How to choose the LED high bay lights

16″ or 22″ LED high bay lights Aluminum: Indoor LED high bay lights for use above 25′. 16″ units for 250 watt Metal Halide. 22″ units for 400 watt Metal Halide. Die cast aluminum housing and wiring box and semi-specular anodized aluminum refractor. Lighting Ballast and lamp supplied.

aluminium LED high bay lights

LED high bay lights with anodized aluminum high bay reflector. Use in areas that require high efficiencies and horizontal illumination with mounting heights of 20 feet and higher. Ideal for use in light manufacturing areas, storage areas and ware-house aisles.

A metal halide type of light, also referred to as HID lighting (High Intensity Discharge) gives off a nice brilliant color of white light. In contrast, high pressure sodium gives off a yellow/orange color of light.Metal halide high bay and very low bay lighting is often noticed in gymnasiums, arenas, grocery outlets, and so forth. because it presents a real white color that resembles daylight.Gymnasium lighting needs a light that provides off a sizable volume of light and involves incredibly very little servicing.

Because of this, we propose our 400 watt metal halide high bay lights with aluminum reflector.These lights are relatively inexpsive and are really durable. We stock wire guards (offered individually) to go over the bottom of your light fixtures, as this is often crucial for secure the bulb when employing for gymnasium lighting functions,A normal dimension gymnasium normally involves 10-12 of these lights, depending on many circumstances.


An advantage of employing metal halide high bay lights is definitely the lifestyle on the ballast and bulb. While each are dependent upon the atmosphere and volume of use, the existence in the bulbs and magnetic ballasts exceeds most other types of lighting.James high bay and minimal bay metal halide light fixtures include a bulb that’s rated for 20,000 hours. However, this won’t suggest you might basically get twenty,000 hrs of daily life from them, this can be merely a gauge to measure it can be existence expectancy by. But you may even now expect 15,000 hrs or so before the bulb will should be replaced.

metal halide high bay lights and reduced metal halid light fixtures come total with a multi-tap ballast. We guarantee this ballast for 1 yr but we fully assume to suit your needs to acquire 5-10 years of daily life out of the lamp ballast. Once again, this life span might be affected from the surroundings and quantity of use.
high bay lighting Construction
Durable die-cast aluminum housing in a compact design with smooth contours and electro-statically applied white polyester powder paint. Ballast and electrical
components are fully contained and heat-sinked within the housing.
Steel hook with spring steel latch on removable pendant splice box is standard. Convenient side knockout entries in splice box allow for easy wiring. Hook is easily
removed for conduit pendant mounting.

high bay led lighting
Anodized spun aluminum 15″ reflectors feature an exclusive contour design for superior uniformity and high efficiency. Self-cleaning top with ventilated design carries
contaminants out the top of reflector.
Lamp holders: Vertically oriented mogul base protected exclusionary “PINK” lamp holder with copper alloy, nickel-plated screw shell and center contact. For use with O-rated,
protected metal halide lamps only.
eg:high intensity discharge HID lighting fixture, high bay ballast, 400 watt, 15 inch outside diameter, applied with metal halide lamps.

The reflector of the LED high bay lights, which is a hollow oval cover body with an internal, outwardly curved lower end with a micro-arc symmetrical reflective surface, the upper dielectric, a lower reflective surface micro-arc into a parabolic micro-arc side reflective surface of the reflective surface micro-arc side there by the majority of the small side of longitudinal parallel reflective surface composition and micro-arc side of the reflective surface in the center there is a sleeve extending rearward, available light bulb assembly, in order to achieve the lamp can produce light condenser and enhanced brightness for optimal effect. Advantages: simple structure, with a set of optical function, can effectively increase the light projection illumination, and practical.