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led fluorescent tube replacement, the appearance of the structure is the same as with traditional fluorescent tubes, fluorescent tube within the tube selected semiconductor solid-state light-emitting devices — LED light-emitting diode.

LED tube lighting

Bright lights, Ambilight, like a dolphin bright artificial sun, according to white nights such as day, extend the activity time of the people live and work. At the same time, the potential of mercury pollution quietly to the people’s side. The electric light source containing mercury fluorescent lamp, high-pressure mercury lamp, neon lights, etc..

One of the most common is the fluorescent lamp. First, the purchase of new lamps and lanterns,The so-called bend, is a compact fluorescent lamp; the so-called fine, refers to the small diameter fluorescent lamp. Is said, should choose the low mercury content or mercury free products. The former, such as the compact type fluorescent light fixtures, tube diameter fluorescent lamps,

fluorescent lamps of solid mercury amalgam or mercury pills; the latter as solid light source white light-emitting diodes, white led fluorescent tube replacement. According to reports, the atmospheric mercury diffusion only use liquid mercury 1/5-1/10 fluorescent lamp with amalgam after crushing.lamp holders for fluorescent lamp.

The two is when the fluorescent lamp is the use of scrap, do not arbitrarily break. Try to properly and sent them to the recycling or disposal unit. Three is in the fluorescent lamp appear accidentally broken, open the door and window ventilation, and quickly left the room. When necessary, can be in accordance with the emergency disposal of the emergency disposal method when the leakage of mercury.

18W led tube lighting packing
1), environmental lighting, protection of the earth traditional fluorescent lamp contains a lot of mercury vapor, broken mercury vapor will evaporate into the atmosphere. LED fluorescent do not use mercury, and LED products do not contain lead, play a protective effect on the environment. The LED fluorescent recognized green lighting in the twenty-first century.
2), efficient conversion will produce a lot of heat, reduce the heat of traditional lamps, LED lamps all the energy is converted to light energy, will not cause energy waste. And file clothing does not produce a fading phenomenon.
3), quiet and comfortable, no noise LED lighting does not produce noise, a good choice for the use of sophisticated electronic equipment occasions. Suitable for the occasion of the library, office and the like.
4), soft light, protect the eyes of traditional fluorescent lamp use AC power, so will have 100-120 times per second strobe. LED lamps directly convert AC to DC, no flicker, protect your eyes.
5), no UV, no mosquito LED lamps will not produce ultraviolet light, it will not like traditional lamps, there are a lot of mosquitoes around the light source side. The interior will become more clean and sanitary and clean.
6), the voltage adjustable 80V-245V traditional fluorescent lamp to light through the high voltage rectifier release, you can not light when the voltage is reduced. LED lamps can be lit within a certain range of voltage, also adjust the brightness.
7), energy saving, longer life LED fluorescent lamp power consumption is less than one-third of the traditional fluorescent lamp life is 10 times that of the traditional fluorescent, long-term use without having to replace, reduce labor costs. More suitable for the occasion difficult to replace.
8), robust, secure, long-term use LED lamp itself is epoxy resin instead of conventional glass, more robust, secure, and even hit the floor LED is not easily damaged, can safely use.
The company produces LED energy-saving lamps have the following characteristics:
1), the choice of import source, single LED up to 5.5LM dedicated, professional design, fully in line with the general production of the national standard (GB50034-92) 100-200 lux illumination (Lux) requirements.
2) This product uses the latest semiconductor light source technology, energy saving up to 80?? or more. (10 months to save electricity and maintenance and repair costs than enough to buy the inputs of the lamp).
3), in line with the stringent requirements of the plant station on the color rendering index, a variety of raw materials, components and products true and accurate colors appear favorable product quality control, to reduce the chance of error.
4), lamp thermostatically controlled, never heat the glass envelope, transmittance, no aging. Green semiconductor light source, light and soft, pure spectrum, in favor of workers eyesight and physical health. 6000K cold light source gives visual feeling of cool, plus the difference in illumination design work and non-work interval, helps to concentrate and improve efficiency.
5), the lamp life for more than 10 times the ordinary lamp is virtually maintenance free, there should always replace the lamp, ballast, starter problems.
6), voltage range: AC80V-127V, 165V-245V; LED tube lighting without starter and fluorescent ballast, quick start, low power, no flash, not easy to cause eye fatigue. Widely used in garment factory, electronics factory assembly line.

SMD power LED tube lighting package,Including high power led fluorescent tube replacement, aluminum PCB board, radiator, power supply, lamp head and lamp holder, the power LED on the aluminum PCB board soldering pads on the PCB board fixed to the aluminum radiator, Grease coated board is provided between the drive power is fixed to both ends of the heat sink, the heat sink of the lamp with a hollow cylindrical form, the lamp head is connected to the closed end portion of the heat sink of the hollow cylinder body.

The radiator for the long curved body, the excavation of a rectangular plane with a groove, and its surface extension of certain heat sink. The lamp is a hollow cylinder having an axial opening, to the inner wall surface of sawtooth, the inner wall surface of the opening portion has two symmetrical recesses. The flat sides of the radiator fins inserted into the chimney recess openings connected to form a hollow cylinder moves. The LED tube lighting is used for indoor lighting and cabinet products.