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What are lamp holder radioceramic?
2015-10-14 11:49:32
Porcelain lamp holder is produced of radioceramic, radioceramic are elements of ceramic to provide solutions for lamp holder with special needs.Ceramics provide lots of benefits in comparison to other supplies. They aremore heat and corrosion resistant than metals or polymers; much less dense than most metals and their alloys; and their raw supplies are both plentiful and inexpensive. These fantastic properties facilitate their use in lots of unique item places.The typical engineer ceramics consist of alumina ceramic, steatite ceramic, zirconia ceramic, cordierite ceramic and titanium ceramicetc.Should you be looking for a material which has a longer functioning life and may stand up to put on, corrosion and high temperature, the radioceramic could be the answer.
Alumina ceramic is definitely the most mature of the radioceramic, supplying exceptional electrical insulation properties with each other with higher hardness and good put on resistance,but comparatively low strength and fracture toughness, Alumina ceramic is frequently white but may well also be pink or ivory.The color is derived from either the sintering additives or impurities in the raw supplies.
Alumina Ceramic lamp holder advantages:
A). High hardness.
B). High heat resistance : Alumina ceramic has execellent themal stability,which means that it is widely used in locations where resistance to higher temperatures is essential.
C). Good put on resistance : Alumina ceramic would be the material of choice for alumina wear parts.
D). High electrical resistivity : Alumina is an electrically insulating material.
E). Higher corrosion resistance : It is insoluble in water and only slightly soluble in strong acid and alkaline solutions. Excellent chemical stability of alumina leads to high corrosion resistance.

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