compact fluorescent ballasts for energy saving lamp

compact fluorescent ballasts are mainly divided: two types of magnetic ballast and electronic ballast. Electronic Compact fluorescent ballasts circuit boards commonly known as energy-saving lamps circuit board or skills.

compact fluorescent ballasts for energy saving lamp

It is by a combination of capacitors, resistors, inductors, and other electronic components using the new electronic technology-driven electric light ballast. The main advantage of the electronic Compact fluorescent ballasts, low energy consumption, high efficiency 2, high luminous efficiency, light color and soft 3, light weight, no flicker, no noise, abnormal state protection function 5, easy to start 6 with high Power Factor.

Magnetic ballast, the composition of the traditional steel coil drive the electric light source, to produce the electronic device of the desired lighting. The advantage of an almost non-life problem. 2, not easily damaged by traditional steel coil. Disadvantages 1, you can not adjust the light output. 3, low operating frequency, people with sensitive vision will feel serious flashing lights. 3, switched to long working hours and low security. 4, the power factor is low. Need to add the starter (its cheap) start flashing. 6, when used with a small noise.
compact fluorescent ballast for energy saving lamps

Compact fluorescent ballasts (cfl ballasts) are available as either magnetic ballasts or electronic ballasts. Compact fluorescent ballasts (cfl ballasts) that operate 2 pin bulbs are always magnetic, while compact fluorescent ballasts (cfl ballasts) that operate 4 pin bulbs are electronic.

Magnetic compact fluorescent ballasts are very specific about what lamps they will operate and at what voltage, while electronic compact fluorescent ballasts often run several configurations of wattages and voltages. Light Bulbs Etc, Inc.

carries electronic compact fluorescent ballasts that can operate both one or two lamps, and these compact fluorescent ballasts (cfl ballasts) offer universal input voltage (108-305 volts). Magnetic compact fluorescent ballasts are becoming harder to find, and several manufacturers have greatly diminished their lines. As with all ballasts, electronic compact fluorescent ballasts have become the industry standard. Magnetic ballast manufacturers, Electronic ballast manufacturers.

Compact lamp with a lamp bulb which is characterized by: lamp shade formed by the different shapes of the upper and lower inner and outer, groups of different kinds of color light, if they are arranged in a V-shaped cross-uniform contact, the lamp wall is circular, conical, oval and a bump prism reflector plane condenser, internal and external, specially assembled lamp is separated into its special light mouth tightened in the same time so that the wire with a plug connector, insert the screw lamp holders and the controller is connected with inserted to change light bulbs light bulbs that eight colors can be applied to a single device or several devices synthesis, can also be made of a variety of different types of light bulbs, and all the parts into a whole or to a separate component of color lights for different levels of the industry sectors.