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How to replace a light socket?
2017-10-10 23:43:17

How to replace a light socket? you'll need some basic electrician's tools to complete the job safely. It's good to have:
A razor, to cut around fixture if there’s paint
Lineman’s pliers
Non-contact voltage tester
Wire strippers
Extra wire nuts

To replace a light socket in the ceiling, Altitude bulb changer, including hand lever and light bulb socket, lamp holder is made of flexible plastic strips of divergent surrounded by an annular tube, bulb holder set around a circle outside the entrance of the elastic ribs, hand lever along the rod end a recess open heart。

one short end of solid rod and the screw tightened into the groove, the other end of the short solid rod fixed to the bearing inner ring, the bearing outer ring and with an internal thread extending lamp holder and the bearing outer ring screw connections on the light socket tied with a string, short solid rod and bearing the corresponding bolt holes and opened with a corresponding bolt, it can not have different orientations rising to handling different types of bulb size, with safe, reliable, using a wide range of usage characteristics.

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