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Tips to buy the right porcelain lamp holder?
2015-10-13 12:31:55

Lamp holder E14, E27, E12, E26 are very popular in our daily life,“E” at the beginning is usually: screw socket, GU10 Gu at the beginning for our daily use of the bayonet. GU:G said lamp type is a plug-in, u said lamp presents a U shape, the numbers behind said lamp foot hole center distance (mm, mm). How to choose the right lamp holder,the tips as following:

At first, according to the outlook of  porcelain lamp holder,6 tips as below:

A) surface treatment effect, color and sample plan according to the sampling plan
B) rated voltage, rated current, standard number, certification mark,
C) lamp model, voltage, current, certification marks a clear, complete screw cap mouth ring surface should clean and bright, should not wrinkle,
D) wires with smooth surface, no scratches, through parts no sharp edges, burrs, uniform insulation thickness, the thread processing reference samples (immersion tin, riveting terminal).
E) the wire is fixed and the screw is not dropped. Lamp shrapnel and hardware requirements without loosening, tilt, and lamp good contact,
F) no rust surface, no cracks in thick material specifications to meet the requirements, the damage.
Secondly,Lamp holder sizes:
A) ceramic total high and step size reference samples, allowing 1mm to the bottom of the lamp holder + shrapnel position 17.00mm + 0.50mm
B) with line size (cross-sectional area * * length) number of single stranded wire diameter should be in accordance with the approved sample or data requirements;
C) Thread screw lamp holder should be full of more effective length of one and a half times, thread height not less than 7mm;
D) 24.60mm-25.20 mm diameter screw ring holder,;
E) lamp holder contacts thickness not less than 0.38mm, check the lead end according to the information requirements is needed with tin;
F) shell thickness not less than 0.20mm, right, size of the gasket matched with the insulation gasket, cap screw hole size required to meet the requirements.

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