What’s the e27 ceramic lamp holder?

E27 ceramic lamp holder, a light source lamp for E27 lamp light source interface with diameter 27MM lamp for screwed E27 lamps interface. Is the most common kind of lamps interface.

E27 ceramic lamp holder: lamp holders spiral code letter E Edison threaded screw base, “E” after the number indicates lampholders thread diameter integer value .. screw base lamp with thread, should be in accordance with GB1005-67 “cap and socket thread”.

What's the e27 ceramic lamp holder

The ceramic lamp holder material can be divided: the nickel-plated copper, iron, nickel-plated, nickel-plated aluminum, aluminum, copper, different materials, large price differences!

E27 ceramic lamp holder and bracket accepts any lamp with an E27 screw fitting, including the James compact reptile lamps, as well as other types such as ceramic heat lamps. The ceramic material is resistant to high UV and heat levels. Mounted in a metal bracket that fixes to the vivarium roof or wall and which can be angled to direct the focus of the lamp.
ceramic lamp holder Specification:
High at elevated temperatures
High dielectric strength
Excellent electrical resistance
Abrasion resistance
High electrical insulation

E27 ceramic lamp holder Application :
Electric appliance industry
Automotive industry
Mechanical industry
Engineer industry

E27 F519-8 ceramic lamp holder

Decoration selection of lamps is very key to health, and now has gradually entered the era of LED lighting, Prior to the renovation, a comprehensive grasp of these knowledge is very necessary. Today to all of us, in order to provide a reference for the decoration of the LED bulb: that is, LED spherical bulb, is used to replace the traditional incandescent lamp and U type energy-saving lamps, is currently the most widely used LED lamp.

Now the LED ball has been able to do the whole plastic design, the price is lower, such as JAMES LED light bulbs, 5W, 7W, 3W, 9W four watts, the use of full plastic design, compared with the previous product cost is higher, the most suitable for everyday home decoration. Bulbs to light products, we often say that the change “lighting” generally refers to the change of light source products, James ball lamp installation E27 lamp which using general E27 lamp holder , or directly to the lamp holder is connected to the lamp holders.

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