MR16 light porcelain sockets

MR16 light porcelain sockets

MR16 light porcelain sockets

MR16 sockets:  “MR” means Multiface reflect, many sided reflection (cup), “16” means bulb caliber (the unit is 1 / 8 inch),the caliber of MR16 socket:16×1/8=2 inch≈50mm, “MR” is the push-in lamp holder,two pins, usually use for the halogen lamps and led lamps,it’s very convenient to install.

MR16 led sockets Description:
Wire material: silicone.
Size: 17 mm Dia x 10 mm H / 150 mm Wire
can lighting dimmer grafik eye halogen.


Round ceramic MR16 led sockets, GU10 lamp holders, two Silicon tier. Pair screw mount holes recessed
High Temperature Resistant,Definitely designed for the high temperatures encountered on halogen assemblies.
MR16 led sockets wire connector base plug.Fitting for any MR16 MR11 LED light or traditional halogen lamps.

MR16 light porcelain sockets Application:
Use this to fit any MR16 or MR11 bulb into a hardwire system. It allows you to plug in your LED bulbs and attach it to normal lighting wires.
This round sockets are made from porcelain and work with MR16 lamps along with many other bi-pin lamps, including G4, G6.35, GY6.35, GX5.3 MR16, GZ4 ,MR11 bases.
Package : 10PCS/20PCS/50CS MR16 led lamp holders plug.


MR16 to GU10 lamp holder adapter
Material: flame retardant & metal
Maximum support: 110V-250V, 2A
Certification: CE VDE
Base: Plug in
Color: White
packing: 500 pcs per Carton
MOQ: 1 000 pcs
Weight: 14g
Meas: 558*280*295CM
Delivery time: 21days

GU10 lamp holder:  “GU” at the beginning for our daily use of the bayonet. GU: “G” means light bulb socket type is a plug-in, “U” means lamp is U shape, the “10” shows the center distance of lamp foot holes (mm).