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Lamp holder parts led bakelite light socket

Lamp holder parts Specifications:
1) Material :bakelite
2) Contact material :copper
3) Screw type
4) 250V  5A
5) Waterproof ,high thermal resistance
6) OEM /ODM service is available
7)  Packing: International standard export carton
8) Samples is available  

Product Description

Bakelite Lamp holder parts Vintage Lamp holder Edison fitting:
Pendant Cord Grip
Diameter: 40mm
Height of 58mm
Rated 250V max.

Lamp holder parts Description:
Bakelite Pendant Lamp holder parts Edison fitting , 24O V with vintage style body, plastic insert and insulated thread and screw terminals. Cord Grip mechanism insures that cable can not be pulled out of the fitting. Locking mechanism means the body cannot be unscrewed accidentally when changing the bulb.

Lamp holder parts shells are made of Durable Phenolic Plastic (Bakelite) and Sockets are Metal Lined
Lamp holder Use Standard Household Bulbs
Metal Mounting Brackets are Threaded 1/8 IP and need 7/16" diameter mounting hole.
Can be used with light bulbs up to 660 watts.
For INDOOR Use Only.

Bakelite Lamp holder parts advantage
1.Using high temperature resistant, anti-aging material.
In PBT for aging test of main production and processing base,
2. it has a high temperature resistant, anti-aging, can features such as flame retardant.
E27 lamp holder design for stainless steel shell with five claws, E40 cap design to eight claw stainless steel shrapnel.
3.In the process of aging test can be firmly stuck lamp holder, can directly plug in again and remove the energy-saving lamps.
4.Different varieties of models of energy-saving lamps, LED lights can conversion in the form of aging tests.
5.Think many conveying equipment factory, energy-saving lamp production factory production lines of aging,


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