What’s the edison lamp holder?

An edison lamp holder, also known as the Edison screw fitting, is a threaded edison lamp holder used to hold and connect a light bulb to a power source. Invented by Thomas Edison and marketed in 1909, these sockets typically have right-hand threads, which allow the light bulb to be screwed in clockwise and removed counterclockwise. To deter theft in public places, the threads are sometimes reversed to prevent installation in common floodlight fixtures.
Most standing lamps consist of a body, a base where the cord enters, a harp to support the shade, and an edison lamp holder, which receives the cord at one end and the lightbulb at the other. The cord usually runs through a hollow threaded rod from the base to the edison lamp holder.

edison lamp holder e27 lamp holder
edison lamp holder, Cluster Sockets, Lamp Cord, Lamp Wire, Wiring Devices, Cord Switches, and Wall Plugs. We stock a lamp socket for any application including general lamp repair, but we also supply lamp sockets specifically for the restoration of antique and early style fixtures including mogul lamp sockets, turn-knob porcelain lamp sockets, and socket interiors that resist high heat.
Lamps, light fixtures, and lamp holder adapters are common types of fixtures that include a lamp socket. Light fixtures as well as lamps incorporate Edison screw lamp sockets into their design not only for holding and energizing the bulb but also to take advantage of the many types of bulbs on the market that use this design. light  designs were implemented in the early 1900s that varied from Edison’s design but in the end, they fell out of use due to the practicality of the Edison screw.

Edison lamp holder including an insulator , a metal shell threaded conductive metal cap , the metal housing is open at both ends of the thread , with external threads at the top of the metal injection molding screw insulator housing , an insulator disposed on the center line lamp lead wire outside the through hole , a conductive metal end cap is open and the other end closed cylinder open end face of the insulator has a conductive metal cap with an annular groove adapted to the wire from the wire hole after piercing the side of the bend, the metal in contact with the conductive cap , a conductive metal tube wall cap insulator is inserted in the annular groove .

edison lamp holder types

Screw caps is a kind of lamp , the lamp advantage is that you can screw firmly fixed in the socket , threaded connections. Bulb and edison lamp holder for precision machining of lower than bayonet . The disadvantage is that the installation must be in accordance with the requirements of the two cable outlets.Early screw cap style is relatively simple, easy to rust, and now through continuous innovation , nice, long life , efficacy and more convenient installation.
( 1 ) edison lamp holder types, aperture size, operating voltage and current must , in line with the cap capacity specifications ; ( 2 ) edison lamp holder must comply with the environmental conditions of use ; ( 3 ) Base appearance should be clean , complete, no mildew , bubbles, cracks and other defects detrimental to insulation ; ( 4 ) Base insulation resistance should be less than 2MΩ; (5 ) tighten the bulb, staff should contact with live parts within the edison lamp holder or porcelain lamp holder .

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