LED outdoor flood lights

James’s qualified Small LED outdoor flood lights and are offered in 15-, 25- and 45-watt styles that are replacements for 100-watt quartz halogen through 175-watt metal halide fixture. These DesignLights Consortium-qualified LED outdoor flood lights feature a self-contained driver and can mount in almost any angle with a yoke-style arm and an additional half inch national pipe thread (NPT) strain relief, which provides protection for the wire. led outdoor flood lights E27 lamp holder.

10W Outdoor LED flood lights

Light-emitting diode (LED) lighting is generally gaining popularity as the lighting technology of choice for most homes and businesses. This is because LED outdoor flood lights is much safer, cheaper, and more energy efficient than other lighting sources. Most common LED lighting fixtures include LED outdoor flood lights, LED garden lighting, LED wall washers, LED rope lighting, and LED office lighting.

The upgraded Small LED outdoor flood lights create bright, shadow-free security and general lighting when illuminating facades, landscapes, parking areas and displays in hospitality, public places, office buildings, shopping plazas, apartment complexes, schools, healthcare facilities and other commercial properties.

1.Pretty appearance as quality
2. 70%-80% energy-saving
3. Long lifespan(50, 000H)
4. Fashion design and different types
5. Easy to install and use
6.RoHS, and CE approved
7.No risk of mercury emission, environmental protection.

LED floodlight specifications

LED Flood lights Feature:
1.High light efficiency imported LED chip, with patent technology integration encapsulation, light source with high efficiency.
2. The floodlight use Lithium battery driver and it can be chargeable.
3. It can be used in outdoor activities lighting (white).
4. It need to turn off the light when the battery’s voltage is lower than setting voltage,or it will damage the battery.
5. It can work when using the DC12V input without connecting battery. It has two ways for the lighting.
6.Lithium battery charging indication: when it is charging and the indicator is red, it is green color when full, no charge, indicator is not shine.

In sports venues using high power LED outdoor flood lights in the workplace can be more uniform and soft and is cold light source will not give to the stuffiness, excellent color reduction is conducive to the spread of television and the press photos and other lamps and lanterns can be issued certain wavelengths of light to promote the excitement of the athletes to he Shujin Huoxue to make better sense to create good results.