bc to gu10 lamp holder adaptor

bc to gu10 lamp holder adaptor,G or Bi-pin light bulb base and sockets, The “G” base type of lamp and light bulb is used to designate a “pinned” base. This can include several pin types and different numbers of pins.

Designation is by letter(s)-numbers-optional letter: The first letters include “G” followed by an optional U, X, Y or Z. Next is a number that designates the number of millimeters between the center of each pin.

GU10 lamp holder adapter manufacturer

Finally the optional final letter designates the number of pins, no letter implies 2 pins as does a d for double. Pin number designations include: s : Single, d : Double, t : Triple for 3 pins and q : Quadruple for 4 pins.
Examples include: bc to gu10 lamp holder adaptor
Suitable for LED, CFL and Halogen
Use this to fit any GU10 bulb into a hard wire system.
It allows you to plug in your LED, CFL or Halogen bulb, and attach it to the normal lighting wire.
Length of the Leads:About 8.5cm), G24q base type, or for T8 tubes G13 bi-pin.

bc to gu10 lamp holder adaptor, This adapter turns a bi pin GU10 lamp holder into a standard screw in E27 lamp holder. Allows you to install a GU10 light bulb into a medium screw in socket and adds 3 4 inch in length to the overall length of the original bulb. When you insert a GU10 based bulb into this adapter extender you lengthen the bulb by 3 4 inch and convert the base to a standard Edison medium screw in base.

Product Description: E27 to bc to gu10 lamp holder adaptor
1.250V,GU10 base lamp, E27 base holder
2.Material: PBT,Copper,Ceramic,Steady
3.Lamp Holder Adapter E27 to GU10
-Other type:
E27 to e27, e27 to e40, e27 to GU10, GU10 to e27, e14 to GU10, e40 to e27 etc.
-Certificate: CE
-MOQ: 500PCS
Body material: PBT, anti fired
Screw shell: Aluminium, Copper, Copper plated nickel.

bc to gu10 lamp holder adaptor

Aging bc to gu10 lamp holder adaptor New Regulation Bulb Connector 240v
Material: high temperature resistant ceramic
Certification: CCC certification, CE, VDE, UL certification, etc
Use all the LED lamps and lanterns of aging using GU10 interface
Ceramic lamp holder fitting for standard GU10 lamp
Use this to fit any GU10 bulb into a hard wire system
Item can use for with our LED or halogen lamps.
Socket diameter: 27mm
Wire Length: 9.5cm/3.7”(approx)

E27/GU10 bc to gu10 lamp holder adaptor

Screw type E27 to GU10 bc to gu10 lamp holder adaptor is made by the flame retardant PBT and copper material.
Can help to use original E27 lamp holder fixture by GU10 base lamp.
Vvery easily replace.
Adapter under CE standard quality.
PBT is resistant to solvents, shrinks very little during forming, is mechanically strong, heat-resistant up to 150 °C and add in the flame retardants to make it noncombustible.