China T5 fluorescent lamp holder

James is a perfessinal China T5 fluorescent lamp holder supplier, T5 fluorescent lamp holder for fluorescent tubes,a diameter of 5/8 inch, first appeared in 1995, is now commercially produced fluorescent lamps, the most energy saving one, but its lamps, T5 fluorescent lamp holder and T8, T9 tube is not compatible, you must spend money to purchase special lighting, this one of the obstacles to its popularity.

T5 fluorescent lamp holder

T5 tube diameter of about 16 mm, belonging to a low-pressure gas discharge lamp. It uses the electric field in an argon-neon gas mixture activated mercury vapor, forming a plasma discharge and emit short-wave ultraviolet light, so that the inner wall lamps trichromatic phosphor to emit visible light.

Since T5 fluorescent tube technology advanced, energy-saving, high luminous efficiency (James Lighting T5 fluorescent efficiency up to 109LM / W), excellent lighting quality and effectiveness of such technical characteristics, being replaced at a faster rate T8 fluorescent tubes.

T5 lamp substitution traditional lamp, a T5 fluorescent lamp holder, characterized in that the profile cavity around the muzzle and the tail, respectively with or without projecting left end of the seat, the right end of the seat a tight fit, the left seat and the middle of the right end of the seat of the lamp holder and the lampholder were built into the rotor core and rotor core, with the cover and the core of the core power connector cover with the rotor core and rotor core tighten. The main features of the present invention is directly substitution of traditional magnetic ballasts ray tube bracket the Grid Light the lamp, installed as replacement of a lamp so simple; 2 high luminous efficiency, color rendering index high, fast startup, long life, energy saving, no flicker, no noise, interference with the advantages of traditional inductive ballast bracket can not reach; 3. than traditional fluorescent magnetic ballast saving 50% of the light pipe bracket.

T5 fluorescent lamp holder are for double-ended fluorescent lamps. Common nominal power has 4W, 6W, fluorescent. Fluorescent 8W, 12W, 15W, 20W, 30W, 36W, 40W, 65W, 80W, 85W and 125W. Diameter with T5, T8, T10, T12. T8 fluorescent Lamp holder G5, G13.
For easy installation, reducing costs and safety reasons, many straight tubular fluorescent ballasts are installed in the bracket, constitute self-ballasted fluorescent lamps.

T5 fluorescent lamp holder types
According to the size of the diameter
(A), straight-tube fluorescent tube divided by the diameter size: T12, T10, T8, T6, T5, T4, T3, and other specifications. Specifications “T + number” portfolio, which means that the value mm diameter. Its meaning: a T = 1/8 inches, one inch is 25.4mm; figures represent the number of T’s. If T12 = 25.4mm * 1/8 * 12 = 38mm.
(Two), fluorescent tube diameter and its electrical parameters of the relationship:
1, fluorescent tubes, T5 fluorescent lamp holder the fine diameter, the highe luminous efficiency, energy-saving, the better.
2, fluorescent tubes, the finer diameter, the higher the voltage ignition starter, ballast technology for higher performance requirements.
Diameter greater than T5 (including T5) fluorescent tubes, low voltage ignition starter. Relative to 220V, 50Hz frequency alternating current, in line starter ignition voltage is less than 1/2 the supply voltage laws. You can employ magnetic ballast, starter ignition operation performed.
Diameter less than T5 fluorescent tubes, high voltage ignition starter. Relative to 220V, 50Hz frequency alternating current, does not meet the starter ignition voltage is less than 1/2 of the law of supply voltage.starter ignition operation performed. Diameter less than T5 fluorescent tubes, electronic ballasts must match. By the electronic ballast, starter, T5 fluorescent lamp holder,generate high pressure, the fluorescent tubes breakdown ignited.

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