What’s the function of lamp holder?

What’s the function of lamp holder? Lights are often inserted in lamp holders which offer electrical connections to the lamp and help it inside the lighting fixture. The usage of lamp bases allows lights to become safely and conveniently replaced (re-lamping) in the end of life, or to transform power, color, lighting technology or and so on. There are plenty of different standards for these lamp bases, created by de facto and by many standards bodies. A basic coding system is a letter or abbreviation followed by a number.Some miniature lights have wire leads suitable for direct connection to wires; some reflector equipment and lighting have screw terminals for wire connections.

The function of lamp holder defines and limits its intended use. Porcelain insulation can withstand considerably higher operating temperatures than bakelite or other plastics. The electrical elements and wires should be made to carry the intended present plus a security aspect.

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Halogen bulbs also known as tungsten halogen lamps, incandescent kind. Principle is injected into the lamp halogen such as iodine or bromine gas, at high temperature, sublimation chemical action with a halogen tungsten, tungsten sublimation re-solidified in the tungsten to form a balanced circulation, to avoid premature filament breakage. Therefore live longer than incandescent halogen bulbs.
After evaporation of the tungsten atoms are moved in the direction to the glass wall, as close to the glass wall, the tungsten vapor is cooled to about 800 ℃ and halogen atoms combine to form a tungsten halide (iodide, bromide, tungsten or tungsten). Tungsten halide continues to move to the central tube, and oxidized back to the filament, as a tungsten halide is a very unstable compound and then re-heated steam into the halogen and tungsten, and the filament so that the tungsten deposited on, make up for being part evaporated. The basic principle of halogen and incandescent glow the same, are thermal radiation source.
Lamp holderr adapters are devices used to convert gas lamps, socket, outlets or parts of lamps to those of an otherwise incompatible device or system of lamp parts.The porcelain function of lamp holder is specially designed for use with shielded metal halide lamps. A lamp adapter for receiving a lamp having a conductive threaded portion and an extension with a conductive contact electrically insulated from the conductive threaded portion. The lamp holder adapter has a body with a top portion and a bottom portion.

function of lamp holder adapters

function of lamp holder adapters

The top portion has a function of lamp holder with a threaded sleeve adapted to receive the threaded portion of the lamp, a first lead electrically connected to the threaded sleeve, a cavity located with respect to the threaded sleeve so as to receive the extension of the lamp when the lamp is threaded into the threaded sleeve, a metal contact arm located within the cavity so as to make electrical contact with the conductive contact of the lamp when the lamp is threaded into the threaded sleeve, and a second lead electrically connected to the metal contact arm. The bottom portion has a threaded portion suitable for threading into a mating lamp holder, the threaded portion being electrically insulated from the top portion.

The lamp holder adapter includes a recess located within the cavity and a coil spring disposed with a lower portion within the recess and an upper portion above the recess and within the cavity, wherein the metal contact arm is located in cooperation with the coil spring so as to be biased thereon and make contact with the conductive contact of the lamp when the lamp is threaded into the threaded sleeve. The metal contact arm is located with the cavity so as not to make contact with a conductive electrical contact on a lamp not having an extension.

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