What’s the lamp holder definition

How to do the lamp holder definition? the  lamp holders, also known as the Edison screw fitting, is a threaded screw base used to hold and connect a light bulb to a power source. Invented by Thomas Edison and marketed in 1909, these lamp holders typically have right-hand threads, which allow the light bulb to be screwed in clockwise and removed counterclockwise. To deter theft in public places, the threads are sometimes reversed to prevent installation in common light fixtures.

Halogen lamp holder, including a lamp holder, bulb base embedded within the structure of power connections, power connection structure includes two were positive and negative power connection cord, elastic contact piece, elastic contact piece is made from a conductive metal being bent, connect the power cable’s end includes a fixed portion and inwardly curved clip portion provided on the fixed portion projecting outwardly card blocks, lamp seat with elastic penetrated with two contacts and engages the fitting adapter through Hole, fitted through holes for engagement with the fixed portion of the slot, the card block cards connected to the card slot so that the contacts fitted stretch fitted through holes, cartridges Ministry received a chimeric pass card hole and elastic force will use its halogen lamp holder pin fixed to the fitting card access through hole.

lamp holder definition
Lamps, light fixtures, and adapters are common types of fixtures that include a lamp socket. Light fixtures as well as lamps incorporate Edison screw lamp sockets into their design not only for holding and energizing the bulb but also to take advantage of the many types of bulbs on the market that use this design. Alternate designs were implemented in the early 1900s that varied from Edison’s design but in the end, they fell out of use due to the practicality of the Edison screw.

Lamp holder definition Types
B    Bayonet Collar lamp holder,
E    Edison Screw Light lamp holder,
F    Single Pin Type lamp holder,
G    Multiple Pin Type Light Bulb lamp holder,
K    Cable Connections
P    Pre-focused Light lamp holder,
R    Recessed Contact(s) lamp holder,
S    Shell-type Light Bulb lamp holder,
T    Telephone Slide  lamp holder,
W    Wedge lamp holder,
X    Special Type Lightbulb lamp holder.

Match the lamp holder definition:
Think Size, Shape, Style, Color. Larger lamp bases require larger shades. Square bases may look better with a square shade. Victorian bases need a Victorian shade, etc. The goal is to match to style, or “mood” of the base.

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Compliment the lamp holder definition:
A shade should make the base look better without competing with it for attention. Decide if the lamp base will be the star-of-the-show, or best-supporting actor. If your base is really unique, choose a simple shade to draw attention to the special features of the lamp. Hide the Switch – Your shade should just barely cover the switch. Try different sized harps or add a shade riser to fine-tune your shade fit.

Sizing Rules of Thumb
Shade height should be about 3/4 the height of the base. The bottom of the shade should be wider than the widest part of the base. Shade width should approximately equal the height from bottom of base to lamp holder definition.

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