What’s the different of UV LED 280nm and 260nm

Deep UV LED 260nm features:
1. Efficient: a short period of time of up to 99.9% of the sterilization effect.
Saving: Compared with the traditional cold cathode lamps, energy-saving 80%.
Environmental protection: metal-free gas emitting technology harmful substances.
4 long life.
5 instant start.
DUV LED 260nm Note:
Do not touch the LED front, so as not to impact normal light-emitting devices.
Must make sure that the positive and negative power devices, the reverse will damage the device.
3 operation strictly in accordance with the electrical parameters of the Division I high voltage light may damage the device.
4 the DUV LED work state, should avoid close observation of the light-emitting with the naked eye.

DUV LED 260nm product applications:
Can be widely used in the field of disinfection, water, and food processing, medical equipment, curing polymers, anti-counterfeiting, military communications, etc..
UV LED 260nm photoelectric parameter table: (T = 25 ° C, IF = 20mA).

spectrum ultraviolet UV light

 280nm UV LED: Advantages: Wavelength accurate, high energy, low light decay, long life, good light efficiency, no color, spectrum ultraviolet UV light bulb holders.

Applications: Aerospace Medical Water Purification,different size specifications please refer to the specific parameters It is well known that ultraviolet light irradiation, can harm people’s eyes and skin, and UV-B, often referred to as a dorno ray or a health-ray, is assuming an environment conducive to human health, UVB produces vitamin D in the skin and to prevent skin cancer caused by the efficiency of the low UV exposure.
In addition, the combination of long-wave ultraviolet light (or by its self) UVB has become increasingly popular and effective treatment for psoriasis, vitiligo, eczema, and other skin conditions.
Wavelength 280nm UV led
Output power 500-800uW
Spectral width 12nm
Hermetically sealed TO-18 or TO-39 package
Deep UV light emitting diode, 500-800uW @ 280nm, UVTOP280

– Sterilization system to purify water, surface, and air
– Analysis of Mineral
-e prom erase.

Specifications ,Electronic components, hard disc, micro-generator, earphone, watch precision; Printing machine, DVD/CD light head, optical lens, LCD sealing curing; Medical equipment, artwork, etc

1,365nm,375nm,385nm uv led
2,Radiant flux 5mW
4,Life span: 50000 hours+

UV LED provides excellent radiometric power in the wavelength range required for applications like curing, counterfeit verification, and medical applications. The high quality materials used in the package are specifically chosen to maximize radiometric power output, have superior UV resistance, and great reliability under monumental condition.UV glue and UV ink curing.