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led tube lighting installation is comparatively straightforward, it is actually divided into two varieties of power supply and external energy, the power from the built-in led tube lighting installation, the authentic fluorescent lamp to replace the led tube lighting, plus the magnetic ballast as well as the lamp will likely be removed, to ensure the exchange of electrical power right to the LED 220V.

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Power outdoors the led tube lighting are generally equipped that has a particular lamp holder, the replacement of your unique could be used.led tube lighting energy saving as much as 80% or additional, lifestyle is more than ten times the ordinary lamp, nearly maintenance free of charge, there may be no have to have to commonly replace the lamp, magnetic ballast, starter, about half a 12 months down the cost financial savings is usually in exchange for the cost. LED lamp holder for led tube lighting.

Green environmental protection kind of semiconductor light source, light, pure, is conducive to your protection of employees and health, 6000K cold light supply to interesting the visual expertise, assist to emphasis, boost efficiency led tube lighting with high excellent, long lasting, power conserving as the main traits, the projection angle adjustment selection, 15W brightness is equivalent to ordinary 40W fluorescent lamp, high temperature, waterproof, waterproof, anti leakage. Using voltage: 110V, 220V optional, optional cover glass or Computer material. The lamp holders and fluorescent lamp.

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LED 10W tube is brighter compared to the traditional 40W fluorescent lamp, LED 16W tube is in excess of the common 64W fluorescent lamp, led fluorescent tube replacement, specifically the brightness of the additional soft and even more to ensure that men and women can quickly accept.

Daily life in over 50000 hrs, power supply voltage is – 260V (AC), without the need of starter and lamp ballast, start out speedy, modest electrical power, no stroboscopic, not simple to visual fatigue. It is actually not only super robust vitality saving additional environmentally friendly. It really is among essentially the most important goods of national green energy conserving lighting undertaking, that’s the most ideal product or service to replace the standard fluorescent lamp.

FQA: Fluorescent tube with magnetic ballast and starter, remove the starter, led fluorescent tube replacement will be bright, I would like to confirm the magnetic ballasts whether it will affect the LED lamp?

Answer: Suggest you remove the magnetic ballast,the reasons as below:1, while retaining magnetic ballasts, led fluorescent tube replacement can still lit, but every time you switch the high voltage generated across the magnetic ballasts surge channeling flow to the LED circuit unpredictable damage. Have an adverse effect on the led fluorescent tube replacement life and light fades. 2 extra power consumption, this magnetic ballasts considerable pressure drop, around 20 percent of the increase in unnecessary energy consumption.

Removed fuorescent ballast do recycling. To know that the traditional inductance transformer high copper content, the recovery benefits sufficient to cover the demolition of wages. Prior owners, waste recovery and clean-up by the construction unit.