The 9 tips for safe of Porcelain lamp sockets

Porcelain lamp sockets through the support frame is installed in the lamp holders on the floor, including a seat body and seat cover; installation of the seat body seat cover end is on the side of the base plate lamps corresponding to the location of the poles wire perforationrespectively, with the wire opening; the bipolar wire openings respectively from the corresponding wires wear holing body, connected electrically with the metal plate and the tongue, respectively. Wires positioned in between the Porcelain lamp sockets with lamps, lamps not produce projected shadows and affect the appearance on the lamp housing. In addition, the wires are constraints between lampholders and lamps floor, away from the light bulb, a lamp floor installation of multiple lamp holders, wire away from the other bulbs and wires to eliminate the heat due to the outer wire insulation material prone to short circuits or other damage to security risks.

Everyone pay attention to fire safety for fire safety qualified households,For the safety of the lives and property of citizens to protect and maintain the economic development and social stability and peace building Jiashan, creating a harmonious environment for fire safety, September 24, Jiashan County Luoxing street in the south of the city community carried out fire safety compliance households commentary create the event of fire safety qualified assessment record activities in Jiashan County, or for the first time, by the fire brigade, street safety supervision office, police station, power supply, new homes, south of the community”s neighborhood committee composed of rating a working group divided into 7 groups of each household home fire safety, with electrical safety, gas safety inspection, and in accordance with the evaluation of a standard, door-to-door scoring. On the total score of 85 points or more standard household, awarded fire safety compliance family title, and staple uniform made of fire safety compliance household brand, reach 85 points, we must set a deadline for rectification in a home fire safety, mainly on the five elements for scoring.

First, consciously abide by state laws, regulations, rules and regulations, to maintain fire safety. Consciously care public fire prevention infrastructure, not in roads, residential corridor, the villagers Yuanba channel stacking items, sundries, parking, blockage of the passage. Two is not in the home to put gasoline, alcohol, banana water, solvent oil and other volatile flammable and explosive goods. Three is to teach children not to play with fire, not to let the child turned on the gas stove, all kinds of igniter not misplacing, placed in the reach of children not, get to the place. Four is out the door, check hidden danger is eliminated, article is put orderly, stove without fire, power supply has been disconnected, flammable and combustible materials are placed in a safe place. Five is equipped with the necessary fire extinguishing equipment in the use of electrical safety, mainly for the ten elements of the score. One is that every household must be equipped with the electric meter before the total insurance, the meter should be equipped with a total brake and leakage protection switch. Two is prohibited in any case with copper, wire instead of a fuse. The size of the fuse must be matched with the electric capacity. The three is headed for power distribution equipment can not meet the capacity requirements of household appliances, the transformation should be replaced, strictly manage. Four is the home appliances and power supply connection, must be used to open the switch or plug connection, prohibit the direct insertion of the plug into the socket hole.

Five is where required protective earthing of electrical household appliances, should adopt three prong plug and third eye Porcelain lamp sockets, not feet plug and Porcelain lamp sockets substitute, resulting in grounding neutral.

The six is the conductor and the switch, knife switch, fuse box, lamp and other connections should be solid and reliable, good contact, complete shell. Seven is the home wiring may not be directly laid in the combustible construction materials above.

The eight is for indoor wiring and electrical equipment to conduct regular inspection of insulation, the damage is found in a timely manner with electrical tape wrapping.

The nine is not to use the “three no” fake and shoddy products and household products, the use of electrical appliances in the period of use. Ten is not private pull random access wires, do not easily move the charging device. Not in the interior of the electric car, car battery charging. Household electrical appliances, the power cord is damaged, should be replaced immediately or with the use of insulation cloth wrapped in the safety of the use of gas, the main content of the five scoring. One is the gas appliance to choose the regular factory qualified products, and in the use of the use of the term. Two is the installation of gas water heater, be sure to please the professional team to regulate the installation, the use of water heaters, must maintain good indoor ventilation.

Three is equipped with liquefied gas cylinders, not stored in the living room and public places. Should be placed at the temperature of not more than 35. To prevent the high temperature and long time exposure to sunlight. In the process of using, between the cylinder and gas burner to more than 1 meters apart. Four is the liquefied gas cylinder to prevent the collision, the hard thing to knock, not close to the fire source, heat source. Shall not be used hot water, baking, burning, etc.. Cylinder can not be dumped or inverted, so as to avoid the occurrence of liquid outflow dangerous. Five is the site of the gas stove should always check, such as the valve plug, failure, hose aging, damage and other conditions should be repaired in time. If it is found that the decompression valve gland loose, handwheel closes the abnormal phenomenon should stop using, please repair personnel documented commentary create during the work, south of the community by hanging banners, fire briefing and fire blackboard newspaper publication, posted a comment on a notice and other measures, launched with great fanfare propaganda, vigorously popularize fire safety knowledge.