led street lights for sale

1, led street lights and high pressure sodium ballasts to determine where and how to install, and then press the lamp to the magnetic ballast and ballast distance contacts 220V power supply contacts to prepare the appropriate length from three-core cable line (distance of not more than 2 meters from the lights with cables).

led street lights for sale

2, when the lamp to the magnetic ballast contacts than 2 meters distance, you need to replace the three-core cable. Ie with a hex wrench to unscrew the lamp housing six hex bolts, pull out the lamp body parts, remove the lamp comes with three core cable, and then press the original wiring of the equipment connected three-core cable.

3, with a light bulb socket wrench to unscrew the ballast cover fastening bolts, remove the lid, the three-core cable lighting ballast output end through the introduction of devices introduce ballast cavity, the red line , black (or blue line), yellow and green lines, respectively, received ballast terminals 4,5,6, and then tighten the compression nut.

With the development of lighting technology, the development of high power LED street lamp is very fast. In the practical application, it not only reflects the advantages, but also exposes the problems.

We will be four led street lights manufacturers products were field trial, and the intensity of illumination, uniformity test, now the actual operation situation and the high-voltage sodium lamp are compared, and introduce the main existing problem of led street lights is composed of a plurality of LED light sources, LED light source and a strong directional properties, but the light source of the projection distance is limited, resulting in lamp light, between the two lights dark, uniform illumination of the poor phenomenon.

100 watt COB LED Street Light

James of lamps used special optical lens secondary light distribution, uniformity has been greatly improved, but there are some defects and beam are projected onto the roadway, does not take into account the lamp, the sidewalks, resulting in light area basically no illumination, lighting environment ratio is poor some LED street light is only the LED light source is arranged in the traditional lamp reflector to reflect the light emitted by LED light source through the reflector, but after the actual application effect is very poor, illumination uniformity degree is extremely low.

The design of this kind of lamps and lanterns product is not fully considered the optical characteristics of led street lights, and the use of the traditional street lamps to reduce the cost of research and development. Rarely see such products have good lighting uniformity.

Therefore led light source to truly replace high pressure sodium lamp and become better than high voltage sodium lamp energy-saving green products remains to be in its own light efficiency improve, compensate for lack of light source luminous flux efficiency defects second is the efficiency of led street lights.

Some lamps and lanterns with secondary light distribution of optical lens, others use the traditional light distribution device, different light will greatly affect the lamp of the light efficiency. In addition, the IP characteristics of the lamps and lanterns efficiency has a certain impact on the efficiency of the LED driver circuit, according to the characteristics of LED light source, the LED driver circuit should be a constant current characteristics, if the driver circuit design, drive circuit itself will consume a lot of power, will make the conversion efficiency of LED light source of life up to 50000 hours, but LED street lamp is a system integration, affecting the life of many factors, such as packaging technology, LED particles combination mode, cooling mode, power supply, etc.

LED Street Light for sale

There is a lamp test run two months not to the test, because of damage to the drive power and turn off the lights. Therefore, the selection of reliable power supply is the key to maintain the problem.

LED street lights by JAMES LED offer a long life span and extreme reliability, both important characteristics for street light selection. Whether you are interested in installing new LED street light fixtures or prefer a LED retrofit of your existing street light fixtures, we offer a wide selection to choose from.

Our LED street lights come in a variety of light distribution options, which is important in achieving the desired light cast. In addition to LED street light fixtures and retrofits, we also offer parking lot lights and retrofits and pathway lights and retrofits. Additionally, we offer advanced lighting control technologies, like photocells and dimmable microwave motion sensors that can result in even greater electricity savings while helping to assure safety and compliance.

We will gladly provide you with a free street light audit, including a cost-benefit and return-on-investment comparison, and will provide recommendations for the best LED street light options to meet your needs. James LED light offers Design Light Consortium (DLC) approved LED Street Lights for local and federal rebates and incentives.