Lamp holder e27 switch

The most common lamp holders differences are European Lamp holder e27 switch (ES) and E40 (GES), E26 (Med) and E39 (Mogal). Most Pierlite fittings come with Lamp holder e27 switch and E39/E40 lamp holders. E26 lamps fit Lamp holder e27 switch.
lamp holder switch but lamp problems can occur due to poor contact. E40 lamps typically fit E39 lamp holders but E39 lamps will not fit E40 lamp holders correctly causing lamp problems.

Lamp holder e27 switch

This Is E40 to Lamp holder e27 switch, it Only Works With E27 Lights; a Lamp Base Converter Of Light Bulb With E27 Base To Adapt An E40 Fitting Socket, It Is Suitable For Led, Halogen, Filament Or CFL Light Bulb. The Light Bulb Adapter Converter Is Easy And Convenient For You To Install And Use For Its Practical And Useful Design, It Will Bring Great Convenience To Your Daily Life.

The Lamp holder adapter turns a E40 Edison mogul base light bulb into a standard screw-in E27 Edison medium based light bulb. It adds 1 1/4″ in length.
Converts a Mogul Base to a Medium Base
Great for making mogul base E40 light bulbs fit into a E27 or E26 base light bulb sockets.
Lamp holder e27 switch Specifications:
LED Light Bulb Adapter / Extender E40 to Lamp holder e27 switch.
Base Type: E40 Mogal base light bulb to E26 / E27 Edison Medium Screw-in Base and Socket.
Voltage: 100-240 VAC
Color: White finish
Material: Plastic and Metal
Diameter: 1.875in (47 mm)
Length of Extender: 3.25in (79 mm)
Extends the Bulb: 1.25in (31 mm)
Weight: 1.6 ounces (45g)

E40 to Lamp holder e27 switch
This Converter Only Works With E27 Lights
A Lamp Adapter For Led, Halogen, CFL Light Bulb
Suitable For Many Types Of Working Voltage
Produce Less Heat, Safely Coefficient Is High
Long Operation Life And Energy Efficiency
Material: High Temperature Resistant Abs Material.

Lamp holder adaptor to allow the use of ES & E27 Large Screw lamps in antique lamps fitted with with the very large E40 or ES type porcelain lamp socket.

Lamp holder e27 switch supplier
Edison Screw (ES) [E40] male to Edison Screw (ES) [E27] female (this adaptor has a ceramic core for high temperature resistance),Edison Screw (ES) [E27] male to flexible Edison Screw (ES) [E27] female (for LED and CFL bulbs and Incandescent bulbs below 50W)The E40 to E27 adaptor is 63mm high by 52mm wide (40mm to 27mm screw).

This product enables you to use a wide range of the standard Edison Screw lamps which are much more readily available than the specialist GES lamps.Will work with all voltages from 110 to 240.

A great solution for sympathetic restoration of Benjamin and other lamps, also very useful for replacing sodium and metal halide lamps and grow lamps, all those kind of situations!
E26 LED light bulbs and E27 LED light bulbs are Edison based LED lights that have a medium screw base. This is a standard household light bulbs base for traditional incandescent lights. The E stands for Edison and the 26 and 27 refer to the diameter of the screw base. In some, but not all cases an E26 LED light bulbs have a slightly smaller voltage range to include only 100VAC to 130VAC where E27 LED lights will support up to 80VAC to 240VAC voltage range.

James Lamp holder manufacturer advantage:
More than 25 years experience in producing lamp caps & Lamp holder e27 switch,
Advanced Technology: forging, casting, cutting,
100% leakage test before making delivery,
Raw material: Brass & Iron,
Surface treatment: Nickel plating,
High durability, high precision, high performance,
Easy installation,
RoHS standard approval,
OEM request welcome as per the drawing or sample.

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