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Which is better between bakelite lamp holder and porcelain lamp holder?
2015-11-05 20:02:37

Of course, the answer is porcelain lamp holder. But the ceramic lamp holder is not easy to transport, it's fragile easy to break, it's heavy, the cost of transportation is high. Bakelite lamp holder is not environmentally friendly, Unrecyclable. High temperature resistant 180-250 and expensive cost, High temperature porcelain lamp holder, ceramic lamp holder temperature higher than 3000 degrees, bakelite lamp holder temperature of 180 degrees, 10 minutes to burn out.

Generally speaking,the incandescent lamp and metal halide bulb are direct heat radiation lamps, a 220 volt incandescent lamps common maximum power of 300 watts, metal halide lamp can up to 2000 watts, the light bulb is at very high temperatures! So the lamp holders must high temperature resistant! But commonly used bakelite lamp holder in the bulbs power more than 150 Watt,it's often burned out! So need to choose a porcelain lamp holder.

Commonly screw porcelain lamp holders: GU10 lamp holder,  MR16 socket, ceramic E27 lamp holder,  E40 lamp holder, E26 lamp base.

GU10 lamp holder:  "GU" at the beginning for our daily use of the bayonet. GU: "G" means lamp holder type is a plug-in, "U" means lamp is U shape, the "10" shows the center distance of lamp foot holes (mm).

MR16 socket:  "MR" means Multiface reflect, many sided reflection (cup), "16" means bulb caliber (the unit is 1 / 8 inch),the caliber of MR16 socket:16×1/8=2 inch≈50mm, "MR" is the push-in lamp holder,two pins, usually use for the halogen lamps and led lamps,it's very convenient to install.

E27 lamp holder, E40 lamp base are refers to the ordinary screw lamp cap size, usually E27 is use incandescent lamp, E40 is bigger than e27 socket, more use for the metal halide lamp and high pressure sodium bulbs.

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