How does LED high bay light heat dissipation

The LED high bay light, includes a lamp housing and mounted on the lamp housing in the lamp chamber, characterized in that it further includes a circuit board mounted on the circuit board and one or more white light emitting diodes, each of said white light emitting diode is mounted in front of a Fresnel lens.

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The utility model miner low temperature below 70%, intrinsically safe; small power consumption, voltage 3.3 ~ 3.6V, the total current in the 0.2 ~ 0.4A, only about half of the original, so it reduces the battery size and weight , convenient to carry; life of up to 5 to 10 million hours, which is the original incandescent bulbs 100 to 500 times.

LED high bay light reliability (life) largely depends on the heat level, so the level of progress in cooling is one of the key technologies. Mainly to the disposal of chips to produce excess heat through the heat sink, cooling the body passed in, this is a very complex technical problems. Following respectively narrative:

The power LED high bay light, which LED needs to think the heat issues, the power LED cooling needs. Power LED is a light-emitting diode operating current more than 100mA. Line marked in China with reference to the League of the United States ASSIST defined, according to two kinds of LED forward voltage of typical 2.1V and 3.3V, the input power are more than 210mw, and 330mW LED power LED, needs to think the device heat dissipation problem, some people may have a different insight, but the theory proved to progress the power LED reliability (life), it is necessary to think about the power LED thermal problems. high bay lighting lamp holders

Heat related parameters and LED heat dissipation on the main parameters of thermal resistance, junction moderate temperature rise.

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Thermal resistance refers to the steady-state power dissipation of the quotient of the effective temperature of the device and external rules, the reference point temperature difference divided by the device. It is said the most important parameters of the device cooling. Heat better power LED thermal resistance is less than10 Celsius / W to reports, the best thermal resistance is less than 5 Celsius/ W thermal resistance abroad up to less than 3 Celsius / W, to achieve this level ensures that the power LED life .high bay light fixture lamp holders.

The LED high bay lights. Just a few years ago LED technology could not produce a reliable LED configuration to compete with T5 or 400 watt Metal Halide output. Those days are gone!

James Lighting has a new LED highbay offering that boasts some very impressive numbers when it comes to lumen output.

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Utilising the latest in LED technology, the LED high bay lights offers superb energy efficiency combined with lumen outputs that allow effective replacement of 400W metal halide luminaires. The LED Highbay also utilises lens control providing accurate distribution of light ensuring minimal wastage and energy consumption.

The LED high bay lights is also offered with a range of sensor controls to further enhance your energy saving giving both daylight regulation and presence detection and also offering ground level remote programming for ease of commissioning.  Integral sensors allow these luminaires to be installed on a one for one basis with no need to install additional BUS wiring therefore minimising your installation costs.

To this end the SSL planning progress heat purposes. The heat resistance of the chip and the phosphor is still high, had arrived in the chip junction temperature of 150 Celsius, the phosphor at 130 Celsius, the basic life of the device will not have any effect. Description of the chip, phosphor heat resistance, the higher the cooling begged the lower

With the commencement of LED lighting products, there are two kinds of new technology: First, in order to increase the luminous flux of a single tube, inject greater current density, as in the following referred to, resulting in chips generate more heat and cooling demand. Second, the package structure, as the LED light source power increases, the demand for more power LED chip collection package together.