e27 lamp holder screwfix

e27 lamp holder screwfix

E27 LED light bulbs and e27 lamp holder screwfix are Edison based LED lights that have a medium screw base. This is a standard household light bulbs base for traditional incandescent lights.

The E stands for Edison and the 26 and 27 refer to the diameter of the screw base. In some, but not all cases an E27 LED light bulbs have a slightly smaller voltage range to include only 100VAC to 130VAC where E27 LED lights will support up to 80VAC to 240VAC voltage range.


Screw-in e27 lamp holder screwfix, also known as Edison bases and lamp holders are used through out the world.
The naming conventions include terms like medium base and candelabra base. Often they are referred to with a letter-number designation that starts with an “E” followed by the number of millimeters in diameter of the base. If your base ends in a “d” this indicates a double contact base, this is typically used for 3-way bulbs.

Typically North American 120VAC bases and 240VAC bases differ by only a millimeter and carry the same full name in each country. Many EagleLight bulbs support both 120VAC and 240VAC, check specifications for the bulb to determine if the bulb supports 240VAC if your application requires that.

“E” or Edison base types, sizes and names
Base      Diameter   Base or Socket Name
E5     5mm     Lilliput Edison Screw Base
E10     10mm     Miniature Edison Screw Base
E11     11mm     Mini-Candelabra Edison Screw Base
E12     12mm     Candelabra Edison Screw Base
E14     14mm     Small Edison Screw Base (supports 240V)
E17     17mm     Intermediate Edison Screw Base
E26     26mm     Medium Edison Screw Base
E27     27mm     Medium Edison Screw Base (supports 240VAC)
E39     39mm     Mogul or Giant Edison Screw Base
E40     40mm     Mogul or Giant Edison Screw Base (supports 240VAC)


The bayonet and screw lamp holders belong to the building the field of electrical equipment from the cavity cylindrical insulating housing with insulating spacers threaded on the packages in the separator side of the housing within the U-shaped metal tube, fitted on the spacerlong metal contact plate, installed in one side of the bottom of the threaded tube of the metal short-contact piece, the installation of two metal post on the other side of the spacer as the main component.


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