Edison screw light fitting to led high bay and flood lights

Edison screw light fitting to led high bay and flood lights,
James Lighting are surrounded by digital microprocessor technology. Seemingly, it’s everywhere except in the magnetic ballasts most commonly used in conjunction with Edison screw light fitting. This is a problem that should concern us all because:

magnetic ballast have low power factors and are inherently less efficient than digital ballasts, the difference is approximately 10 percent
magnetic ballast cause excessive lamp electrode deterioration resulting in a significant decrease in light output over time.

Edison screw light fitting to led high bay and flood lights

The resultant lumen depreciation caused by the use of a magnetic ballast with a metal halide lamp can be 25C 35 percent of initial light by the time is lamp is at the mid-point of its projected life. This compares with a decrease in light output of less than 5 percent when using the same lamp with our digital ballast. When using a magnetic ballast, you have to over-specify lamp wattage to compensate for significant anticipated lumen depreciation. Not so when pairing your lamp with an Empower digital ballast.
Quartz metal halide and high pressure sodium light sources remain the most popular choices for street, area and recreational lighting applications. The DOE estimated that 20.6 million such lamps, ranging from 150 ?C 750 watts, were sold in 2008. Nearly all were paired with magnetic ballast. Had they been paired with digital ballasts,The majority of high bay lighting systems are traditional metal halide or HPS (high pressure sodium).

E27 507-5 Porcelain light socket lamp holder

Both of which provide high levels of illumination with very poor energy efficiency and a loud audible hum. Without sacrificing light quality, the James Lighting (HID) technology can reduce energy consumption by 30 percent-70 percent depending on your needs and your current system. In addition to energy savings HID has many features that will improve your bottom line and your work environment.

16″ or 22″ High Bay fixtures Aluminum: Indoor high bay fitting for use above 25′. 16″ units for 250 watt  Metal Halide. 22″ units for 400 watt Metal Halide. Die cast aluminum housing and wiring box and semi-specular anodized aluminum refractor. Lighting Ballast and lamp supplied.
Edison screw light fitting with anodized aluminum high bay reflector. Use in areas that require high efficiencies and horizontal illumination with mounting heights of 20
feet and higher. Ideal for use in light manufacturing areas, storage areas and ware-house aisles.

E40 F547-3 lamp socket lamp holder
Edison screw light fitting Construction,
Durable die-cast aluminum housing in a compact design with smooth contours and electro-statically applied white polyester powder paint. Ballast and electrical
components are fully contained and heat-sinked within the housing.
Steel hook with spring steel latch on removable pendant splice box is standard. Convenient side knockout entries in splice box allow for easy wiring. Hook is easily
removed for conduit pendant mounting.
Anodized spun aluminum 15″ reflectors feature an exclusive contour design for superior uniformity and high efficiency. Self-cleaning top with ventilated design carries
contaminants out the top of reflector.
Lamp holders: Vertically oriented mogul base protected exclusionary “PINK” lamp holder  with copper alloy, nickel-plated screw shell and center contact. For use with O-rated,
protected metal halide lamps only.
eg:high intensity discharge HID lighting fixture, high bay ballast, 400 watt, 15 inch outside diameter, applied with metal halide lamps.

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