e27 base bulb socket lamp holder

e27 base bulb socket lamp holder

F519-8 e27 base bulb socket lamp holder,
Voltage: 110V~600V
3.Current: 4A~6A
Aluminum plated yellow screw shell,
Iron plated copper center contact,
Zinc alloy terminal block,

main material:high pressure porcelain
metal:iron, aluminum alloy, brass ,copper(according to customer’s requirement)
it uses to decorate lighting and as lamps accessories
available wire:0.75mm2

e27 base bulb socket lamp holder

B —- bayonet lamp holders, such as B22, the size of the figures behind the surface of the lamp bayonet
E —– screw caps, such as E27, E14, E17, behind the figures represents the circumference of the lamp size edison
G —– two or more protruding contacts, such as pins or post – behind the figures refers to the distance between the centers of two prongs, G9, G4, G5.3, GU10 (U, which means that pin is cylindrical)
R —– lamp holder with recessed contacts, such as R7S
P —– pre-focused lamp holder, PAR30, PAR20, 20, 30 shows how the shape of the bulb is divided?

Division is based on the diameter of the spherical lamp housing, but the current LED bulb, not change lamp housing, but the shape of the radiator part of many forms, I do not know specifically how the division. say said MR16, it actually refers to lamp cup, that is, we usually say that spotlights shell, MR16 to see that this is a British nomenclature, where MR represents the the multiple reflections cup (Multifaceted Reflector), 16 on behalf of the length of the diameter, the number of units in multiples of the provisions of 8 per unit length of 1 inch.

MR16, for example, before the diameter is 16 units, then the former is 2 inches in diameter, that 2×2.54cm = 5.08cm diameter approximately 5cm long. the current MR16 LED spotlights, just according to the traditional MR16 halogen lamp cup size has not then is the meaning of the multiple reflections Cup now talk GU10, this is actually a lamp, and MR16 are two different concepts. currently on the market with common parlance the two confused,

e27 base bulb socket lamp holder adapter

so there are many professionals may not be aware of Gu is a cylindrical contact head 10 is the distance between the two contacts is 10 mm. general lamp G5.3, e27 base bulb socket lamp holder, respectively plug pin and screw-on caps, the latter figure refers to the distance between the two pins and screw diameter of the mouth (note the G5.3 GU10, many people no longer distinguish the difference between the two.)

MR16 lamp holder, E27, GU10 refers to the different specifications of the lamp holder, called spotlights also called lamp cup.
E27 refers to the diameter of the threaded port 27mm screw base, E14 is the thread diameter of 14mm threaded lamp.
MR16-diameter = 16 × 1/8 = 2 inches ≈ 50mm in shape, the MR series is a fine pin, MR16 low voltage lights.
GU: G indicates the type of GU10 lamp holder is a plug-in, U lamp part of a U-shape behind the numbers that light foot hole center distance (in mm “mm”). GU10 two round pins, GU10 high pressure lamps.

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