LED street light fixtures VS HPS street lighting

Metal vapor arc discharge lamp road light application in issues to the attention from the mercury and sodium is distinct discharge materials, so high pressure mercury lamp and high pressure sodium lamp the exclusive effectiveness. Street light fixtures notes are as follows:

A, light bulbs should be made use of using the similar specifications from the magnetic ballast, otherwise the bulb is not going to be able to start or shorten the life span.

HPS Street light fixtures

B, from the utilization of the James light bulb to go out, when the energy supply voltage fluctuations aren’t significant, ballast harm to other facets of the typical, re get started pilot, if it truly is nonetheless burning, the bulb can’t carry on to work with, really should be replaced by a new light bulb. bulb holders for street light fixtures.

C, energy supply voltage needs to be comparatively secure, transient adjustments shouldn’t be too big. In the event the energy provide voltage all of a sudden drops 10%, high pressure mercury lamp will extinguish; high pressure sodium lamp energy shortage as a consequence of exhibit of lanterns, light output reduction. Once the voltage is as well substantial, it’s going to shorten the services daily life of your lamp.

D, the lamp might be lit at any position, on the other hand, the degree of high pressure mercury lamp ignition, luminous flux output might be lowered by 7%, along with the light bulb to self extinguishing. The high-pressure sodium lamp photoelectric parameters unchanged.

E, the inner space can’t be as well modest, need to have fantastic heat dissipation ailments, to be able to have an impact on the lamp daily life. High pressure sodium lamp will not be easy to use single parabolic and reflection type lamp, the lamp will nearly all of the light reflection to the lamp tube, lamp voltage rise, boost the lamp electrical power, shorten the lamp lifestyle.

F, high pressure mercury lamp outdoors broken really should be handled in time, the substitute in the new global, so a great deal of ultraviolet radiation burns and eye skin.
G, restart time. While in the application of high pressure mercury lamp immediately ignited, may be put in to ensure that the electronic ignitor, instantaneous start.

150 watt COB LED Street Light
Some manufacturers of lamps used special optical lens secondary light distribution, uniformity has been greatly improved, but there are some defects and beam are projected onto the roadway, does not take into account the lamp, the sidewalks, resulting in light area basically no illumination, lighting environment ratio is poor some LED street light fixtures is only the LED light source is arranged in the traditional lamp reflector to reflect the light emitted by LED light bulbs through the reflector, but after the actual application effect is very poor, illumination uniformity degree is extremely low.

The design of this kind of lamps and lanterns product is not fully considered the optical characteristics of LED, and the use of the traditional street lamps to reduce the cost of research and development. Rarely see such products have good lighting uniformity. Therefore led light source to truly replace high pressure sodium lamp and become better than high voltage sodium lamp energy-saving green products remains to be in its own light efficiency improve, compensate for lack of light source luminous flux efficiency defects second is the efficiency of LED light bulbs.

Some lamps and lanterns with secondary light distribution of optical lens, others use the traditional light distribution device, different light will greatly affect the lamp of the light efficiency. In addition, the IP characteristics of the lamps and lanterns efficiency has a certain impact on the efficiency of the LED driver circuit.

According to the characteristics of LED light source, the LED driver circuit should be a constant current characteristics, if the driver circuit design, drive circuit itself will consume a lot of power, will make the conversion efficiency of LED light source of life up to 50000 hours, but LED street light fixtures is a system integration, affecting the life of many factors, such as packaging technology, LED particles combination mode, cooling mode, power supply, etc

If the package is not good, the lamp foot contact is bad, causing the junction temperature rise, will greatly affect the lamp life of the lamp is used in the design of heat dissipation, in order to increase the heat conduction area.

The influence of LED street light fixtures has many factors, it is difficult to maintain 50000 hours without maintenance. The light source and high-pressure sodium lamp life up to 24000 hours,hps ballasts life is more than 50000 hours.

The structure design of LED street light fixtures are integrated design, both led lamp damage or power supply failure., but there is a problem must be whole demolition replacement, maintenance workload, high cost, and high pressure sodium lamp only need to change a light bulb or ignitor, maintenance work is small and low cost.