What’s the light bulb holder?

What’s the light bulb holder? there are a lot of light bulb holder types, E27 lamp holders refers to the common spiral interfaces. B22 lamp holder is the interface of the bayonet. E14 light bulb holder is the small spiral interface.

light bulb holder

Structure improved the light bulb holder Solve convenient assembly, adjustment problems. Structure improved porcelain lamp holders, comprising a lampshade, connector, lamp holder, the switch housing and the sleeve, wherein: the lampshade side through a connecting hole; the hollow shell of the connector by two symmetrical positioning column and positioning hole card aggregate joint front end was a cylinder, the rear end of the housing set pivot hole, another housing rear end with wire perforation, and the joints are equipped with a bulb seat chamber, the upper and lower side of the bulb holders containers have card block on The side of a switch perforation, the outside of the front end of a ring groove; used for lighting.

Alumina porcelain lamp holders production process:
The alumina ceramic currently divided into two kinds of high purity ordinary. A ceramic material of high purity alumina ceramic Al2O3 content of more than 99.9%, due to its sintering temperature of up to 1650-1990 ° C, the transmission wavelength of 1 ~ 6μm, generally made of the molten glass to replace platinum crucible: the use of its translucency and alkali metal corrosion as a sodium lamp tube; in the electronics industry can be used as the integrated circuit substrate and the high-frequency insulating material. Al2O3 contents divided into common type alumina ceramic Department 99 porcelain, 95 porcelain, 90 porcelain, 85 porcelain and other varieties, sometimes Al2O3 content in the 80% or 75%, are also classified as ordinary alumina ceramic series.

light bulb holder

99 alumina ceramic material is used to produce high temperature crucible resistance furnace tubes and special wear-resistant materials such as ceramic bearings, ceramic seals and valve films and so on; 95 alumina ceramic is mainly used as a corrosion-resistant, wear-resistant parts; 85 porcelain because often mixed with some talc to improve the electrical properties and mechanical strength, sealing with molybdenum, niobium, tantalum, and other metals, some used as an electrical vacuum devices.

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