Metal halide lamp kits for MH floodlight fixtures

Metal halide (MH) lamp arc tubes are made of either quartz or ceramic. MH lamp for Metal halide floodlight fixtures,Ceramic arc tubes allow higher arc tube temperatures, which manufacturers claim results in better efficacy, color rendering, and color stability. In 2013, when this report was originally written, lamps with ceramic arc tubes were available mainly in wattages below 150 watts (W). Mid-wattage ceramic MH lamps were only beginning to make their way onto the market. Only one manufacturer offered a mid-wattage ceramic MH product, which was also a pulse-start technology. Metal halide lamp e27 lamp holder.

Metal Halide Ballast Kit Wiring Diagram

metal halide lamp not match with Metal halide will appear the following questions:
1, easy to burn out bulbs:
Because the United States has triggered the inner tube beacon light pole, when the lights point to normal after power high-brightness and then re-transmission, because light bulbs can not immediately start the ignitor pressure generated by high-pressure lamp will ignitor electrode and the main electrode lead burned.

2, start difficulties, severe shorten lamp life
Due to start lamp lighting circuit does not meet the requirements, so there is some light bulbs at the beginning or during the life of the lamp does not start, showing the inner two lights glow discharge between the electrodes is always, or a few minutes to ten minutes to start, like this lamp life only a few days to a few weeks, the situation in light of the batch start-up performance slightly worse, or in the case of low grid voltage is more common.

high pressure sodium bulb VS metal halide lamp

Metal halide floodlight fixtures are used in a variety of general building lighting applications. For security, parking areas or just general lighting for any number of large spaces, these white lights are a good choice because of energy efficiency and the ability to differentiate colors. For security, they work well with camera systems, making them one of the best choices in each HID lighting.Metal Halide Ballast Kit including starter, capacitor, core & mounting hardware,American standard ballast supplier.

The Metal halide floodlight fixtures give you the optical control you need for any number of areas in your commercial building. Of course, these can also be used in home lighting situation or agricultural, farm areas. Call us if you have any questions about these Metal halide floodlight fixtures on how to apply them.