What’s the halogen lamp holder?

The halogen lamp holder, in which you can find detailed information of halogen lamp holder . Our halogen lamp holder is good in quality and competitive in price. We are manufacturer and supplier of halogen lamp holder . We export halogen lamp holder . We supply OEM service of halogen lamp holder for you.

Halogen Lamp Holder wholesale

We would manufacture halogen lamp holder following your specific requirement. GU10 Ceramic Sockets Lamp Holder Fitting Bases With Wire Connector For Halogen & LED Spot Light Bulbs.

This halogen lamp holder fits GU10 halogen lamp holder, MR16 halogen lamp holder and G6.35 bi-pin halogen bulbs. The lamp holder has 18 inch wire leads. This halogen bulb socket can be used with most bi-pin halogen bulbs.

A highly efficient source of light and heat, the Halogen Basking Spot is an ideal supplemental lamp for use in conjunction with self ballasted mercury vapour reptile lamps or fluorescent reptile lighting.

Halogen lamps provide excellent colour rendering, with a high visible light (but no UV) and heat output and have a lifespan of up to three times that of a conventional filament lamp.
They are more efficient at producing heat and light and will reach the target temperature more quickly than filament lamps.

What's the halogen lamp holder

Remove the lamp (if not already out) from the socket or halogen lamp holder. Examine the halogen lamp holder or holder electrical contacts. If they appear burned, discolored, oxidized, etc., gently scrape the contacts slightly until shiny metal becomes visible.

You can purchase transformers, and bulb sockets from your local electrical supply store, maybe even Radio Shack, or you can search the web and there are many places that handle these parts.

Install the new porcelain lamp holder just as the old one was installed. Some halogen lamp holders are more involved than others so it is important to take note of how it was disassembled so you can put it back together the same way. Many socket replacements will require some rewiring. This shouldn’t be too complicated, as long as you make sure to put it together the same way you took it apart.

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