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The different of the lamp socket E26 and E27
2014-09-04 16:06:03

Socket E26 stands for 26mm and the E27 for 27 mm in diameter. Those two standards are interchangeable, meaning a US E26 will fit a European E27 base, and E27 will fit in a E26 Base. The only difference is the voltage.Light Bulbs that are 120-240Volt. From 30W to 60W Edison Marconi that could be used in Europe and all other countries which use 240 Volt.

What exactly is the difference between E26 and E27? The threads are the same but I believe E27 is a longer base, meaning a European bulb would fit an American socket but the reverse might not be true. I seem to remember a German customer of one of my former employers who brought several lamps over from Germany, and had no problem getting American bulbs to fit.

Can you screw an E27 bulb into an E26 socket?Yes, you can! They are the same diameter and thread size. The only difference is that the E26 is 26mm long and the E27 is 27.5mm long.




E26 lamp holder specifications:
white porcelain lamp holder,
Unglazed porcelain holder body,
Nickel plated copper alloy screw shell
Medium base E26 lamp holder - fits standard LED incandescent bulb bases,
E26 lamp holder dimensions is 45mm high by 40mm wide (26mm screw).


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