What’s the screw bulb lamp holder?

Screw bulb lamp holder including an insulator , a metal shell threaded conductive metal cap , the metal housing is open at both ends of the thread , with external threads at the top of the metal injection molding screw insulator housing , an insulator disposed on the center line lamp lead wire outside the through hole , a conductive metal end cap is open and the other end closed cylinder open end face of the insulator has a conductive metal cap with an annular groove adapted to the wire from the wire hole after piercing the side of the bend, the metal in contact with the conductive cap , a conductive metal tube wall cap insulator is inserted in the annular groove .

E27 screw bulb lamp holder
Screw caps is a kind of lamp , the lamp advantage is that you can screw firmly fixed in the socket , threaded connections. Bulb and socket for precision machining of lower than bayonet . The disadvantage is that the installation must be in accordance with the requirements of the two cable outlets.Early screw cap style is relatively simple, easy to rust, and now through continuous innovation , nice, long life , efficacy and more convenient installation.

E27 screw bulb lamp holder. The market I am afraid the few retail lampholders for replacement. If the bulb does not light mouth contact parts are not damaged, you might just lose elasticity, you can cut off the power supply components in contact with a screwdriver slightly cocked, you can resume contact performance.E27 porcelain lamp holder is about 30-35mm.
( 1 ) screw bulb lamp holder type, aperture size, operating voltage and current must , in line with the cap capacity specifications ; ( 2 ) screw bulb lamp holder must comply with the environmental conditions of use ; ( 3 ) screw bulb lamp holder appearance should be clean , complete, no mildew , bubbles, cracks and other defects detrimental to insulation ; ( 4 ) screw bulb lamp holder insulation resistance should be less than 2MΩ; (5 ) tighten the bulb, staff should contact with live parts within the lamp soket  or porcelain lamp holder .

screw bulb lamp holder types

Semiconductor light-emitting diode light bulbs with shade, cover, light assembly, screw lamp holder. Light-emitting module having a circuit board, are mounted on the circuit board in series with the at least two vertical light emitting diode emitting diode set, the light emitting diode in series with a resistor, the light emitting component and the negative electrode lead, respectively, and the screw lead the mouth of the bottom electrode and the cap screw cap wall connected to the electrodes, characterized in that said light emitting diode set in the number of light emitting diodes are at least two different height positions. Thus, the emission angle of light increases, the brightness uniformity, brightness enhancement, effectively overcome the shortcomings of light emitting diode way. After testing, it works reliably. Furthermore, the housing has a side wall of the screw and the negative lead on its inner screw cap connected to it with a more reliable one card line groove. Thus, by tightening screw allows the negative lead screw bulb lamp holder to connect, its work is more reliable.

The bayonet and screw bulb lamp holder belong to the building the field of electrical equipment from the cavity cylindrical insulating housing with insulating spacers threaded on the packages in the separator side of the housing within the U-shaped metal tube, fitted on the spacerlong metal contact plate, installed in one side of the bottom of the threaded tube of the metal short-contact piece, the installation of two metal post on the other side of the spacer as the main component.

At both ends of the threaded pipe diameter from the tube the rim wall down to open two symmetrical L-shaped bulb hanging slot open U-shaped notch on the bottom of the threaded pipe, the gap at the outcrop partition, partition coat has long contact piece, long, short contact piece is connected with the metal terminal on the other side of the spacer, respectively, and two terminal respectively connected with one pole of the power supply. The generic lamp holders can be convenient comfortable tipping bayonet, screw incandescent bulbs or fluorescent energy-saving lamp.

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