What’s the socket lamp holder?

Socket lamp holder for lighting and medical radiation lamps. A foldable the plate holder, from the socket lamp holder, the support plate by injection molding, cast molding hinged together. Use in the area corresponding to the lamp, foldable, easy to carry and transport.

Socket lamp holder and plug, which lamp base with lamp socket and wire holes, plug the light bulb socket and the electrode hole, characterized by the wall of the lamp socket through a U-shaped groove wall plug socket has a corresponding ridge. Compared with the prior art, the lamp can not easily be rotated to prevent rotation of the lamp electrode due to the advantages of short-circuiting.

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After the specific lamp has been selected, the next step is to check the socket lamp holder. The lamps most commonly used in the hobby are single-ended, with a screw-type mounting E26 socket lamp holder. The size of the socket lamp holder and the threads is also described by a code, although names are more commonly used. For example, Base – E39 is commonly called a mogul base. European lamps also have a mogul base, but it is slightly different from the E-39 and is called E40 socket lamp holder. The differences are small enough that the E40 socket lamp holder lamps will work fine in the typical E39 mogul base used in the U.S.

Double-ended 150-watt lamps use the R7s socket lamp holder, while the 250-watt double-ended lamps use the Fc2 socket lamp holder. It shows the various shapes and configurations of lamps and bases, along with the restrictions on their various operating positions,Extensive line of lamp holders devices offering a variety of materials for a wide range of incandescent and fluorescent applications including electrical equipment, harnesses and light strings.

Porcelain lamp holder and bracket accepts any lamp with an E27 screw fitting, including the arcadia compact reptile lamps, as well as other types such as ceramic heat lamps. The ceramic material is resistant to high UV and heat levels. Mounted in a metal bracket that fixes to the vivarium roof or wall and which can be angled to direct the focus of the lamp.

The E27 Ceramic Lamp Holder is used for any globe with an E27 socket lamp holder, no matter whether it is CFL, LED, halogen, etc. The Standard Edison Screw type, has a 27mm diameter on the base of the globe. This E27 socket lamp holder is commonly found inside oyster lights and 240v downlights.Glazed, simple and classic porcelain lampholder. This is an Edison E27 socket with an integral locking mechanism.

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High quality Edison Screw (ES) E27 socket lamp holder for ceramic heaters, emitters, metal halide, heat lamps, reflector lamps, spot lamps, incandescent and discharge lamps (HID). Suitable for use with high powered lamps of up to 1,000 watts. Made to withstand the high temperatures generated by heat basking / discharge lamps. Many applications including aquariums and vivariums.

The E27 porcelain Lamp Holder have the following product features:
Screw in lamp holder.
Ceramic lamp holder.
Gauge – 2 x 0.75mm2.
Input – 240v.
Rating – 100w max.
Length – 50mm (From tip to tip).
Lamp Holders Diameter – 41mm (Widest point – At the top).

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