What’s the fluorescent light lamp holders?

The linear fluorescent light lamp holders and sockets are popular products for retrofit projects. Many of these fluorescent light lamp holders and sockets can be used for a variety of fixtures to accomodate almost any lamp.

The fluorescent light lamp holders devices offering a variety of materials for a wide range of incandescent and fluorescent applications including electrical equipment,harnesses and light strings. Bases include medium bi pin, end snap in, G5, G13, and single pin. Choose holders and sockets for T5s, T8s, T10s and T12s. The fluorescent light lamp holders includes recessed double contact, slimline and medium bi-pin lampholder styles in either plunger or stationary styles.

fluorescent light lamp holders

James produces fluorescent light lamp holders for virtually every light source equipped with incandescent, fluorescent, or CFL lamps. Lampholders include incandescent medium base, and specialty sizes & fluorescent lampholders, in addition to a large line of porcelain lampholders including pulse-rated mogul-base products, and an extensive selection of devices for high-intensity lamps.

fluorescent light lamp holders manufacturing process of the lamp positioning means of the housing, which comprises the working of the table, under the pressure of components, the controller and the drive, the lower press assembly is provided with the compression structure, the cylinder, the piston, the rack, positioning axis;the lower end of the bench provided fixture; match of said cylinder and piston, the piston with the rack is fixed, said shaft with the rack vertical positioning, positioning axis fixed gear engaging said gear rack, said positioning shaftfixed positioning of head, the positioning head has a two and the cap through hole of the housing end portion matches the positioning pin, said positioning pin with respect to the positioning head can be elastically stretchable; said controller, respectively, with a drive, the compressionThe structure, the cylinder is electrically connected; said drive table drive connection.

The utility model using linear cylinder instead of the rotating cylinder, to reduce the the fluorescent light lamp holders manufacturing cost of equipment and manufacturing technology requirements.

linear fluorescent light lamp holders

T8 tube diameter is 8 × (1/8) x 25.4 = 25.4 mm
The rest of the numbers correspond as follows:
T12 diameter of 38.1 mm
T10 diameter of 31.8 mm
A T8 diameter of 25.4 mm
T5 diameter 16 mm
T4 diameter of 12.7 mm
The T3.5 diameter 11.1 mm
T2 diameter of 6.4 mm
The lampholders specifications: E27, E40, E14

Installation is divided into bayonet, screw, Bakelite, plastic, metal, ceramic and other materials from the material is divided into usually used lamp holders, such as E27 lamp holder is the most popular energy-saving lamps screw lampholders and with the fluorescent lamps T8 fluorescent light lamp holders, T5 fluorescent light lamp holders often referred to, and the other based on the use of the environment and some the lampholders protection class up to IP68, according to the need to develop appropriate IP protection level lampholder (waterproof) at the time of purchase, usually with The lampholder used the IEC (international Electrotechnical Commission standard) safety certification.

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