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E40 to E27 Lamp Holder Adapter

 Interface Style: Screw Cap
Material: Porcelain
Model Number: E40 to E27C
Brand Name: sunheng
Standard: E40 to E27
Min. order: 100 Pieces
Voltage: 220V
Main Markets: Global
HS Code: 85366100
E40 to E27 Socket: E40 to E27 Lamp Base
Bulb Holder: E40
Category: Lighting Accessories

Product Description

 E40 to E27 Lamp Adapter Converter
More specifications of lamp holder adapter available, B22, BA15D, BA15S, E10, E11, E12, E14, E17, E26, E27, E39, E40, GU10, GU24, MR16, etc. Please feel free to contact us for more information.

Item No.:   E40 to E27
Body Material:  Ceramic
Contact Material:  Copper
Certificate:  CE & RoHS
MOQ:  100PCS
Delivery time: 
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