led light socket with cord

JAMES offers a wide range of led light socket with cord. These low voltage lighting solutions all run on 12VDC. LED 12v products can operate on two different types of current: Alternating Current (12VAC LED) and Direct Current (12VDC LED). Not all products operate on both. LED track lighting, often using LED light bulbs with MR16 led light socket with cord and MR11 bases also can operate on 12 volt to 24 volt system. EagleLight also offers 12V LED G4 bi-pin lights and 12 volt LED strip lights and 12v LED cove lights.

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JAMES manufacture fluorescent lamp holder for virtually every light source equipped with fluorescent, incandescent, CFL lamps. The majority of LED holder for  TC lamp using PBT, a thermoplastic material. This highly heat-resistant material is responsible for the T140 temperature rating. Leading lamp manufacturers also use PBT for the fluorescent lamp holder they produce. This material harmonisation in conjunction with fatigue-free, stainless steel lamp mounting springs ensures a permanently secure lamp fit.

When electrical current runs through an LED light bulb, the electrons in the current flow into a semiconductor material containing electron “holes”—spaces waiting to be filled with electrons. When the electrons fill those holes, energy is released as photons, or light that is emitted outward, turning the LED into a lightbulb. In contrast, incandescent bulbs generate light from the electrical resistance of a metal filament. The resistance method requires more electrical energy to heat up the filament to a point that it glows and emits light.

E26 LED light bulbs and E27 LED light bulbs are Edison lamp holders,LED lights that have a medium screw lamp holders. This is a standard household light bulbs base for traditional incandescent lights. The E stands for Edison and the 26 and 27 refer to the diameter of the screw base. In some, but not all cases an E26 LED light bulbs have a slightly smaller voltage range to include only 100VAC to 130VAC where E27 LED lights will support up to 80VAC to 240VAC voltage range.