Leviton Lamp Holder Catalog

The new Leviton Lamp Holder Catalog, including a cylindrical casing, an insulating member, the electrode pad composition, characterized in that the cylindrical casing is a hollow cylindrical shell external pressure with an external thread, the edge of the end portion of the cylindrical casing ring opening with a recess.

Leviton Lamp Holder Catalog

The porcelain lamp holders embedded on the lumen of the end portion of the cylindrical casing member, the center of the top of the ceramic insulating member opening between the circular groove and the hole, the top of a ceramic insulating member side of the small cylinder with conical side opening with a recess, the electrode pad is fixed to the top of the insulating member open a small hole in the center of the top of the electrode pad, the utility model compared with the existing technology, novel structure, good thermal stability and thermal shock resistance, not easily broken, and greatly improve the reliability of the lamp, extend the service life of the bulb, but also improve the pass rate of production, reduce production costs, suitable for the Leviton Lamp Holder Catalog E26, E27, E39, E40 open caps, the market prospect is broad, worthy of promotion and application.

Leviton Lamp Holder Catalogue

Leviton Lamp Holder Catalog sizes:
A) ceramic total high and step size reference samples, allowing 1mm to the bottom of the lamp holder + shrapnel position 17.00mm + 0.50mm
B) with line size (cross-sectional area * * length) number of single stranded wire diameter should be in accordance with the approved sample or data requirements;
C) Thread screw lamp holder should be full of more effective length of one and a half times, thread height not less than 7mm;
D) 24.60mm-25.20 mm diameter screw ring holder,;
E) lamp holder contacts thickness not less than 0.38mm, check the lead end according to the information requirements is needed with tin;
F) shell thickness not less than 0.20mm, right, size of the gasket matched with the insulation gasket, cap screw hole size required to meet the requirements.

James produces lamp socket Adapter for virtually every light source equipped with incandescent, fluorescent, or CFL lamps. Lampholders include incandescent medium base, and specialty sizes & fluorescent lampholders, in addition to a large line of porcelain lampholders including pulse-rated mogul-base products, and an extensive selection of devices for high-intensity lamps.
Key Specification:E40 Lamp Holder, E27 Leviton Lamp Holder with High Quality
Rating:  16A  500V  T230℃
Staring Pulse Rating: 5KV
Body: Porcelain
Terminal: Set-Screw Terminals
Rating:: 16A 500V
temperature: T230 ℃
Staring Pulse Rating: : 5KV
Body:: Porcelain
Terminal:: Set-Screw Terminals
Suitable for indoor use only
Twist-lock mounting
Use with a standard wall switch
Limited 2-year warranty
Easy pull-chain operation
Twist-lock mounting
Screws included for fast installation.

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