Street lighting led replace the Street lighting HID

HID street lights only carried out in a small range of dimming,Street lighting led can be completed within the range from the 0%~100% dimming control, can be based on the environment and traffic conditions sensitive light output, in order to ensure the lighting needs of the situation to reduce unnecessary energy consumption.

100 watt COB Street Lighting LED

Thus, about for a total lighting electricity consumption is about 15% to 20% of the road lighting, large-scale implementation of Street lighting led, on carbon reduction and energy conservation has important significance of street life directly affects the road lighting maintenance costs.

The high-pressure sodium lamp life is usually about 2 million hours, the road lighting with the use of high pressure sodium lamp life expectancy only about 5000 hours, and high power LED life often 5-7 million hours of high-pressure sodium lamp and led uniform his definition is not the same. High pressure sodium lamp uniform life definition for “will a group of subjects source sample points to 50% damage to the number of times”, and led uniform life is refers to “the number of tested sample to decay to 70% of the 50% of the number of times”, Street lighting parts include lamp holders, magnetic ballast.

if according to his definition of high pressure sodium lamp to measure led, life expectancy is 50000 hours led up to 1 00000 hours; if according to the definition of life led to measure high voltage sodium lamp reached for 2 million hours of high pressure sodium lamp only about 1 million hours of course, led long life is not the LED street lamp life. Street lighting led is by LED light source life and driving circuit of life with resolution and led and its driving circuit of life lies in lamp heat dissipation ability, circuit topology structure and electronic equipment to select a variety of elements. From the current level of skill, LED lamp life can go beyond the high-pressure sodium street lamp.

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Because there is no consistent Street lighting led skills specification, not the same as the product of the general poor, maintenance is not easy to show the reasons for many of these problems, both the elements of the skills level, but also the impact of the concept of the fact that the LED street lamp is a system engineering. Because the LED light source and high pressure sodium lamp are essentially different, in describing the way LED lights with the traditional street is completely different.

The main characteristics of the light source of the street lamp are the light source of the city street lamp, which should have good lighting performance and reasonable energy saving effect. Requirements of street lamp electric light source is, therefore, a long life, high light efficiency, good color and consistency, in maintenance lighting has the interchangeability.

At present, urban street lamps using high efficiency of metal vapor arc discharge lamp, such as high pressure mercury lamp, high pressure sodium lamp as the light source. They have high luminous efficiency and good color of, long life advantages. The main purpose of the main characteristics of the light source is to improve the economic benefit and practical value of the street lamp.

The luminous efficiency of high pressure sodium lamp is a high pressure mercury lamp 2 to 3 times, the average life expectancy is 4 times of the high pressure mercury lamp. And high-pressure sodium lamp color rendering index and power factor was significantly lower than that of the high pressure mercury lamp; starting calibration time and stroboscopic effect two characteristics are almost the same.

Advantage of Street lighting led.
1.Life span: 50,000 hours

2.Unique Secondary optical design, coverage required lighting is to further improve the illumination efficiency and save the energy

3.Excellent quality: all circuit and power supply adopted high-end component. Each led have solo over current protection.

4.LED street light feature: unipolarity, no diffussion, high luminous efficiency.

5.Convenient installation: Don”t need to install optical fiber additionally, don”t need rectifier. Lights can suit the original devices.

6.Color attenuation with LED street lights,LM wane??3??/year, can achieve the standard of road illumination after used 10years;but high voltage sodium lamp,30/year. So, LED street lamp??s power design is lower than high voltage sodium lamp.

7.LED street lamp have automatic control energy-saving system, can satisfy different time period illumination requirements while utmost reduce power and save electricity.

8.High Luminous Efficacy: chip??100 LM, can save energy for over 75?? compared with traditional HPS.

9.LED is low voltage devices, driving voltage for each led is safe voltage. Single led power is 1W, so it is a safe power supply than high-tension power supply, widely used in public place(such as Street lighting, Factories and mines lighting, Automobile lighting, Civil lighting, etc.