Difference Between Electronic and Magnetic Ballast

Traditional ballast is magnetic,A magnetic ballast uses coiled wire and creates magnetic fields to transform voltage. A magnetic ballast does not change the frequency of the power to the lamp,it remains the same as the input power, in the United States 60 Hz.

Future ballast is electronic,An electronic ballast uses solid state components to transform voltage. It also changes the frequency of the power from 60 Hz to 20,000 Hz, or higher, depending on the ballast. Because the electronic ballast doesn??t use coils and electromagnetic fields, it can function more efficiently and cooler than magnetic. The frequency change also greatly reduces any flicker in the lamp due to burn in or improper power.

magnetic ballast

Compare Magnetic ballast to electronic ballast

1, energy efficient:

The magnetic ballast operating frequency is 50HZ,

Electronic ballast operating frequency of 20 ~ 50KHZ, lamp luminous efficiency at high frequencies than the frequency increased by 10%, so that the electronic ballast lighting brightness increase than the inductance ballast; another electronic ballasts less power consumption under the same brightness, the use of electronic ballasts than the inductance ballast saving of about 20 to 30%; increase the indoor temperature rise inductance ballast summer air conditioners, electricity is not counted.

The hospital general lighting accounts for about 70% of high-performance electronic ballasts electricity bill savings of 2 to 3 months than the quality inductance ballasts years, recycling lamps cost can gradually reduce property operating costs.

175W-300x225 American magnetic ballast

2, and comfortable:

The Magnetic Ballast will produce stroboscopic phenomenon, to work in this environment, the study of the visual fatigue. Easy to produce the illusion of high-speed rotating object, there is potential accidents. Inductance ballast issue 50HZ the low-frequency noise, easy to make people irritable. ENT listening room with fluorescent lighting, electronic ballasts should be used to prevent misdiagnosis; ward, waiting hall in the use of fluorescent lamps, should not use magnetic ballasts, mainly consider stroboscopic and noise will cause the patient discomfort.

Electronic ballasts eliminate flicker, protect eyesight, marketing students Eye is an electronic ballast with trichromatic lamp design and production. High performance electronic ballasts no flicker, no noise, eye protection, protecting the brain, with the use of three-color lamp matching, color is good, vivid colors; high light efficiency; small light decline; comfortable; purification work, study and living environment ; improve work efficiency, favorable patient rehabilitation; especially applies to the ward, examination room lighting requirements place high color rendering.

fluorescent electronic ballast
3, Security:

Magnetic Ballast due to their power consumption, power consumption is converted into heat, the surface temperature rise, especially in the higher grid voltage fluctuations, temperature up to 120 to 130 % and become a fire hazard, such incidents have occurred.

The Magnetic Ballast to start the normal work of more than +10 % lower than -5 ° C difficulty in starting; grid voltage below 180V difficult normal starter; repeatedly start can not start easily damaged lamp cathode shorten lamp life.

Magnetic Ballast power factor is low, about 0.4 to about 0.6, resulting in a large number of reactive power increases the the lighting line current transformer capacity, thereby greatly increasing the line and transformer losses, increased energy losses, reducing the quality of lighting, while grid running threat.

Compensation capacitor is installed, significantly increase the harmonic current, and thus interfere with the power grid and other equipment in the network and hazards. High performance electronic ballast power factor  0.97, only about 3% of the reactive power loss, the reactive power can save more than 45%; small harmonic content of the input current waveform distortion, almost no pollution on the grid; and can be reduced for power equipment Compatibilization. Electronic ballasts to adapt to a wide voltage range -10% ~ +50% environment can work properly, safe and highly reliable.

The protective effect of high-performance electronic ballast lamp, lamp switching frequency of up to more than million times, no obvious black lamp can extend its life, in addition to guarantee the achievement of the nominal life of the lamp, 1.3 to 1.5 times.

4, environmental protection:

Magnetic ballast due to the use of mechanical starter, will produce a momentary high voltage pulse interference, appliances and other electrical equipment. Inductance ballast, the voltage is too high, too low will shorten lamp life, abandoned unfavorable lamp recycling will cause mercury leaked to bring secondary pollution. The high-performance electronic ballasts to extend the life of the lamp, frequent lamp replacement costs and labor savings, economical and environmentally friendly.bulb holders manufacturer export the goods to Eu.
1) The 400W Metal Halide Electronic Ballast, its power consumption is about 28W, according to the above formula, a three-year run electricity to 0.7 RMB × (10H x 340D x 3Y × 0.428KW,) = $ 3055.92.
400W Metal Halide Electronic Ballast average price of $ 260, 400W metal halide electronic ballasts early failure rate of about 2%, equivalent to the average price of each electronic ballast 260 × 1.02 = 265.2
400W metal halide electronic ballast lighting system for three years running cost of 3055.92 RMB +265.2 = 3321.12 RMB.
2) Energy-efficient European standard 400W Metal Halide Ballast own power consumption of about 28W, according to the same formula electricity to run for three years was 0.7 × (10H x 340D x 3Y 0.428KW) = 3055.92, energy-saving the European standard 400W metal halide magnetic ballasts an average price of 145 RMB, early failure rate of 0.01%, equivalent to 400W each European standard magnetic ballast average price of 145 × 1.0001 = 145.02 RMB.
Magnetic ballasts have a useful life of more than 10 years, three years running depreciation expenses. From the cost analysis of the three-year run, 400W Metal Halide run systems, energy-efficient European standard metal halide lighting system operating costs have been significantly lower than the operating costs of the metal halide ballasts and American standard metal halide ballast, The lights running costs of the system slightly higher than the electronic ballast operating system.