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Lamp holder outlet include the wires, the positive terminal, a negative terminal combination rivets, an insulating cover, the insulating cover, characterized in that: the wires stripped period sheath and the stripped sheath of the two wire ends formed a certain distance,The positive lamp holder outlet terminal and a negative terminal, respectively the two wire ends caulking, and placed under the insulating cover and the insulating cover. The new structure is reasonable, good safety performance, reduce the defect rate in the production process, reducing the assembly process and time, improve production efficiency, thereby reducing costs, and increase the competitiveness of the porcelain lamp holder outlet in the market.

Lamp holder outlet

The Lamp holder outlet have many specifications, most conventional E27 lamp holder (screw thread) and B22 lamp holder  (bayonet), each lamp has a corresponding lamp holder. Bayonet bulb to use bayonet lamp holder, the lamp is firmly plugged into the socket should be rotated clockwise 90 degrees, release it. Cap and socket is not match, you can buy an adapter, such as: E27 turn B22, or B22 to E27 lamp holder to convert bulb holder specifications can be used. E14 lamp holder, lamp lamp common E27 lamp holder (screw), B22 lamp holder (bayonet), E14 lamp holder (small head), E40 lamp holder (big).
B22 lamp holder is a lamp socket, lamp power line is connected to the end of the interface used for the lamp, the lamp is fixed to the holder, so that the lamp and the lamp connected to the power components. The main use of electric light lamp holder naming method. Related symbols meaning: B bayonet cap, B behind the numbers indicate the diameter of shell, such as: B22D/25 × 26 – refers to the two contacts with a diameter of about 22mm bayonet cap; total length of about 25mm, skirts diameter of about 26mm.
B22 lamp light source lamp with a lamp light source interfaces for B22, 22MM diameter of the lamp has two protruding card shoots for Snap B22 lamps interface. Is the most commonly used interfaces bulb.

Lamp holder outlet types

James porcelain lamp holders are fairly common in home construction, and are used in locations where a bare bulb is sufficient to supply light. For example, many garages, attics and basements use porcelain lamp holders instead of fixtures with globes or shades, since porcelain fixtures make changing bulbs much easier and can withstand heavy use. Porcelain lamp holders are also easy to install and require little assembly because they attach directly to plastic or metal electrical boxes.

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