Fluorescent Lights Ballast Replacement Chart

A Fluorescent Lights Ballast “Control” fluorescent tubes, called one by three,on the basis of existing Fluorescent Lights Ballast, two additional winding, with the fluorescent tube clever connection, a Fluorescent Lights Ballast to ignite three fluorescent tubes, and the cost of basic unchanged, and thus actually reduce power consumption and improve the power factor of magnetic ballast, the positive effect of saving, saving raw materials.

Fluorescent Lights Ballast Replacement chart

For fluorescent bulbs, your replacement Fluorescent Lights Ballast will be found in our product catalog by first selecting the type of light bulb using the Fluorescent Lights Ballast. We”ve got complete selections for your Circline bulbs, for your T5 Pentron bulbs, as well as the more common T8 Octron or T12 Slimline light bulbs.

While most problems with fluorescent lighting is fixed by changing the bulb, another problem can be lurking that requires a little more knowledge and skill to repair. If the fixture fails to light after all of the bulbs have been replaced, the culprit most likely will turn out to be the fluorescent ballast.

Ballast replacement presents the possibility of exposure to potentially hazardous voltages and should be performed only by qualified personnel. All installation,inspection and maintenance should be performed only with the entire circuit power to fixture or equipment turned off. Installation shall be in accordance with National Electric Code.

how to choose a  fluorescent light ballast
Before you spend time replacing the ballast on your fluorescent light, make sure that the light bulb is not about to die. The lights will give this away by flickering. A dying bulb also may display black bands on the ends. If a new bulb still flickers, glows at the end or hums, you have to replace the Fluorescent Lights Ballast. This part of the bulb regulates the electrical current to the light.

Start the job by removing the old ballast.To access the ballast, start by removing the cover to light fixture.

After the cover is removed, you should be able to see the ballast.You will need to remove the plugs from the fixture before removing the ballast.Lay out the ballast and plugs on a counter or table top that has some work space.You will notice that there are three sets of two wires with each pair being the same color.Move the old ballast out of the way and lay the new one in its place.Install thehigh pressure sodium ballast back inside your fixture.Fold the excess wiring into the middle of the fixture. flood lights fixtures E27 lamp holder suppplier.

175 Watt Mercury Vapor Ballast Kit

Make sure you select a ballast that matches the number of bulbs your previous model was designed for. You would not want to try to use a 4 bulb ballast in a two bulb system, as this would most likely cause premature burnout of both bulb and ballast alike. Also, make sure the model you select matches the voltage of your previous model. In fact, this is being mad easier for you since today”s ballast manufacturers are making universal voltage ballasts that cover all standard voltages in the US and Canada in one magnetic ballast.

Fluorescent Lights Ballast have two effects: (1) start, the starter power ballast instantly induced a high voltage breakdown gas lamps start fluorescent lamp. After the start of the (2) Fluorescent Lights Ballast current limited size.