5mm2? suitable for a range of different wire types including multi-stranded and solid core. The ceramic body is made from steatite for high durability.

What is an e27 lamp holder type
E27 lamp holder Specification:
1.Common Name:E27 ceramic lamp holder
2.Model No.:E27 lamp holder
3. Certificate: CE ROHS
5. Inner metal:copper or zinc alloy or aluminum or iron
6.Voltage: 250V~750V
7.Electric current: 4A~16A
8.Packing: 400PCS/CTN    372000PCS/CONTIANER CTN  size:41*32*25cm(0.0328cbm) Gross weight:21kgs OEM,ODM are available.

What is an e27 lamp holder? Installation is divided into bayonet, screw, bakelite, plastic, metal, ceramic and other materials from the material is divided into commonly used such as E27 lamp holder.screw lampholders is the most common energy-saving lamps and fluorescent in conjunction the lamp holder is usually known as the T8 lamp holder or T5 lamp holder, and the other up to IP68 the holder protection level according to the environment, at the time of purchase in accordance with the need to develop appropriate IP protection level holder (waterproof), usually with The lamp holder will use the IEC (International Electrotechnical Commission standard) safety certification.

Commonly used light bulb threaded code is E27, 26.15 to 26.45 of the large diameter of the lamp, lamp trails from 23.96 to 24.26. Lamp base large diameter of 26.55 to 26.85 24.36 to 24.66 the trails of light mouth Processing methods generally rolling, efficient fast!

What is an e27 lamp holder? The lamp holders material can be divided: the nickel-plated copper, iron, nickel-plated, nickel-plated aluminum, aluminum, copper, different materials, large price differences!

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