How to choose the HID Street light?

Light at night lights commonly used light source,HID Street light like the sun brought the light to the people.

On the nature of light, James lighting proposed the theory of electromagnetic waves in the history. In the electromagnetic wave, the electromagnetic wave with wavelength of 380 ~ 780nm can be generated by people’s eyes, and this part of the electromagnetic wave is visible light.

LED Street Light,HID Street light

Wavelength from 380nm to 780nm increased, the color of the light purple, blue, green, yellow, red sequence. Light color and color table including two color display. Color table is the color of light source, that is, from the appearance of the color of light; color rendering is refers to the light source lighting, a variety of color in the visual distortion level, usually with color rendering index. When the light source is the same as the reference light source, the color value is 100, the color difference is smaller.

With the growing improvement of road lighting, HID Street light majority of high-power light source, but in some places after 23:00, the traffic and pedestrians have been very scarce, so appropriate to reduce the output power of the lamp, in order to achieve the purpose of energy saving.

80 watt LED Street lamps

Metal vapor arc discharge lamp road light application in issues to the attention from the mercury and sodium is distinct discharge materials, so high pressure mercury lamp and high pressure sodium lamp the exclusive effectiveness. Street light source notes are as follows:

A, light bulbs should be made use of using the similar specifications from the magnetic ballast, otherwise the bulb is not going to be able to start or shorten the life span.

B, from the utilization of the light bulb to go out, when the energy supply voltage fluctuations aren’t significant, ballast harm to other facets of the typical, re get started pilot, if it truly is nonetheless burning, the bulb can’t carry on to work with, really should be replaced by a new light bulb.HID Street light bulb holders for road lamps.

C, energy supply voltage needs to be comparatively secure, transient adjustments shouldn’t be too big. In the event the energy provide voltage all of a sudden drops 10%, high pressure mercury lamp will extinguish; high pressure sodium lamp energy shortage as a consequence of exhibit of lanterns, light output reduction. Once the voltage is as well substantial, it’s going to shorten the services daily life of your lamp.

Energy saving lamp streetlight

D, the lamp might be lit at any position, on the other hand, the degree of high pressure mercury lamp ignition, luminous flux output might be lowered by 7%, along with the light bulb to self extinguishing. The high-pressure sodium lamp photoelectric parameters unchanged.
The James Lighting production of energy-efficient high-pressure sodium lamps, HPS ballasts, pre-set time, change the ballast impedance, reducing the current to the light source to run at about 50-60% of the rated power. Then, just under 50% of the road illumination, and fully meet the requirements of the road lighting (traffic safety).
Change Price power conversion Usually 4,5,6 hours, can also be based on user requirements and design, the system is in the power conversion at the same time, the power factor of the line is also automatically adjusted to the best condition, to reduce the loss of the line, so the price of hps ballasts has high energy-saving (saving 30% -50%), low power consumption, low temperature, long life, low price

When the HID Street light use high-pressure mercury lamp illumination, if viewed from afar, people will feel its light is bright white. But it is to see the irradiation face, like a face with a layer of graphite, and feel not satisfied. Because the line is missing in the blue and green lamp. Especially red. So it looks uncomfortable.American mercury ballast for HID Street light.

This shows that the high pressure mercury lamp color table is good, light white and bright, but the color is not good. The incandescent lamp light source and the mercury light source opposite. It looks like the lamp is not good, but the color of the object is very little distortion. Good color for incandescent lamp. Sodium lamp light color is yellow, when put in a blue cloth in sodium light blue cloth into the cloth.

Description of the sodium lamp color and color are not good. From these examples, we can see that the color table of the light source is different from that of color.