t5 lamp holder socket

T5 lamp holder G5 LED fluorescent lamp holder FL003
Model T5-FL003
Type: t5 lamp holder socket
Power 4-40w
Rated at 500V 2A
Raw material: PC(housing)+Phosphor bronze(Conduct Contact)
Snap in pins with stainless spring
Max.temperature heat-resistance fluorescent lamp holder: T110℃
T5 lamp holder with leaf spring allows a lamp length tolerance compensation of 2mm.

T5 fluorescent lamps are fluorescent tubes,a diameter of 5/8 inch, first appeared in 1995, is now commercially produced fluorescent lamps, the most energy saving one, but its lamps, lamp holders and T8, T9 tube is not compatible, you must spend money to purchase special lighting, this one of the obstacles to its popularity.

T5 tube diameter of about 16 mm, belonging to a low-pressure gas discharge lamp. It uses the electric field in an argon-neon gas mixture activated mercury vapor, forming a plasma discharge and emit short-wave ultraviolet light, so that the inner wall lamps trichromatic phosphor to emit visible light.

led tube lamp holder

Fluorescent fitting conversion structure, including a T8 Lamp matching the bracket body and placed in the lamp holders of both ends of the bracket body, characterized in that: the lampholder is provided with a detachable socket converting means, the lampholder one end of the converting meansconnection with the lamp, the other end for the following T5 lamp connection. lamp holders converting means to the lamp holders obtained on the extension, shortening the distance between the two lamp holders, the stent in the space T5, T4 Lamp matching. Also, because the socket converting means is removable, so that in the space may T8 or T5 lamp holders size matching conversion.