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What's a E27 light socket extender?
2017-10-12 23:23:55

E27 light socket extender Features:
Type: Pipe breaks to E27 light bulb socket extender.
Material: Copper conductive piece and flame-retarded PBT,
E27 light bulb socket extender for outdoor lighting floor lamps.

Model NO: B22-2E27
Type: Screw
Rated at 230V 4A 600W
Temperature: 220℃ for PBT,
Materials: conductive copper + Fire proof bakelite
All light socket extenders should pass 4 quality inspections before loading.
Light socket extender is available for E27 LED/CFL lamp converter E27.
Place of Origin: Fujian, China

Item: E27 light socket extender
Terminal block: copper, zincs
Central connect: copper, iron
Bulb circle: copper, aluminium, iron
Starting voltage to 5kV
Screw light bulb socket adapter
Colour: white, beige

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