Mercury lamp and high pressure sodium lamp for HID street lighting

Metal vapor arc discharge lamp application in matters to the attention of the mercury and sodium is different discharge material, so high pressure mercury lamp and high pressure sodium lamp the special performance.

Mercury lamp and high pressure sodium lamp for HID street lighting

HID street lighting charges customers a lot for electricity, and need maintenance or replacement for the cables and other configuration uninterruptedly for ages, maintenance costs increased year after year. power consumption is quite low, electric power conversion efficiency is about 100percent.Its expendable energy is less than 0.1W, will save over 80percent power as traditional light source.HID street lighting bulb holders manufacturer.

HID street lighting is bad at persistence and easily influenced by the environment, thus influences the lighting effect. HID street lighting is not DC operation, it will cause high frequency color break-up.

HID street lighting has light distribution problem, it caused inefficient uniformity of illuminance, the light can”t reach road lighting standard. But LED street light have none above problems.Big color attenuation

The light distribution of HID street lighting is by reflex, it loses most light and the degree of homogeneity is bad. Traditional light use constant-voltage source, it makes light”s temperature increased and causes more color attenuation.

HID Street lighting projects

City street lights source notes are as follows:

A, light bulbs must be used with the same specifications of the light ballast, otherwise the bulb will not be able to start or shorten the life span.

B, in the use of the light bulb to go out, if the power supply voltage fluctuations are not big, ballast damage to other aspects of the normal, re start pilot, if it is still burning, the bulb can not continue to use, should be replaced by a new light bulb.

C, power supply voltage should be relatively stable, transient changes should not be too large. If the power supply voltage suddenly drops 10%, high pressure mercury lamp will extinguish; high pressure sodium lamp power shortage due to exhibit of lanterns, light output reduction. When the voltage is too high, it will shorten the service life of the lamp.

D, the lamp can be lit at any position, however, the level of high pressure mercury lamp ignition, luminous flux output will be reduced by 7%, and the light bulb to self extinguishing. The high-pressure sodium lamp photoelectric parameters unchanged.

E, the internal space can not be too small, should have good heat dissipation conditions, in order to affect the lamp life. High pressure sodium lamp is not easy to use single parabolic and reflection type lamp, the lamp will most of the light reflection to the lamp tube, lamp voltage rise, increase the lamp power, shorten the lamp life.

F, high pressure mercury lamp outside broken should be handled in time, the replacement of the new global, so a lot of ultraviolet radiation burns and eye skin.

G, restart time. In the application of high pressure mercury lamp quickly ignited, can be installed so that the electronic ignitor, instant start.